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Transforming Our Worldview

Posted July 9, 2012 by iamonesoru in Open

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Transforming Our Worldview
Neuroscience Meets Neuro-theology Part II

What does worldview transformation really mean and how do we accomplish it? When we talk about transforming our worldview we are talking about changing the way we view, not only our world, but necessarily, ourselves as well as everyone and everything in our world, our universe included.

If we change the way we view everything in existence, then we must necessarily change our beliefs, and the way we interact with everything in our version of reality based on the new beliefs of a new worldview.

Whether we realize it or not our beliefs are changing everyday based on the information we gather everyday from our daily experiences of life, as well as information from such sources as the news and the internet.

Granted, it may be painfully slow change, but it is change. The dogmatic beliefs of both religion and science keep our belief systems in an almost static state of flux that slows down our evolutionary process to a greater degree than we can even imagine
In order to access the power of the brain that we aren’t using, we must learn to let go of dogmatic beliefs and achieve new belief systems that are more fluid and less resistant to change. As our self awareness grows, our beliefs must grow as well. Intelligence can only evolve so far and in strange directions if we don’t allow our beliefs to evolve.

Scientists have achieved a more fluid intelligence through the use of the left brain masculine intellect, but have ignored the fluidity of the intuitive intelligence of the feminine right brain, and so has most of western society, because we don’t realize the importance of balancing these polarities, and as a result of our lack of balance, our intellectual growth is stymied by our lack of intuitive emotional growth.

We are intellectually and intuitively out of balance and are becoming more emotionally and mentally unstable as a result of neglecting to balance and integrate the energetic polarities through which the energy of life moves.

Will a new view of ourselves, our lives, and our world change our world? Can it? It would depend on how many people in our world accept the same beliefs in the same new worldview, would it not?

Is it possible that a critical mass of belief might, like the “hundred monkey experiment”, change the way we act, change the way we interact with each other and the way we interact with our environment? How many people holding the same new worldview as their picture of reality would it take to achieve this critical mass?

How do the masses currently view themselves and their world, and more importantly why? If the truth be known, I suspect that the vast majority of people view themselves in a self-conscious manner that is based in low self-esteem, because we have been taught to see ourselves as much less than we truly are.

Even those who seem to be superior may be running sub-conscious defense mechanisms to cover up and protect themselves from inferior sub-conscious beliefs about themselves. Sub-conscious beliefs may prove to be more powerful than conscious beliefs because they operate in the same realm as the consciousness that controls our bodily functions, a consciousness that we normally lack an awareness of.

Whether we realize it or not, we also have a sub-conscious worldview that may be totally at odds with the way we view our world consciously.
Does a sub-conscious worldview affect our worldly experience of reality? If so, which is more powerful, our sub-conscious worldview or our conscious worldview?

Science has proven that everything that physically exists is made up of energy that is moving, or maybe vibrating very rapidly, but has science given us an explanation of what this really means? Do scientist themselves really understand what this truly means? Why not? Isn’t it the responsibility of scientists to define their discoveries in ways that make sense to the masses?

Not only has science not given us a working definition of our physical bodies, or that point one percent energy they call matter, but it has defined everything else, the ninety nine point nine percent of that which we must also be, as “empty space”.

What is this so called empty space? If it is ninety nine point nine percent of everything that exists then how can it possibly be “empty”? Ninety nine point nine plus point one, according to my math equals one hundred percent, so if science cannot define one hundred percent of that which we are or appear to be, what does this say about who or what we really are?

Does this mean we are simply pretenders pretending to be what we have been taught to believe ourselves to be? Since we have no idea who or what we really are, why do we pretend to be either helpless victims, or hapless perpetrators, rather than powerful co-creators of our own worldview or paradigm?

If we are pretending to be what we have been taught to believe ourselves to be, wouldn’t this necessarily mean that our beliefs determine our reality and the way we experience reality? If this is so, and how can it not be if we don’t really know who or what we are, then we must be as powerful or powerless as our beliefs about own power or powerlessness have made us.

