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Physics of Nonduality Quantum Potentials and Higher Realms

Posted Aug. 26, 2012 by Giorgio Piacenza Cabrera in Open

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Nonduality in physics begins with a wordless inspiration leading to an integral view that makes room for all of reality, including higher realms and an expanded concept of what "matter" and "substance" may be.

The great experimenalist Akira Tonomura showed that quantum potentials are of a level of reality that is not directly detected by scientific apparatus but that has definite physical consequences. This level may be (in relation to our ordinaily perceived physical reality) non-local. Is it actual? Is it "real?" It depends on how we look at it. Is it material? Yes, in the sense of a kind of substance. It stands before or below the physical form and what we think of "physical" force field vectors. Is it physicalist? No, not anymore in the crude mechanical sense or its vestiges found in modern physics and in the mind of "reality=physicalism" scientists.

Materialism doesn't have to equal physicalism under a wider view of what "matter" and "substance" might be. At this point in Integral theorizing we need to consider that a deeper kind of materialism is not just compatible with non physicalist models but with approaches that include the material existence of other realms. Integral Theory proposes the universal fact that all things or holons (realms of reality included) have (at least some degree of) Objective Exteriors. These other realms would have EXTERIORS, not physical as in the Gross Realm we ordinarily perceive and tend to conceive as the only reality that matters. These other realms while undetected could be considered as ""potential" and when detected as "actual" in relation to our ordinary "physical" experience. In other words, they are REAL but can be thought about in two broad ways. This is a SUBTLETY and distinction that needs to be considered in future INTEGRAL modeling that relates our known physical universe with other realms. If we do so, Integral Theory could become more scientifically predictive in due time and not just act as an integral set of principles and guidelines. Scientists are slowly recognizing that other realms and realities are possible and necessary even for understanding how our physical universe works, its fundamental laws, constants and other values tuned for life. That there is a program and a programmer is becoming more and more plausible as chance is not and self-origination out of nothing makes little sense. Both the quantum energies allowed by the Uncertainty Principle and the quantum potentials are not "nothing."

The quantum potentials that are sometimes considered as accompanying "real" physical phenomena (having to do more with fields of vectors and forces) may be the "tip of an iceberg" located in a realm that programs physical universes. These potentials may be subsets of a higher mental-informing realm whose exteriors (whose matter) respond to mental causes and is itself derived from a causal realm of first principles...all of which derive from an Absolute Non Dual Trascendent Creator outside (not merely restricted by not just of space and time of the "Physical Realm" but of all logical possibilities of the Mental Realm and of the first principles of the Causal Realm.

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