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1998,Chinese Research of Noetic Science, the content of book published

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by yusheng



Wu banghui , “Introduction to Science of Human Body”,1998,SICHUAN UNIVERSITY PRESS,ISBN 7-5614-1855-1,

Introduction to Science of Human Body

First Volume


Section 1 General Survey

Chapter 1, The Rising of Human Body as a Science System and Science Department

1.1 Re-discovery of Strange Functions of Human Body in China
1.2 Development of Modern Scientific Researches for Qigong
1.3 The Rising of Science of Human Body as a Science System and Science Department
1.4 The object and Elementary Contents of Science of Human Body
1.5 Science of Human Body is a Big Department in the System of Modern Science and Technique
1.6 Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qigong, Strange Function of Human body is Frontier and future of Human Body Science

Chapter 2 Science of Human Body and Future Revolution of Science

2.1 Science of Human Body and Modern Science
2.2 Promoting Development of Science of Human Body by Modern Science
2.3 Science of Human Body and Traditional Chinese Culture
2.4 Science of Human Body and Future Revolution of Science

Chapter 3 The Problem about Norm in Science of Human Body

3.1 Some Initial Discussion of Special Phenomena of Human Body and the Problem of Norm in Science of Human Body
3.2 Formation of a Science System and Norm of Science
3.3 About Nature Outlook of Science of Human Body
3.4 About Methods and Methodology of Science of Human Body
3.5 Making Norm of Science of Human Body Progressively


Section 2 The Giant System of Human Body

Chapter 1 A Human Body Is a Complex Giant System

1.1 The administrative structure of a Human Body
1.2 The System of Channels and Collaterals in Human Body
1.3 Fractal Structure of a Human Body

Chapter 2 A Human Body is a High Conscious Giant System
2.1 Brain is a Complex Giant System
2.2 Brain and Consciousness
2.3 Potentialities of Brain

Chapter 3 A Human Body is an Open Giant System
3.1 Human Being and Cosmos
3.2 Human Being and Natural Environment
3.3 Exchange of Matter, Energy, Information between Human Body and Environment
3.4 Human Being and Social Environment
3.5 Relation between Human Body and Mechanism and Engineering of Human Body-Mechanism-Environment

Chapter 4 Time Order of a Giant System of Human Body--Rhythm of a Human Body Giant System
4.1 Rhythm of Living Being and Human Being
4.2 Zi-Wu Current: Chinese Ancient Time Medicine
4.3 Probing into Mechanism of Biological Clock
4.4 Nonlinear Dynamics and Living Rhythm


Section 3 Preliminary Theory about the Functions and Functional States of Human Body

Chapter 1 Some basic Conception in the System Science and System Method
1.1 "Reductionism" and "Anti-Reductionism" in Living Science
1.2 Basic Conception in the General System Theory
1.3 Structure and Function of System
1.4 Description of States of System and Evolution of System
1.5 Qualitative Change of System----Dissipative Structure, Synergetics, Catastrophe Theory
1.6 A New Method Research Structure for System----Fractal Structure of System
1.7 New Development of System Method----Meta-synthesis, Combing Qualitative and Quantitative Research

Chapter 2 Functions of Human Body and Function States (Eigen States) of Human Body

2.1 Physiological Function of Human Body
2.2 Psychological Function of Human Body
2.3 Thinking Function of Human Body
2.4 Behavior Function of Human Body
2.5 Classification of Function and Function States of Human Body (1)
2.6 Classification of Function and Function States of Human Body (2)

Chapter 3 Adjustment of Function States of Human Body

3.1 Health Care ---- Keeping and Heightening the Normal Function States
3.2 Medical Treatment ---- Adjusting from abnormal Function states to normal Function states
3.3 Exploitation of Latent Capacities
3.4 Basic Methods for Adjusting Function States of Human Body
3.5 Structure of Consciousness and its Action in Adjusting Function States of Human Body
3.6 Self-adjusting of Function States of Human Body
3.7 "Qigong"---- A High-Ranking Skill for Adjusting Human Body Function States