What does this say about our worldview and the roles religion and science have played in the creation and maintenance of our current worldview?

First of all, I suspect, it means that both religionists and scientists have either been grossly negligent of their responsibility, or they have been taught to believe things that are simply not true, or both, but why would anyone possibly teach us beliefs that are not true?

Is it possible that there are people in our world who know the power of belief but don’t want the masses to know? Why would whoever these people are not want us to know about our power or the potential power of belief?

Throughout the ages there have been so-called mystery schools, secret societies, religions, and now, even secret agencies of government that have kept secrets from the masses because, for some reason, they believe themselves to be superior to the masses. They don’t believe the masses are capable of understanding or dealing with the implications of these secrets.

If someone or something has been manipulating our beliefs and therefore our worldview, how would we ever know unless we began to question, not only our beliefs, but who in our experience of our world, as it exists now, is benefitting from maintaining these beliefs.

Do scientists benefit from mistaken beliefs? Maybe, from the perspective of materiality, they benefit by having their material needs met, and benefit from those who fund their scientific research, or (very few) by becoming rich and famous, but how do they benefit in real terms of understanding, which is what all scientific fields of study are supposed to be seeking?

If we can’t define ourselves in terms of our relative universal existence, never mind a non-local one, how can we ever expect to re-define ourselves or our worldview either locally or non-locally? And, if we can’t seek understanding in any way that can’t be physically proven, like, for example, thought, imagination, or ancient wisdom, or anything spiritual, the only thing that really matters is what we believe. What does this say about truth or what we believe to be truth?

What is it that we really believe and why do we believe it?

Does what we believe determine our experiences of what we call reality? Is it possible that we can change our beliefs and therefore change the way we experience reality, and if so will this translate into a new worldview? Will changing the way we experience our world actually change our world? How can it not?

We believe the world and the universe works the way we have been taught to believe it works, and yet our experiments in quantum mechanics and our experiences with the quantum movement problem seem to suggest the falsity of our previously held beliefs, and yet we cling to those beliefs rather than ask ourselves important questions like; what if everything I think I know is wrong?

I’m not saying that I, personally, have all the answers, and I am not asking anyone to believe anything. What I am saying is that I have learned that asking the “right” questions may be much more important than looking for answers because the really “good” questions seem to have a way of answering themselves, if only in my mind or my imagination, but if belief is as powerful as non-locality and ancient wisdom suggests, just how important are our minds and our imagination?

It seems to me that in order to transform our worldview we have to re-define ourselves and our world. We have defined ourselves thus far by our actions and our world is the result of those actions, whether we want to admit it or not, therefore we must change our actions, and in order to do so we must change the beliefs that have caused us to take those actions.

If we were to come to the conclusion that everything in our world must be re-defined according to a new paradigm, would we be better off waiting for this new paradigm to emerge according to the beliefs of those who consider themselves to be superior to us, or might we consciously choose to help it evolve in a way that is beneficial to us all? What might a worldview that is beneficial to us all even look like?

We haven’t yet come to understand the full implications of what we call relativity, and we are just beginning to struggle with quantum understandings, but the two things these theories have in common is energy and change.

If everything is made up of energy, and that energy is constantly moving and changing, then to me that suggests that we should begin our re-definition by re-defining everything in terms of a unity or unified field of energy in motion, or what scientists call kinetic energy.

What is this kinetic energy? How does it “work”? From where does it originate? According to my understanding there are two basic types of energy that we call kinetic energy and potential energy. Since this kinetic energy must be coming from somewhere, it seems logical to me that it is coming from wherever potential energy exists.

The difference between kinetic energy and potential energy is that one is moving and the other is at “rest” or not moving. If potential energy is not moving it is obviously not vibrating, and since our physical tools or sensors detect vibrations of the different spectrums we experience as light, how would we experience potential energy as anything other than the absence of light?

Could it be that our ancient descriptions of an omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent creator are actually descriptions of an interactive matrix of information or intelligence that is both moving and not moving, vibrating and not vibrating, experienced and not experienced kinetic and potential energy?

