The Western Psyche and the Power of Suggestion

Posted Feb. 4, 2013 by frequencytuner in Open

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To begin on a specific note, let us suggest a) the collective Western Psyche, like any other 'mind' is able to be manipulated, b) people invest great amounts into research and development geared at manipulating this 'mind', and c) millions of young kids and teenagers are addicted to the violent television and games being developed in light of the aforementioned research.The conclusion simply is that marketing works. The issue is: what is being marketed and how it is affecting the psychological development of our modern youth. The examples I am referring to are the recent shootings in Colorado, USA. How could these events happen? If you try and understand the cultural mind, larger issues lash out like ferocious beasts: look what happened to Tesla, for example. Could we say our Western society has given more value to the concept of economy and profit that it has to life and harmony? In other words, if your life gets in the way of profits, your life has to go: not the profits. This Capitalist Society revolving around illusions is beginning to get dizzy and confused. What happens if all the violence and death in the minds of our youth manifest? The desire to be Free and Individual has replaced the reality of Unity and Peace, thus we are deceived. Deceived not my our eyes, but from within our very minds.

The South Park Episode "Something Wal Mart this way Comes" tells it beautifully: the characters attempting to take down Wal Mart were searching for the heart, the source of it's life and power and they found it: it was mirror.It was the human being playing the role of consumer and existing within a commercial society. We are studied like ants in an ant farm, led into blind experiments to see how we react (Pepsi 'taste test'). We have effectively become the new Banana Republic all because we are suggested to by master manipulators, like Edward Bernays, and follow along. Does any other person share this or similar insight and feel compelled to warn to potential danger, either societal or environmental.


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