Gods, Aliens and Giants

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by telephoenician



In many accounts found all around the world, the distant past that is beyond our recollection was recorded by our ancestors. Most of these ancestors, their ways of life, history and culture have been exterminated. Whatever they could have taught us about the correlation between visitors from the sky, Gods, the flood and war in the heavens, astronomical alignments and the true origin and purpose of all life on earth, including ours - has been replaced by a fraudulent account. The history books, religion and science books, even mathematics and geometry, literature, music, art and culture - all of this has been forged out of nothing, leaving the truth buried for reasons we need ask WHY?

I found this video on youtube, it is intriguing and interesting regarding this topic.


  • telephoenician Oct 03, 2012

    Nobody can argue with that, dear Dusty. Howbeit, I generally prefer more thought-provoking aphorisms.

    This topic is fraught with interesting science (facts) that are difficult to ignore and which at the same time are completely fantastical, suggesting 'we ain't from around here'.

    So where do we come from? Mars, or Venus? Were some of us already here? Were we genetically engineered? Our DNA seems to suggest most of our DNA is non-coding (junk). What's more interesting, is that simple organisms tend to have far more DNA than we humans. What's even more interesting is that all species on earth contain a DNA to make every species that proceeded it. Humans appear to have a gap in their their sequence which seems to've been replaced with something else.

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    dustproduction Oct 03, 2012

    None of this changes a thing. We are where we are, with what we know.

  • telephoenician Oct 03, 2012

    I am convinced man has a history that stretches further back than we know. I also think it quite likely that we know far less than we think we do- relative to ancient cultures and our understanding of technology and cosmology. Throughout the world. so-called myth and creation stories are incredibly similar and suggests maybe that peoples weren't as disparate in terms of culture, though they were often separated by great distances and geographic barriers; oceans, mountains. And so- they got around, too!

    It escapes me that people aren't more excited about this subject. It's completely fantastic; and true.

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