If there is an infinitely intelligent architect that is all powerful, all knowing, and everywhere present, as described by ancient wisdom traditions, is it possible for us to experience or interact with this intelligence? If it is truly omnipresent, this would mean that there is no space that it does not occupy, including the so called "empty space" within, through, and around our bodies.

If this is true it would be impossible for us not to experience or interact with it. It would only be possible for us to lack the awareness of our experience and interaction with it.

If kinetic energy is what we call light that is moving, then potential energy must be defined as light that is not moving. If everything that exists is made of light that is either moving or not moving, then there cannot really be such a thing as darkness except in our experience of darkness or our lack of awareness of non-moving light.

Could it be that what we call the universe is an interactive matrix of potential energy in which kinetic energy moves through distorted levels of awareness to experience different virtual reality worlds or states of being? Could it be that our physical bodies are virtual reality avatars with virtual reality interfaces that allows a higher intelligence to experience life through us?

Could it be that our brains are really artificial intelligence processors that translate and integrate the masculine and feminine polarities, languages, or signals received and transmitted by virtual reality interfaces that eastern mystics have called the chakras?

Could it be that our world is a virtual reality game-like experience? We have only had computer technology for a few decades and already we are creating virtual reality game worlds in which people all over the globe can interact within a gaming matrix and experience all kinds of behaviors that would not normally be considered okay in "real life".

Imagine what we could do if we had all the knowledge and power contained within our universe, and billions of years to experiment with it. What might an Infinitely higher intelligence than ours already have done with it?

Could it be that what we call the singularity at the center of what we call a “black hole”, which we experience as a complete and total absence of light, might be a portal to some kind of well of potential energy that we can’t see or detect, rather than an object so densely packed as to swallow light?

What if everything we have imagined about black holes is, not wrong but, inaccurate? None of what we hold to be true about black holes has really been proven. Which of these two possibilities seems more logical if the only thing that exists is energy?

If everything that exists is energy, wouldn’t it make more sense for us to define everything that exists in terms of the cycles, phases, fields, frequencies, amplitudes, resonances, rhythms, and harmonics of energy in motion?

If everything that exists is energy, then why in the world do we have to “pay” for it, or produce it in ways that are harmful to us and our planet?

If everything that exists is energy, and there is such a thing as intelligence or consciousness, wouldn’t that necessarily mean that energy somehow possesses intelligence or consciousness? What if that energy is the energy of consciousness itself being projected through a process that we misunderstand as thought?

Wouldn’t this represent the proof of Intelligent Design? Could it be that there is an Intelligent Architect so far beyond our ability to understand that even trying to understand it boggles the human mind in its present state of awareness?

Somehow, somewhere, sometime, someone taught us through religious beliefs that it is impossible to understand the creator, and worse, a sin to ask questions whose answers might provide a better understanding of the creator, or not to have faith in the power and authority of those who claimed to be the earthly representatives of “God”.

Because of these beliefs religion, which should be the meta-physical science of seeking an understanding of that which cannot be seen, has morphed into the dogmatic beliefs of blind obedience to that which cannot be understood.

That which cannot be seen has been demonized and labeled as “occult” to keep us from seeking an understanding of the Creator. What does occult really mean? It simply means that which cannot be seen, but we have been taught to translate it as devil worship. Why? Why else but to keep us from seeking to understand the Creator?

It is impossible to understand the creator in the same way it is impossible for a first grader to understand advanced calculus. If first graders were taught that it is impossible to understand advanced calculus and that basic math, algebra, geometry, etc. was the work of the devil, how many first graders would grow up to become mathematicians?

What if this consciousness energy, or at least the potential part, never really changes, but the kinetic part always changes its state of awareness because it is being distorted, or its vibrations are slowing down as it moves farther away from its source, and sped up as it moves back to its source?

