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Noetic Telepresence

Posted May 23, 2013 by Shakthiveda in Open

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Global Peace and Wellness Network
through Noetic Telepresence of the Ascended Master
Poojaneeya Satguru Rishidev Sri Narendranji

Invitation to scientists,parapsychologists, metaphysical scholars, astrologers, dowsers, paranormal investigators, peace lovers, Holistic Wellness promoters ( Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy) and NGOs worldwide

The concept

For ascended masters bilocation, transmigration etc are possible ie. the power to be located ( or appeared to be located) in two distinct places or in persons at the same instant in time. Multilocation or telepresence is the state of presence in many places at the same time. The evidence based phenomenon formulated by Poojaneeya Rishidev Sri Narendranji is a multidimensional process of noetic telepresence that has not been known to the world till date.

Shakthiveda Global Peace and Wellness Network through Noetic Telepresence of Poojaneeya Satguru Rishidev Sri Narendranji is the greatest divine deodate to human race through which peace and wellness all over the world will be achieved through all pervading transcendence consciousness emanated from the ascended master Poojaneeya Satguru Rishidev Sri Narendranji. It has been proved by international scientists and consciousness experts that the noninvasive golden energy flow during the noetic telepresence of poojaneeya Rishidev Sri Narendranji having a speed faster than that of light can create 300 times positive effect in human beings, water, fruits, plants, animals and natural products.The human auric energy field will be charged with cosmic energy for the first 3 minutes followed by the healing energy flow for 27 minutes in every seeker situated at any of the accredited stations of Noetic Telepresence. The noetic telepresence of Rishidevji can be experienced upto 10008 persons in a hall simultaneously.

General guidelines

1. Induction and Accreditation to the Shakthiveda Global Peace and Wellness Network will be given to biophysicists, scientific researchers in consciousness, metaphysical scholars, New Age Holistic medical practitioners , hospitals, astrologers, psychologists, paranormal researchers, parapsychologists and dowsers who have the expertise in handling any of the following systems or any other device for detecting the presence of detecting the presence of Rishidev
 Universal Scanner
 Kirlian Photography device
 Lecher antenna
 Aura meter
 Pendulum
 Infra red and Night vision cameras
 Any other energy detecting device
 Astrology
2. The accredited persons/ organizations can start a Telepresence Station at own existing infrastructure where seekers whose number will be increasing gradually have to be accommodated for experiencing the telepresence effectively. This can be an ongoing lucrative service to wellness seekers
3. No induction fee is charged.

Arrangements to be made at the Telepresence Station

1. A clean and tidy chair covered by a white piece of cloth kept in a convenient room intended as the divine seat of Rishidevji ( mandatory)
2. Edible objects such as fruits, water, cereals etc. for energizing and for detecting and quantifying the induced cosmic energy ( optional, for experiment and demonstration)
3. More quantity of drinking water and vegetarian/ organic food products etc can be placed for consumption after being energized.( optional)
4. Herbal preparations and Homoeopathic medicines etc for spiritual potentation.( optional, for experiment and demonstration)
5. Pets such as cats, dogs etc.may be kept for receiving energy ( optional)
6. Positive plants and negative plants such as cactus etc. in pots ( for experiment and demonstration)
7. Flowery and or leafy plants in pots ( for experiment and demonstration)
8. Children of any age may be seated
9. Persons who wish to experience the energy flow may sit in the same room in front of the chair on a carpet with or without faith in the procedure. Chair
10. Patients can also sit before the divine presence ( they can undergo the noninvasive cosmic healing process for 27 minutes.)
11. It is advised to have the presence of scientists/ professionals/ physicists/ astrologers/ clairvoyants and other important personalities and their views may be entered in the feedback form.
12. The person/s handling the devices and the seekers as well shall not use nonvegetarian foods, cigarette, alcohol and aerated drinks on that particular day.


1. An initial pre procedure checking on the chair and in around the room shall be done which indicates emptiness in Rishidevji’s nonpresence.
2. The presence of Rishidev shall be checked and verified at the very onset
3. Baseline study to be done prior to the energy flow schedule.
4. Energy level of all subjects shall be checked , quantified and verified after 3 minutes of the arrival of Poojaneeya Rishidev Sri Narendranji .
5. Energy checking shall be repeated at random or individually as much as possible.
6. The details are to be entered in the prescribed format with signature of the person/s concerned.
7. The presence of the cosmic energy shall be verified intermittently



a) Each wellness seeker / participant / researcher receives energy in abundance which can be verified by instruments
b) Energy for enhancing the Biomagnetic field will be transmitted during the first 3 minutes to every human being, animals, plants and natural products alike. The subsequent energy flow for 27 minutes is meant for healing process
c) The energy thus transmitted is under the principle of equal distribution
d) The energy will remain as such for 3 hours
e) The whole process can be understood in person by observing the movement of devices.
f) The energy thus received can be retained if one starts practicing Sathya Yuga Jiva Yoga under an accredited tutor or by online training provided by Jiva Wellness Centre (www.shakthivedawellness.com)

Member/s of Global Peace and Wellness Network

1. The members who adhere to the norms will be allowed to run a permanent station of telepresence as and when decided by Poojaneeya Satguru Rishidev Sri Narendranji . Details of timing etc will be intimated to them accordingly.
2. The noninvasive healing session can be effectively utilized by healers and medical practitioners.
3. The members shall not meet any kind of mandatory expenses other than for bringing more seekers and followers of Sathya Yuga jiva Yoga.
4. There is no specific rate of contribution in attending and experiencing the Noetic Telepresence. However, the Station Head can collect contributions from wellness seekers out of which 70% can be retained by them and 30% may be remitted at Jiva Wellness Centre as a token of ethical practice.

Shakthiveda Wellness Mission, 169/D, 5th Main, 3rd Phase, JP Nagar,
Bengaluru- 78, Karnataka , India Tel. +91 08040939083, Cell.+91 9902544185, 09539700463, 9846036516 swmission2007@gmail.com www.shakthivedawellness.com


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