A Quote from Lama Thubten Yeshe

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It seems to me that we twentieth century people are against nature, against reality, the very opposite of reality. Each moment we build up our artificial, polluted ego; we cover ourselves with heavy ego blankets - one, two, ten, one hundred blankets against nature, against reality. Modern life is the product of the intellectual mind, and we create it. The intellectual mind is superstition. We don't understand reality, and the intellectual life that we lead keeps us far from reality.
So we don't accept who we are. We are always looking to cover ourselves with thick blankets and say "this is me". We hide our own reality and run away from natural beauty, completely neglecting it. By not touching our reality, our modern life becomes so complicated and we create problems with our superstition. We are like a spider spinning his web, climbing on his thread then falling down; climbing up again and falling down again. In the same way we build our own intellectual web, a way of life, that is so complicated, that doesn't touch reality, that is so difficult to live in. This construction arises from our own mind and does not arise from anything else.
If I told you that you are nothing, you are zero, that you are nothing that you think you are, then you would be shocked. "What is this monk saying?" But what if I say that it is the truth! In fact you are non duality, non self existence. You do not exist, relatively or absolutely, as you think you do. If you really understood this then you would become more realistic and you would really gain satisfaction and peace. But as long as you hold on to the fantasy, concrete conception of yourself and project this wrong conception onto your environment, then no way will you understand reality.

  • frequencytuner Oct 13, 2010

    Beautifully spoken second comment on IONS. Like the Tarot Card of Strength, the tenderness that tames the lion.

    I would like to share a poem I wrote over lunch today.

    Music of the Spheres

    As you Dive into the Water
    The Spark of Mind
    Ingites the Tongues of Fire.

    So Sing along the Song of Spheres
    and Tango.

    The Past Waxes and
    The Future Wanes
    As the Tides of Change
    Wash each Note away.

    But if you Climb
    On a Mountain High

    Where the Earth is Cold and
    The Air is Dry

    The Water is Still
    and The Music Dies.

  • Gwing1988 Oct 12, 2010

    What you say does have some validity, but keep in mind that there is those amongst the automatons that are the aberration and have deviated back to a progressive path. Now that statement in itself is sad that it must be an aberration to move in a positive direction. But much like working with a bonsai tree one must nurture these aberrations, molding them with the wisdom and knowledge that we have collected throughout our lifetimes and beyond.

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