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Point of control: Are we in an over controlling world? The answer to that question would have to be yes because for starters our lives are being controlled in many facets from the day we are born & we have become conditioned to this but we too personally have the same tendency to take control of our own lives & others, we love living in a controlled world & spiritually it seem no different.

With spiritually in the past we have had the churches trying to take control in some way & in some cases they totally did, is it any different to what we are doing spiritually today? In my view no because control is control no matter what way you look at it it’s still control & anything controlling would have to lead you away from true spirituality as true spirituality isn’t about controlling but accepting & being neutral within it’s understandings, it’s neither here nor there but just is.

When we are meditating are we trying to be more controlling & of course the answer to that question would of course have to be a yes but in saying this there are forms of meditation that aren’t about control.

So what’s wrong in bettering one’s life through self control? Utterly nothing but again control has nothing to do with true spirituality, true spirituality again isn’t of control but acceptance & understanding, a true spiritualist will accept & have understanding of there environment no matter what that environment was. But to obtain this state of awareness wouldn’t one have to practice in some form of self control?

It would seem that way to us because as I have said we are conditioned to accept control in our lives but what if we didn’t have to accept this conditioned control, what if control isn’t needed to become more spiritually aware? Ask yourself this question, what would life be like without having to take control & be controlled? The answer is without control what are you spiritually? Your true self of course, you can’t get anymore spiritual than this.

Humanly of course we seem to need control in our daily lives from controlling our tempers to going to work to survive, what if we could bring this non-controlling spiritual state of being into our human lives would we still need control to control our temper or go to work? Once again no as it’s all down to acceptance & understanding of our conditions in life, once one finds acceptance there is no need for control as there’s nothing to control or even have a desire to change.

At the very point of control we are actually loosing control not gaining it by drifting away from our true accepting & understanding spiritual selves, once one looses the true understanding & acceptance of oneself & there environment what does one have? Control which has taken the place of true spiritual acceptance & understanding.

Here is another point, isn’t accepting a part of accepting control as well? Yes, in actual fact but how many of us so called spiritually aware people accept being controlled, we accept being in control but not controlled & this is the fundamental problem of control. The answer is simple, acceptance & understanding even of humanistic control of others but one must not take on control if one wants to find one’s true spiritual self, you can accept this self control but it won’t lead you to your true spiritual self.

The trick is to not gain more control as we are taught too but to let go of control & the less control one desires the more truly spiritual one becomes, usually a truer connection to oneself is gained through giving up all possessions because possessions represent control. Having trust in one’s truer self is all it takes!!!


  • mrmathew1963 Nov 29, 2012

    G’day Werdd

    We are having quite a good conversation on a spiritual site about this & it’s come to the conclusion that we humanly seemingly need controlling attachments at this point in human evolution but it’s changing as most controlling attachments are taught to us from birth to slot us in a certain grooves, in other words stopping us from thinking outside the square. Once we break away from these taught controlling attachments through spiritual awareness & look outside the square & show free will there is a lesser chance of us being manipulated to fit into these certain grooves in society.

    Another thing that’s come up is it seems we take these controlling attachments with us even after death & from life to life, I think this is one of the reasons this reality is so chaotic, if we could learn to detach ourselves from these attachments life in this reality would be somewhat different but this is only my thought on this matter.

    Personally I’m very attached to this reality as it has all the emotionally based experiences one could imagine plus the world itself is still very beautiful at this stage.


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    werdd Nov 27, 2012

    Seems to be a complex disection of control. if cause and effect is the nature then chicken or egg. it's my personal belief that control is an illusion but given the common use of our languages today i see what your try to get at. is there really choice? are we victims? do we choose our present, past, or future?

    I'd have to say that given all things are interdependent upon each and every thing(butterfly effect), then yes on choice of available choices and no on outcome.

    My question is; do we have the ability to let go of the "what if's" when making decisions given we hold ourselves and others responsible for unknown outcomes?

    There has been a conditioning process that modern society has put upon us and that does not allowing for mistakes. we rationalize it im many ways but fail on so many occasions to first assume that learning is failing and mistakes(like a scientifc process).WE try then wait for outcome then learn from outcome, then adjust next attempt. but here's a mantra the that seems to slip in very sneaky: "don't fu*k up or else". i may be to quick in assuming that this applies fairly wide in all modern societies but i believe i'm hit'n the nail on the head here.

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