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I was hoping to see something on IONS about the passing of Neil Armstrong, the first person of our species to step unto the surface of a celestial body other than our planet. This site seeks to expand our horizons and no one exemplifies that more than Neil Armstrong did. He was a humble and very private man far removed from many who have been the first to do something, a rare contradiction to be sure but he didn't get there by himself nor did the journey stop with him as one of the principles of this institute can testify.

I was honored to be part of the television team that let the world watch Neil and Buzz set history while Micheal patiently awaited their return so they could all come back home. Neil's physical body ceased to function on Saturday the 25th of August 2012 but I know his spirit will continue on as all of ours will but his will always be one of the first that left this planet in physical form and I think I and a few others witnessed the start of his new spiritual journey on Friday night, the 24th of August.

I did not know Neil was suffering complications from his recent surgery. He lived his life privately to the end so that Friday was no different than all the other Fridays I have spent on this planet. After a night of bowling I was returning home with friends and I happened to look up at the moon and there was something very different about it. It seemed brighter than normal and the terminator was as sharply defined as I have ever seen it. I asked the people I was with if they noticed anything different and they all agreed it looked very different. I have been told there are others who witnessed the same thing though I can find nothing on line to substantiate that.

A lot happened in August in Neils life and mine.. Apollo 11 landed on the moon on July 29th almost August and under the same zodiac sign he was born under. Two of the three man crew running the Apollo TV scan converter that brought the world most of the EVA from that mission were also born in August. I was born on the 6th, Neil was born on the 5th and my fellow worker was born on the 4th. My workmate and I were born in the same year. Curiosity landed on Mars on the 6th of August (the 5th on the west coast) and Neil lived to see it, He had surgery around the same time to open his blocked arteries. All numbers, possibly all coincidences but certainly an oddity.

I found a series of moon photos taken on successive nights of the 24th to the 26th in a location close enough to capture anything I saw and sent them to an astronomer friend. The photos do look different but do not grab me in the way what I saw did. I do not know if the times match up. Would the camera see a spiritual manifestation if one in fact happened? Those are questions IONS seeks to answer.

  • capt_infinity Sep 07, 2012

    You are exactly right, "The problem here is that there is not a clearly defined theory of a spirit/soul, and this leaves a lot of unanswered questions." I truncated the last of that sentence for a very obvious reason. Particles conform to string theory and we see no real purpose in it. They just do. Spiritual energy is no different If it in fact exists. One possibility is spiritual energy is evolving as living physical energy and mass are evolving. That certainly fits the model even if we don't seek an explanation for it. There is enough evidence to suggest the possibility of spiritual energy. It begs to be researched as the implication is as great and possibly even greater than understanding and ultimately controlling the bosons which convert energy to mass.

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    dustproduction Aug 30, 2012

    The problem here is that there is not a clearly defined theory of a spirit/soul, and this leaves a lot of unanswered questions, the foremost of which remains, why does it matter if souls do transmigrate? The soul or spirit enters the physical realm and travels through a life cycle. Knowledge of passed incarnations are not required or we would retain those thoughts.
    Regarding, "studying people whose energy connection is impaired." Research by people like Paul Broks, an English neuroscientist, who studies cases of brain injury, shows us that the self we present is a fragile state. Mind is highly dependent on the functioning of the brain while it is in a physical realm. The assumption is that our soul/self is conscious in the physical realm, and is the driving force in each individual, but there is just to much research that shows that it is the unconscious parts of our brain that exercise the greater control over our being. Additionally, the unconscious is rarely addressed in discussions of "higher consciousness." While this may be a problem of semantics, the fact remains that the mind is only partially aware of the activities of the brain.

  • capt_infinity Aug 29, 2012

    There is a lot of evidence supporting reincarnation and a lot more we turn our backs on which I believe is largely due to the powerful influence of accepted religious and political ideologies. To paraphrase a line from a popular movie, "We can't handle the truth!" If a spirit exists it is energy. All energy can exist as a waveform which can be encoded with massive amounts of information. If a spirit is unique, any physical entity it becomes associated with will be recorded as all thoughts conscious and unconscious are also energy. The oddity here happens when there is a compromised interaction between the two. My hypothesis is, the proof lies in studying people whose energy connection is impaired. Conditions like Autism and Downs syndrome open a door to an immense pool of knowledge if someone would bother to go through it.

    This body we have will cease to exist and will never exist again unless there are parallel universes.. Until we learn the universe we exist in, studying other scenarios is a waste of time, energy and money. Learn how to walk before you learn how to run. Humankind needs to prove if we do have a spirit or don't have one. There is no danger here. All discoveries, no matter the outcome, always lead to new knowledge. The reality may be more fascinating than our current concepts of God and spirit.

    We spend trillions looking for the building blocks of our physical universe. Spending a fraction of that would uncover the reasons, if any, for our very existence. If we don't figure that out in this generation, a future generation will and if we destroy ourselves before that happens it will be no loss at all. If there is any purpose to anything, the immensity of the universe is a clear message that it isn't waiting around for us to figure it out.

    I see a typo in in my original post. Apollo 11 happened on the 20th of July 1969, not the 29th.

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    dustproduction Aug 28, 2012

    The current thinking seems to be that spirits retain some identity resembling that of the person whom they were in life.
    I cannot image why that would be so.
    And then there is still the need to explain when this spirit enters a being. We know that it leaves, but there is some uncertainty about when it leaves. The Buddhist believe a spirit is not release from the body for some period of time after death. Yet some cremate more quickly and in these cases, is the energy of the spirit lose forever. If so, it sounds like a god way to opt out of the system no?

  • capt_infinity Aug 28, 2012

    Exactly but spirits, if they exist, are comprised of a limited band of energy. The human eye is capable of seeing energy with wavelengths in the X-ray spectrum.. Ghost hunters are using low light level imagers and light sources trying to capture spiritual images. We can photograph auras. If spiritual energy can interact with energy from other sources what would the effect be? Would it be visible on an imaging device or in an energy analysis of the moon that depicts wavelengths of light in intensity, spectral shift, waveform delay of many other forms of energy patterns we observe constantly? Maybe we are not looking in the right place at the right time with the right equipment. Was Lourdes mass hysteria?

    The fact we have not witnessed anything verifiable does not prove there is nothing to see.

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    dustproduction Aug 28, 2012

    "Would the camera see a spiritual manifestation if one in fact happened?"

    What are spirits comprised of?
    What would it be capturing an image of? Cameras react to a limited band of light energy.

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