What if the identities of creation we call stars were outposts or creator identities of the source of an intelligent signal that receive, translate, and re-transmit the signal according to its relative distortions caused by its relative position or distance from the source? What if what we call bodies, either heavenly or human, were outposts receiving, translating, and re-transmitting signals according to distortions relative to their distorted densities of conscious awareness and experience of themselves and their source?

This would mean that there is an enormous potential for the distortion of what we call awareness without any change whatsoever to what we call consciousness. Could it be that we exist in a dimension or density of distorted awareness from which we are trying to un-distort that awareness to higher states of potential awareness, or an awareness of an unlimited potential in a journey of ascension back to our source?

This would mean that the only difference between ourselves and that Intelligent Architect is one of awareness or perspective based on our point of view, that is based in learned false beliefs about ourselves. Wow!!! Can you possibly wrap your “mind” around that?

By re-defining energy in this way, we may actually give what was once considered esoteric teachings or wisdom teachings a potential to be understood by the masses without the necessity of the masses actually achieving the state our ancestors described as enlightenment.

We may simply achieve an awareness of a more enlightened state than that into which we were indoctrinated. Why are we indoctrinated into an unenlightened state in the first place?

If we re-interpret our understanding of life as a cyclical process of descending and ascending orders of awareness, then the process we call evolution must necessarily become a process that may more accurately be described as revolution, that is more perfectly aligned with ancient esoteric teachings.

If life itself is a process that may include both creation and evolution, then we may see life itself as a process of creating and evolving different species of life forms that have different levels of self awareness.

What if?

What if what we call a black hole is actually a transmitter and receiver of all the information contained in our universe? What if all of this information were being transmitted in two different “languages”, formats, or signals that we have been taught to misunderstand as light and love?

What if what we call the Event Horizon was the point at which potential energy is being translated to kinetic energy which then radiates outward to eventually form our galaxies?

Light and Love are the two main ingredients to every version of the enlightenment experience or Nirvana. What if these two constants are both languages and the polarities through which the energetic signal of consciousness moves?

Would an Intelligent Architect speak a human language? Have we ourselves learned to speak a language by which we might communicate, or at least understand a communication from what we have misunderstood as, and called “God”?

The languages of love and light being transmitted into the universe are akin to mathematics, geometry, and binary code, but are also akin to music in that they arrange themselves into octaves of distorted potential experiences of awareness through what we call dimensions, which also must be re-defined in terms of the vibrating energy of projected thought, which is basically musical in nature.

Because scientists have been taught to misunderstand dimensions in linear terms as potential measurements in different spatial directions, they seek an understanding of higher dimensions as somehow directional, and speculate that time might be a fourth dimension, maybe because it appears to “flow” and apparently in one direction.

Time is not a dimension. It is simply an illusion based on the movement of energy through the created illusion of space. Time is simply a way to measure how long it takes to get from one point in space to another, and that is usually dependent on how fast something is, or appears to be, moving. And if the frequencies of vibrations are slowing down or modulated through the bandwidths, or frequency ranges of dimensions, the the physical laws of energy in motion must also change or distort from one dimension to the next.

If we see life as different potential experiences in different states of distorted awareness or dimensions that began in what we would call the seventh dimension and descending through greater and greater distortions of the awareness of the unity of energy that we must be, and progressively losing its awareness of that unity until it could descend no further without losing all awareness of self, then turning around and working its way through those distortions back to the full undistorted awareness of consciousness itself, and understand that we are now experiencing third dimension ascending, esoteric teachings such as the in-breath and out-breath of Brahma, as well as many so-called myths begin to make a semblance of logical sense, if we realize these teachings were expressed from different perspectives of intelligent awareness.

Is it possible that our legends about fallen angels, and Adam and Eve are stories about the conscious awareness of the intelligent energy we misunderstand as souls devolving into a distorted awareness of unsound judgments of good and evil in a dimension of experience that can only be described as mysterious and superstitious?

Is it possible that all of the end times prophecies are distorted messages about an ascension from third dimensional distorted awareness of mysterious, superstitious, separation to fourth dimensional distortions of an expanding awareness of unity or what has been called Non-local Consciousness?

