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Posted July 14, 2012 by Jim Centi in Open

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This topic is a supplement to the topic “Awareness”.

You may be aware that Neuroscience is informing academia and those following the academic world that the experience of “me” or “I” is an illusion.

Throughout history mystics have advised that the path to liberation is transcendence of the self. This is often referred to as the illusion of the separate self.

In the comments to the topic “Awareness” a link was posted to a free website dedicated to assisting others to experience liberation from the separate self.

As comments were added to the topic, the link moved down the list of comments. The purpose of this topic is to post the link in the topic so it does not disappear as comments are added.

The name of the organization Liberation Unleashed [LU] and the link is posted below.


I have no affiliation with LU, only in the sense that my experience with the site was rewarding and wish to provide others the opportunity to experience what I experienced. Don’t expect the earth to shake; what occurs is a simple change of perspective, the beauty lies in its simplicity.

I suggest spending some time on the site, reading the material and viewing the videos. If after that, you have not had a transformative experience, the opportunity is available to dialogue with individuals who will provide assistance; this service is also free.

If you benefit from visiting the site and wish to help others, post your comments here. General comments should be posted in the topic Awareness.

  • A I Jul 14, 2012

    I found the site excellant. Told my dad to look at it adn my bro as it deals with the core problem well and has no affiliation with any centrilized system and is humanitarian. So give it a thumbs up.

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    Jim Centi Jul 14, 2012

    A lengthy comment or analysis is not necessary. A simple statement or two indicating that you recommend the site would be helpful in encouraging others to explore it.

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