Chapter 4 Study of Function States of Human Body by System Science
4.1 A Study of Qigong Function States by System Science
4.2 A Study of Awakening and Sleeping Function States by System Science


Section 4 Research on Qigong by Modern Science

Chapter 1 Qigong and Qigong Science
1.1 Basic Conception of Qigong
1.2 Qigong Science
1.3 Qigong and Modern Science and Modern Science Research for Qigong

Chapter 2 Observation and Experimental Research of Qigong Phenomena (1) ----Inner Effect of Qigong
2.1 Qigong States
2.2 Introversive Experience in Qigong States
2.3 Physiological Effects of Qigong (1)
2.4 Physiological Effects of Qigong (2)
2.5 Psychological Effects of Qigong (1)
2.6 Psychological Effects of Qigong (2)
2.7 Strange Physiological and Psychological Effects of Qigong
2.8 Problem of Deviation under Qigong States
2.9 Application of Qigong to Medicine and Qigong Medicine

Chapter 3 Observation and Experimental Research of Qigong Phenomena (2) ----Physical and Chemical Effect of Qigong
3.1 Physical Effects of Qigong
3.2 Chemical Effects of Qigong
3.3 Influence of "Wai Qi" on Microscopic Structure and State of Matter

Chapter 4 Observation and Experimental Research of Qigong Phenomena (3) ---- Biological Effect of Qigong
4.1 Influence of "Wai (Emitted) Qi" on Germs
4.2 Influence of "Wai (Emitted) Qi" on Immunological System of Mouse
4.3 Influence of "Wai (Emitted) Qi" on Cell of Tumour
4.4 Influence of "Wai (Emitted) Qi" on Free Radical of Nervous Cell
4.5 Influence of "Wai (Emitted) Qi" on HeLa-Cell Division
4.6 Influenceof "Wai (Emitted) Qi" on Distortion of Chromatin of Human Being by X-ray
4.7 Influence of "Wai (Emitted) Qi" on of Mice's Capacities Resisting Radiative Injure
4.8 Influence of "Wai (Emitted) Qi" on Sorts of Plants


Introduce to Science of Human Body

Second Volume


Section 5 Research on Strange Functions of Human Body

Chapter 1 Survey of Strange Function of Human Body
1.1 Strange Functions of Human Body
1.2 Ancient Phenomena of Strange Function of Human Body
1.3 Research after Strange Function of Human Body and Parapsychology

Chapter 2 Observation and Experimental Study of Strange Function of Human Body (1)
2.1 Inspection on Reality of Singular visual perception
2.2 Experiment Supervising Reality of Strange Functions by EEG

To Be Continued

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    yusheng Oct 29, 2012

    thanks Bmrmathew1963 , i will happy to read all the posts there.

  • mrmathew1963 Oct 28, 2012

    This was the start of my blog......other spiritual sites http://www.spiritualforums.com/vb/index.php http://www.spiritboard.net/

    The Science of Spirituality

    This part will summarise a basic overview of how science and spirituality are important, as a whole, to human existence and its wellbeing and why we need both science and spirituality to find common ground and how it’s starting to do just that. This is not a paper to be taken in a literal sense but as a conscious thought, science may prove or disprove much of this in time to come.
    Einstein & Quantum Physics

    Einstein made a discovery that matter reacts to human thought. This opens up so many possibilities of how, with just thinking, one can change their own environment. Einstein knew something was happening but couldn’t put a finger on it without the full understanding of quantum physics/mechanics.

    To explain this we need an overview of quantum physics & matter.
    Quantum physics is the study of the behaviour of matter & energy at the molecular, atomic, nuclear, & even smaller microscopic levels & matter is the substance of which all physical objects consist.

    VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCIES: So how does matter react to human thought? It’s all to do with vibrations, as everything, including nonphysical things, vibrate at different frequency, including thought. So why wouldn’t you get matter, (one vibrational frequency), reacting to/with human thought, (another vibrational frequency)? You would of course!!
    It’s all to do with vibrations. Scientific studies have been going on for some time with vibrations & its effect on humans & their environment from healing & food production to weapons etc.

