INNER-WISDOM, a process of life before birth

Posted Sept. 1, 2012 by purna in Open

commented on Jan. 24, 2013
by Jeanine Broderick



Yes, it's a good idea. The inner wisdom should be taught from childhood. Purnananda has rightly preached about educational process through out the life, even before birth. It is a fact that when a child starts develop inside the uterus of its mother, starts learning according to the atomospheric social conditions of his mother, which is experimented by some world class gynologists. Thus, child education on the subject of inner wisdom starts from parents, family and etc. As such we should make ourselves aware about inner wisdom to faciitate our next generation on the issue.

But, what is inner wisdom? - it should not mean, cleaverly managed on certain problems or solutions
should be universally accepted thoughts or philosopies.

how it develops within the beings? - If a being will stay freely without any desire of his/its own, then only inner wisdom will develop.

How is it possible? - There are some day to day life processes, on practising the processes the desire of own will be vanished in course of time.

what are the processes? - parents to think.

do you? - (it is life before birth, means a state of situation of minds of the parents at the time of enjoying each other. )

  • Jeanine Broderick Jan 24, 2013

    My point of view (POV)is very different. Others are, of course, entitled to their own point of views. There is value in each unique perspective.

    I don't think we were made flawed.

    A philosophy that sees desire for physical intertwining (whatever our preferences are) as a desire that interferes with our innate inner wisdom is (from my POV) flawed at its basis. This desire is natural and the results of this desire can be (but seldom are because we are taught away from our inner guidance) the most beautiful examples of love the world has ever seen and result in children who are loved the way we intended.

    A philosophy that sees the desire for physical things as decreasing who we are is also, from my POV, flawed at its basis and would have to indicate we are flawed in design. Humans always want more and the more calls us forward. It is not the attaining of anything that should be our joy - but the journey there and if there is nothing calling us forward (no desires) the energy quickly looses interest and we die rather rapidly. It is the desire that pulls life force to us and through us.

    The desire not to desire is also flawed because a desire not to desire is a desire.

    Inner wisdom is something we are born with because although we inhabit new bodies we are not new. All of us have the capacity (if not the ability) to tap into greater wisdom and knowledge. While meditation (quieting the mind) is one way to access that it is not the quickest way and far from the most fun. Joy is the fastest way and the most fun.

    Barbara L. Fredrickson, Ph.D's Broaden and Build theory hints at this--demonstrating (as has other research) greater cognitive ability corresponding with better-feeling emotional states. I don't get the sense that she would go there but it fits hand in glove--just don't want to put words in her mouth.

    No matter how big our desires are; as we fulfill them we find new desires. This is the natural course of things. When we tell ourselves our desires are unattainable we feel awful. When we tell ourselves we can achieve them (even if we can't answer "how') we feel much better.

    The research that emotions are guidance and we were not intended to tolerate negative emotions longer than it takes us to "get the message the emotion is communicating" is becoming clearer and clearer. That supports that we should change our mindscape to the best feeling thoughts we can find and thoughts of I can feel better than thoughts of I can't.

    I do not believe we are flawed at our basis and our natural tendencies do not lead us astray - it is the way we are taught to perceive them that is flawed, IMO.
    ♡ Jeanine

  • purna Sep 22, 2012

    Dear dustproduction, yes you have clearly set the processes of wisdom, which are acquired. But, 'inner wisdom' is generated eternally. The thoughts you have explained are the borrowings of some scientists. The inner wisdom of scientists make them scientists, we are following the searchs/researchs of the scientists for our better living. If we can not deny this, how could we say inner wisdom is an ego.

    during our sleeping condition also, we remain conscious. So we react to the sounds/mosquitos etc. After sleeping for a limited period of time ( may be more or less 4 - 10 hours, depending upon the health condition), our minds do not allow us to sleep further. It happens due to the activeness of mind in sleeping condition. While, heavy dose of anaesthesia is avoided to make active/conscious of the mind.

    Regarding 'quieting of mind', I do agree with Mr.telephoenician.

    inner wisdoms never deny to read the article and some of the research to see. Reading of articles and analysis of researchs would help to take a correct decision of our own, which is also part of inner wisdom. However, your comment on the issue is also a part of our discussion. Thanks. Please dont hesitate.

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    dustproduction Sep 21, 2012

    re: "These two concepts seem incongruous to me."

