Did the creative sources/Gods awareness of itself cause the universe & eventually humanity to exist?

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commented on March 1, 2013
by Eldon_In_Florida



Was the creation of the universe caused by the sources/Gods conscious expanding remembering that it is now known that the universe wasn’t caused by an explosion but more like an expanding balloon being blown up? The more I delve into this the more it seems likely as I believe that everything is consciousness including the creative source/God.

The sources/Gods consciousness was present before the universe but when God discovered itself it reacted by expanding it's consciousness which created the universe & us of course, we are definitely a part of the sources/Gods consciousness I believe. I don’t go by what’s written in books as they can be quite contradictory, I look within for my answers & this is what came up.

Loony I know but that's me!!


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    Eldon_In_Florida Mar 01, 2013

    Yes, your beliefs exactly concur with the co-founder of "Unity's" Charles Fillmore - (see "unity.org") - In "The Revealing Word by C.F. on page 85 "“God, creative process of--'God planned man and the universe, And through the expression of His word projected them into creation, as ideal principles and imminent energies acting behind and within all visibility' ... Further explanations are available in the text "Heart Centered Metaphysics" by Rev. Paul Hasselbeck,, Director- Unity Institute. On page 89 ... "This text uses synonyms for God that include but are not limited to those mentioned above -- Spirit, Oneness, Beingness, and Divine Mind -- as well as Principle, Sacred Mind, Superconscious Mind, Christ and I Am."
    Regards, Eldon in Florida

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