    So we can now understand the basics of thought reacting to matter through vibrations, the possibilities this opens up is endless. Vibrations are more than just matter it’s everything including the creative force itself or God.

    Spirituality & religion should go hand in hand but are so often separated by churches & old dogma’s that once served the majority of people who were illiterate. Today we get a more literate people who see through old dogmas thus turn towards the occult side of spirituality, materialism or the science of spirituality.

    The occult side of spiritualty & church orientated spirituality work on old dogmas that are past there used by dates for a more literate society, the other problem here is one hates the other which causes more negative vibrations in the world.

    Materialism, well it speaks for itself, instead of love & understanding you get hate & self-centredness, & finally, destruction.
    The Church of Scientology & the Christian Science Church show us that science & spirituality can coexist, this is only the start of things to happen. These churches might not be for everyone however, they restrict you to new dogmas with intolerance of other beliefs.

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    yusheng Oct 26, 2012

    hi, MrMrthew 1963, could you give me some of your blog and the other spirital sites, i would like to visit, thanks

  • mrmathew1963 Oct 24, 2012

    This is probably one of the reasons I've foretold that China will excel in spiritual matters, combining science with spiritual phenomena as I had on my blog. I’ve written up on two other spiritual sites saying China will lead the way to genuine spiritual development, they just don’t believe that China can be the main leader in this field of spiritual phenomena.

    This is synchronicity at it's best that I would pick up (prophesise) at this moment that China will lead the way to spiritual growth!!


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    yusheng Oct 13, 2012


    图书简介 brief introduction
    作者: 吴邦惠 著 author
    出版社: 成都 四川大学出版社 press
    年份:1998 time
    页数和开本: 2册(812页) : 彩照 ; 20cm : page:812, 2 volum, with colour pictures,
    题名:Introduction to science of human body
    中图分类号: 基础医学 catalogue: basic medicine
    it is not very difficult to get one here in China, however, it is in Chinese , except the content table, you need chinese language, chinese culture and western science to understand it.

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    canmarrai Oct 04, 2012


    How can I get this books?


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    yusheng Aug 24, 2012

    Section 7 Some Philosophical Problems in Science of Human Body and a Study of Man-Nature Perspective

    Chapter 1 Some Philosophical Problem in Science of Human Body
    1.1 Connexion between Science of Human Body and Philosophy
    1.2 Practice is the Only Standard Testing Truth
    1.3 Action of Consciousness and Problem about Mindwill
    1.4 Wholeness and Time-Space Problem (1) ---- Wholeness, Implication Order, and the “Space Matter Existing in”
    1.5 Wholeness and Time-Space Problem (2) ---- Time

    Chapter 2 Make a Study of Man-Nature Perspective (1)
    2.1 Scientific Characters of “Man-Nature Perspective”
    2.2 Content of “Man-Nature Perspective”
    2.3 “Anthropic Principle” and “Cosmos Observer Participating in”

    Chapter 3 Make a Study of Man-Nature Perspective (2)
    3.1 Correspondence between Man and Nature ---- “Human Body is a small Cosmos” and “Cosmos is a Giant Human Body”
    3.2 Induction and Reaction between Man and Nature ---- interaction between Man and Environment
    3.3 Unity of Man and Nature

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    yusheng Aug 24, 2012

    Section 6 Research on System Theory in CTM and Basis of Humanbodiology (Science of Human body, with consciousness)

    Chapter 1 System Theory Thoughts in CTM
    1.1 Anthropic Principles in CTM (Chinese Traditional Medicine)
    1.2 System Theory Thoughts in Physiology and Psychology of CTM
    1.3 Thoughts and Methods of System Theory applied by CTM
    1.4 Limitations in CTM applying System Theory