    Yes of course, that is the point. But one does need to also read the article and some of the research to see why.

  • telephoenician Sep 21, 2012

    "And studying the brain at rest should help to show how the active brain works." From dustproduction quoting Kurzweil in the Nonduality and Creativity of Silence thread.

    "There is a common misconception that during meditation there is a "quieting of the mind." As one can see in this research there is always activity going on in the brain." Quoting dustproduction from this thread

    These two concepts seem incongruous to me.

    Also, how can we compare 'altered states of consciousness such as when sleeping or under anaesthesia' with meditation?

  • telephoenician Sep 21, 2012

    There can be a quieting of the mind. I don't think 'quieting' necessarily means going completely silent. Certainly not my mind. But mediation does help me focus my thoughts more clearly. I can't remember who said it, but it was a post here on IONS, sort of: If you can imagine the mind as your reflection in the water; if the water is disturbed, the image won't be clear. OTOH if the water is still... you get the picture. Pun intended.

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    dustproduction Sep 21, 2012

    The term "inner wisdom" is rather vague and seems to be an incomplete concept, much like the terms "Ego" or "Id". In Information Theory, the neurons of the brain connect data, data builds into information, and information leads to knowledge, and ultimately a form of knowledge we might refer to as wisdom.
    The basis for this is found in the research around a default-mode of the resting brain.


    “When I first started looking at these networks, I was convinced we were tapping into the stream of consciousness, and this was real-time ongoing conscious processing,” says Michael Greicius, a neuroscientist at Stanford University in California. But, he says, “I was relatively quickly disabused of that notion”. The networks of activity also appeared in altered states of consciousness such as when sleeping or under anaesthesia3, 4, so they weren't necessarily linked to conscious processing."

    There is a common misconception that during meditation there is a "quieting of the mind." As one can see in this research there is always activity going on in the brain.

  • purna Sep 20, 2012

    Telephoenician sir, thanks for the comments and sharing of your thoughts "our feelings about the world ultimately create the world we experience. It's been difficult to cast off those emotions and feelings." In a single sentence you have siad about the whole world, great. you have so much practical experiences. Thanks again.

  • telephoenician Sep 19, 2012

    I was born in April of 64 which means I was in the womb on November 22, 1963. I often wonder what sort of consequences this might've had on my developing perceptions, not to mention the world I would manifest in life, Beatlemania, Vietnam, MLK. It's been a rollercoaster.

    On the other hand, my mom is a remarkable woman of tremendous caring, courage and intelligence. Still, I feel very uneasy in this world and I suffer sometimes from anxiety and panic. Thankfully, I am also predisposed to dissociate, which has played a key role to my spiritual development.

    I think the one thing we must not forget is that our feelings about the world ultimately create the world we experience. It's been difficult to cast off those emotions and feelings. Teaching children (and adults) to be aware of their inner dialog is so important, which often can be negative if left unchecked.

    I know for a while, I was going through some pretty bad stuff and I was completely unaware of the absolute garbage that was going through my mind. I've got control of it now and my life has changed tremendously. I am approaching 50 and save for the white hair, I feel and look quite youthful. It's all in my head. It really is.

    Thank you for reaffirming these ideas. They are so important.

  • purna Sep 10, 2012

    Yes, that happens, while we're in the womb and there is a way for parents to tap into this knowledge at a young age.
    For that, purity of mind is highly required. Purity of mind means, one should not have any eagerness to enjoy the opposite sex. But, to enjoy and to get enjoy, as the principle of nature, only for the betterment of lives.

    We are thinking that our mind is controlled by us only. But, this is not a fact. Our mind always search something willingly or unwillingly and that depends upon the air we breathe-in or breathe-out. The processes of breathe-in and breathe-out are always continuing. That in & out processes last continuously in a regular interval till the death. Sometimes that regular interval breaks, depening upon our activities. Then we fall ill. If we will able to control the breathing processes, then we can able to control our mind. Controlled mind can achieve every thing, within the peripherals of its reach.

  • jediknight Sep 06, 2012

    I wonder.. is the fact that our most important learning happens while we're still in the womb even the primary issue? Or is it finding a way to access and recall this learning? Is there a way for parents to tap into this knowledge at a young age so that our children can have a head start in their development?

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    dustproduction Sep 03, 2012

    "...And that is that some of the most important learning we ever do happens before we're born, while we're still in the womb. "



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