Conscious Connectedness

Posted Oct. 11, 2012 by mrmathew1963 in Open

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commented on March 9, 2015
by Imagination



Conscious Connectedness: It’s not that most of us all live in the same reality & in the same conscious level of understanding but are all consciously connected, this connectedness allows each of us to experience each other’s experiences in one way or the other, in other words just because we are individualistically experiencing physical life it doesn’t mean we are actually separate to each other as it’s this conscious connectedness that gives us this feeling of oneness.

This means it doesn’t matter who is supposed to have more experience or know more or less because we are all experiencing this conscious reality together, any egotism, machoism & jealousy of others towards more experienced knowing people is utter nonsense, we are really all consciously connected.

So why can’t most people reach this connectedness? Memory, we have all deliberately forgotten who we are to experience physical life in this cycle of this conscious awareness, the reason some people are more spiritually aware than others is plain, recalling partial memory of one’s true self. If one wanted too you could remember your true self in an instance but very few of us want to do that however it is apparent that more of us are doing just that these days mainly because of an ending of a natural conscious awareness cycle.

All the way through my life I’ve been battling with memory, not trying to gain it but to bury it so I don’t remember too much at one given time not just from this life but from my inner knowing which has raised its ugly head up now & again through my life.

Just recently I went into another state of awareness, to my disgust, laughing at all the dramas I have just played & I saw it as a joke not a game, I then remember when I was in my teens I experienced the same thing but on a much grander scale, I saw this whole reality/world in the same way including all the dramas of war & degradation, all I could do while in this state is laugh because I took it so seriously.


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    Imagination Mar 09, 2015

    Consciousness Connected; Different people have various levels of awareness including empathy. All-One - Dr. Bronner - (...drbronner.com/our-story/timeline/read-the-moral-abcs/...)

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    dustproduction Jan 23, 2015


  • mrmathew1963 Oct 13, 2012

    G'day Telephoenician

    Ill-focused a good one & explains it so well because that's exactly what they are ill-focused. I'm amazed how many people don't love themselves without the egotism, they might love themselves egotistically but not purely & this is the main cause of this ill-focus & if you can't love yourself in this way how can you love others purely? This is the main reason of so much turmoil in the world I believe.

    This might sound funny but I have my inner self hugging my physical self constantly these days, I'm right behind me saying it's all right never mind it will pass & my inner self just smiles.

    The funny thing is I posted this on a spiritual site at the same time someone else posted theirs thread on the same topic, synchronicity is trying to tell me something here!!


  • telephoenician Oct 13, 2012

    I just turned down a really good (paying) job because I felt they were _way_ too focused on outward appearances and not so much on character, talents, or really anything that actually matters. I suggested if she wanted to play Simon Cowell, she'd have to look elsewhere.

    It's no wonder the world's going down the crapper, when people's priorities are so ill-focused.

  • mrmathew1963 Oct 12, 2012

    It's defiantly got a lot to do with loving yourself......I went through years of looking down at myself, not hating but certainly not loving. Thanks for your conformation Telephoenician.


  • telephoenician Oct 12, 2012

    We are all the centers of our own universes, after all.

    I found that after I was 'changed', I began to experience 'inter-connection'. You are, I promise you, experiencing this. You also might be projecting something that's closing you off. Learn to love yourself. Relish the time you have to yourself. This will begin to open you up.

  • mrmathew1963 Oct 11, 2012

    G'day Cognitive dissonance

    They are wrapped up in their own life drama which is what I believe we came here to do; we didn't come her to be divine as the consciousness of this reality makes that too hard for most to obtain.


  • telephoenician Oct 11, 2012

    Q? "So why can’t most people reach this connectedness?"
    A: Cognitive dissonance.

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