Hydraulic fracturing but one thought mode

Posted Jan. 20, 2013 by mrmathew1963 in Open

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I have recently been in a conversation about hydraulic fracturing on the net which I’m against for some very good reasons however this isn’t about hydraulic fracturing but the way we are thinking at the moment because there was a number of people who defended hydraulic fracturing to the bitter end no matter what facts you showed them.

It’s all to do with our mode of thought which at the moment is dictated by consumerist materialism but these people defending hydraulic fracturing therefore consumerist materialism don’t realise that there are other ways of thinking which would lead to a better safer world.

These people don’t realise we have in the past changed our mode of thought a number of times in human history & we don’t need to just accept this one way of thinking to support ourselves, there are many more ways & better ways to think that will give us a better safer future. Our survival will diffidently rely in how we think in the future.



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