Are emotions & the ego only of physical realities?

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Recently I had someone say to me that emotions are just of the physical realm & only of physical realms so I thought about this for a split second & came up with a no they couldn’t possibly just be of physical realms as I don’t agree that neither emotions nor the ego are just of physical existence, why do ghosts /spirits respond through physical existence? Anything physical or not that responds through physical existence donates ego & emotions otherwise there would be no response or reaction within anything physical. Why did the soul decide to live in a physical existence & what is driving this desire to do this? The ego of course & if you have an ego you have emotions. Any desiring action results from ego/emotion to want/desire to live in a physical existence.
Yes I know this goes against so many other belief systems & concepts but ask yourself, why are we here if it wasn’t for a desire to come here in the first place? To want to be anywhere other than where you are is of the ego as the ego denotes that we want something else, our souls have obviously desired to be here therefore the soul must be egotistical & emotional.
So in all what some people see as being weak or unattractive like the ego & emotions is actually a natural part of our soul so to have a wanting to escape this dilemma is actually also a wanting to escape our soul & therefore we have become conflictive with our soul, this is why some spiritually aware people are still in conflict.
You have to know that there are two major parts to us with a third lesser part being human; we have the spirit then the soul which is from the spirit which can if it wants make up the third part of ourselves which is human the ego/emotional part of our soul. Once this concept is clearly understood it becomes clear that the soul is also egotistical & emotional, however the soul isn't of the same ego & emotional state as in the human state as the human state inflates the ego & emotions to the extent it desires.

Here is a link to a site supporting this theory http://the.writingsofjonas.net/article-the_ego_is_a_soul_in_a_cramp

  • mrmathew1963 Feb 03, 2013

    G’day Dustproduction

    The ego to me is the persona, the ego dictates what desires we have & don’t have in other words the ego is all about desire but if we didn’t have this desire/ego like so many spiritually aware people think we shouldn’t we wouldn’t have evolved as only through desiring to be better has humans have we been able to evolved.
    When I was young I experienced ghostly happenings but of course if you haven’t experienced the same you won’t know what I’m talking about here. Living out in the bush with no one around except my family I experienced pokes in the back, a female voice singing to me & taps on the windows with no body present. Could imagine looking at where the noise or touch was coming from & finding out that there is no one there but it is something you have to personally experience to believe. The rest of my family experienced simular occurrences, could you imagine seeing draws open up on their own right in front of you? Well my two older brothers did.

    My point is these entities obviously where still interacting within the physical plain & to do this they would have still had an ego to do so. I think without the ego we just wouldn’t exist so the soul must also be egotistical.

    I’m not a fairy land spiritually aware person in actual fact I don’t call myself a spiritualist just spiritually aware, I would probably put myself down as a philosopher if anything. What I’m saying here is I know what I personally experienced & the funny thing is so did the rest of my family.


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    dustproduction Jan 30, 2013

    What is an ego? • Philosophy (in metaphysics) a conscious thinking subject, from Latin, literally ‘I.’
    It is really just a symbolic representation of patterned brain activity. Jonas's blog may be using a more Freudian definition of ego.
    The downline is the the ego is conceptual, and therefore its formation in the brain would be heavily conditions by its environment.
    These are inherent problems in discussion here at IONS, there are no definitive models around which to dialogue.
    The term emotions has a similar problem unless you have a neurological understanding of what perts of the brain contribute to emotions; which emotions, emotions as opposed to feelings, does we have emotional memory?
    My representational model is the one described by Antonio Demasio.

    BTW, what is Jonas calling "spiritual reality." He throws around terms like ego, personality, the higher self, inner devil, souls as if they are something other then us. Without a representational model these terms become redundant and rendered useless.

    Look at this article: http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2012/03/how-your-cat-is-making-you-crazy/308873/
    Are we even in control of our self?

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