    Chapter 2 Study of System Theory in CTM and Humanbodiology
    2.1 System Theory of CTM: a link of CTM to Humanbodiology
    2.2 Content of CTM System Theory
    2.3 System Theory of CTM and Basic Theory of Humanbodiology

    Chapter 3 Modern System Science and CTM
    3.1 Synergetics and CTM
    3.2 Dissipative Structure Theory and CTM
    3.3 Catastrophe Theory and CTM
    3.4 Fractal Theory and CTM
    3.5 Researching CTM by Generalized System Theory

    Chapter 4 Basic Study of Humanbodiology (1) ----The Hypotheses of “Entity-Field Duality” of Living Matter
    4.1 “Qi” and “Field”
    4.2 “Biological Field” and “Field of Human Body” (1)
    4.3 “Biological Field” and “Field of Human Body” (2)
    4.4 The Hypotheses of “Entity-Field Duality” of Living Matter
    4.5 Quantum Physics and Biological Order
    4.6 Some Discussion about Relation between the Hypotheses of “Entity-Field Duality” of Living Matter with CTM

    Chapter 5 Basic Study of Humanbodiology (2) ---- “Entity-Qi-Shen” Structure of Human Body
    5.1 A Human Body is a complex Giant System of “Entity-Qi-Shen three in one”
    5.2 “Qi” or “Field” ---- “Order Parameter” of Human Body
    5.3 Characteristic and Superiority of CTM in Viewing Human Body by Order Parameter ---- CTM: Medicine of “Qi”
    5.4 Modern Science Principle in “Qigong” viewed from Order Parameter of Human Body ---- “Qigong”, A high tech adjusting “Order” of Human Body by itself
    5.5 Problem about Consciousness (1) ---- Consciousness and Information
    5.6 Problem about Consciousness (2) ---- Self-Organization of Brain and Mind-Body Monism
    5.7 Problem about Consciousness (3) ---- Is Consciousness “Order Parameter” of Human Body?
    5.8 Problem about Consciousness (4) ---- Viewing Spiritual Phenomena

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    yusheng Aug 24, 2012

    2.3 Strange Perspective Function
    2.4 Thought Transference
    2.5 Recognizing Remained Information
    2.6 Psychokinesis (PK)
    2.7 Making Matter through Matter
    2.8 Para-writing
    2.9 Restoration by Strange Function
    2.10 Strangely Concentrating Energy
    2.11 Strangely Applying Calculation
    2.12 “Avoiding Grain”, keeping Physiologically normal without eating for long time

    Chapter 3 Observation and Experimental Study of Strange Function of Human Body (2)
    3.1 A study of some physiological Function in Strange Function State
    3.2 Change of Microscopic Structure of Matter by Strange Function
    3.3 A Study of Quality of Carrier of Clairvoyance
    3.4 A Study of Phenomena of Sensitization by Strange Function
    3.5 Taking Photographs of Field of Human Body
    3.6 Some biological Effects of Strange Function
    3.7 Affecting the growth of plants under deep consciousness
    3.8 Strange Function and MCC of Human Body
    3.9 Detection and Study of Strange Radiation of Human Body

    Chapter 4 Observation and Experimental Study of Strange Function of Human Body (3)
    4.1 Discovery of Catholicness of Strange Function
    4.2 Obtaining Strange Function by Training and Practice
    4.3 A Study of Reality of Strange Function
    4.4 “Abnormalities” in Observation of Strange Function
    4.5 “Screen Effect”

    Chapter 5 Exploring Mechanism, Pondering Theories of Strange Function
    5.1 The necessity of Exploring Mechanism and Pondering theories
    5.2 A study about Features of PSI
    5.3 A Discussion about Mechanism Recognizing Word by Ear
    5.4 A Tentative Exploration on Mechanism of Thought Transference
    5.5 Some Exploration on Physiology Basis of Strange Function
    5.6 A Hypothesis of Morphogenetic Field
    5.7 A Tentative Exploration of Strange Function and “Physics of Many States”
    5.8 Generalized Physics and Strange States of Matter


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