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Physics of interactions with Non-Physical Worlds

Posted Jan. 17, 2013 by Giorgio Piacenza Cabrera in Open

commented on Jan. 18, 2013
by mrmathew1963



Dear IONS: Congratulations in the name of the human species! Your research programs are an example to follow worldwide, specially because they move on against fear, ridicule and anti-scientific attitudes that play into the hands of those preferring ignorance of who we are and what the nature of reality is! It is really crucial to find evidence that mediumship phenomena cannot be explained by classical, reductionist, materialist physics. The evidence abounds and it doesn't have to play into the hands of superstition either. It is also quite crucial to find out how the "interdimensional" (or, rather, "inter-realm"/inter-reality") phenomena related to what increasingly looks like actual human survival of bodily death take place.

IONS is a good example of overcoming fear of ridicule among scientists and intellectuals who don't want to know. They are afriad of ridicule and of being linked to religious superstition. IONS shows them that all those fears are unfounded and that serious scientific research on mediumship can be conducted. Now, besides demonstrating that mediumship and even surivival are genuine happenings, I think IONS and all of us should try to expand our scientific theories and paradigms to gradually find the mechanisms for the interactions between a really existing non-physical realm and "our" physical realm. This would entail including how may causal conections (and thus interactions) occur between a realm in which objects primarily seem to obey mental causes and a realm in which objects primarily obey exterior causes. We would have to consider what a realm not defined by space and time actually is and how can we still have collectively-experienced mental 'objects' in that realm without the restrictions of time and space. In other words, how can we have "objects" without space and time?

Perhaps Instrumental Transcomunication and physical phenomena associated with spirit manifestations (entropy changes, kinetic energy changes, temperature changes, electromagnetic changes) relate with a non-space and non-time realm in which its space-like exteriors are as dominant as the subjective interiors of aware individulas. Could this happen through an intermediate, complementary and negentropic physical space (allowed by quantum physics) that accompanies the ordinary (primarily entropic) space which our physical senses perceive? Could this complementary space act as a link with the Subtle Realm/Mental realm and, if so, how?

I think that a greater connection between regular space and the alleged complementary one (allowed by QM specially in some quantum-relativistivc solutions) creates a "holographic decoder" located between the physical realm and the non-physical, "Subtle" Realm. Because they are opposite to each other, when these two spaces combine, they cancel out and return to their source in a (pure?) information field not defined by space and time. However, that part of the Physical Realm that -through this cancelation- has returned to the Subtle Realm (from which it originally diverged oput of a metaphysically meaningful, higher form of symmetry) retains the information patterns (in a non-local way) that correspond to its previous physical state. The idea is that information patterns in the Subtle Realm are more fundamental and pre-physical. Now, as they are once again part of the Subtle Realm (without the restrictions of space and time), they are also able to re-transmit Subtle Realm, mental information patterns and to create physical effects back in the Physical Realm.

Perhaps the way quantum brain state probabilities can be modified operate through this mechanism. Perhaps when a ghost (a semi-conscious, confused or overly attached discarnate individual) is about to create a physical effect from a Subtle realm level closest to the Physical, he-she wills to do something (which as Professor William A. Tiller might say, brings together a greater degree of physical symmetry between the ordinary and complementary physical spaces) diminishes kinetic energy in the "haunted" physical environment, This is often experienced and detected as an actual drop in temperature and as a coldness deeply felt by people in their own bodies as well). Then the ghost or discarnate is automatically able to transduce this kind of energy into his (mind-responding) "astral" or subtle vehicle through the complementary, negentropic physical space which -in the entropic physical space- temporarily converted it into a potential form of energy that can be released. The same amount of energy would remain in the Physical Realm and only be transferred into a potential state and therefore energy conservation would not be violated. Only the previous vaguely organized kinetic or action/actualizing energy patterns (now in a potential state in the Physical Realm) would become amenable to subtle, volition-responding, information structuring from a being operating with a Subtle Realm vehicle through Subtle Realm laws. The physical active patterns now in a physical potential state become holographically one with mind-responding Subtle Realm patterns.

If the entity moves an object, becomes opaque to light or impresses on an electronic instrument some electromagnetic changes he-she discharges the physical pattern of kinetic energy temporarily held in a potential state in his Subtle Realm vehicle. If he-she doesn't actively and willingly discharge this energy pattern, the entropic tendency in ordinary physical space will force a discharge to naturally take place (and the kinetic energy state to be returned) in the form of heat or a focalized "heat spot" (also detected by ghost 'hunters' or survival researchers during their physical and electronic investigations).

Energy is not lost, only a temporary shift between kinetic and potential energy takes place. Then the original balance is restored.

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  • mrmathew1963 Jan 18, 2013

    G'day Giorgio

    IONS are certainly a point of origin between science & spirituality which is much needed today as our consciousness is certainly ready for such a combination, the need is great. Religion/spirituality looked at its beliefs & associated experiences through rose coloured glasses thinking it’s all to do with divinity which of course it’s not as it’s just a natural occurrence but of course science looked at everything through glasses with blinkers on especially towards anything that couldn’t be explained logically.

    Thank God for IONS & it’s open minded logic.


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