If so, who in our world stands to lose the most if our new worldview is one of greater unity in which we learn to share the abundance of our worlds’ resources more equitably, or a world full of healthy, happy, functional Adams and Eves? Who stands to lose the most from an upsetting of the apple cart or a redistribution of wealth?

Maybe the two percent of people who control ninety eight percent of the worlds natural resources, including that which corporations now call “human resources”?

Maybe the same ones who finance both sides of every war, and make untold fortunes in the research and fabrications of weapons of war and mass destruction? Maybe the same ones who control all the international banks and multi-national corporations that finance political campaigns as well as our institutions of higher learning? Maybe the same ones who fund the research of mainstream science?

Think about it.

Why have we been taught to see ourselves as basically evil, unworthy sinners? Even those of us who don’t consciously believe this must admit that we don’t really know what we believe at the sub-conscious level of our awareness. This may be proven through the processes we call hypnotic regressions and hypnotic suggestion.

Why does this sub-conscious part of ourselves exist at a level below our conscious ability to communicate with it. Could it be that we have been taught to ignore and repress this part of ourselves by repressing our emotions, intuitive abilities, and everything feminine in nature?

And while we are re-interpreting, what if we re-interpreted the word adultery as, instead of our usual interpretation of sexual infidelity, its other interpretation that means confusing and twisting information in order to influence the thoughts and beliefs of others?

How might our world have evolved without the distortions of adulterated beliefs about nudity, sexual infidelity, and sexual misconduct that stem from the commandment; “Thou shalt not commit adultery”?

Without these distorted beliefs we might have evolved along the lines of the indigenous peoples of our world that we judged as uncivilized, who had no forms of sexual abuse or sexual crimes until we civilized them.

How might we have evolved if women and men were considered equal and everything both masculine and feminine were honored, respected, and loved, including our bodies and our reproductive parts?

Masculine and feminine, in terms of energy in motion, are nothing more than extremes or the polarities through which energy may move or do its work. Why do we emphasize the masculine intellectual polarity and repress the feminine intuitive polarity?

If these are energetic polarities, shouldn’t we learn to balance them so that they may more effectively do their work? If we focus totally on one polarity and repress the other, how much work can this one polarity potentially achieve?

The masculine left brain intellect focuses mainly on the gathering of information, but does very little or nothing to expand our awareness of the meaning of that information or the possible benevolent/malevolent polarities or potential uses to which it may be put.

Why have we been taught to believe in the socially agreed upon beliefs of our ancestors about “right” and “wrong” rather than what works or does not work to produce whatever it is that we might socially agree upon as an emerging new paradigm or worldview?

Is there such a thing as a right polarity and a wrong polarity? Does the intelligent energy moving through these polarities judge them as right and wrong? Does whatever may be the source of this energy judge these polarities through which its signal moves as right and wrong?

Science says that we are only using five to ten percent of the brain, but what has it learned about the ninety to ninety five percent we aren’t using? What has it really learned about the parts of the brain that we are using?

If we have barely scratched the surface of the brains ability to process intelligent energy through the masculine intellectual polarity, might the brains ability to process intelligent energy through the feminine intuitive polarity be not only important but necessary to allow for a greater potential of the intellectual polarity to continue to be productive in its work?

Is it possible that some otherworldly intelligence working through one polarity introduced us to error thoughts and false beliefs about what is right and what is wrong as a catalyst for us to work our way through the distortions of awareness caused by these beliefs, while another working through the “opposing” polarity produces catalyst meant to confuse us and keep our awareness distorted?

What might the ninety to ninety five percent of the brains power be potentially capable of? What is its purpose? Is it possible for us to access it? If it weren’t possible for us to access it why would it exist?

How might the accessing of this enormous potential power affect those who have taught us to believe that we are inferior? Aren’t superiority/inferiority themselves extreme beliefs or polarities through which intelligence moves to find a balance that could only be called equality?

Our beliefs are not ultimate Truth; they are simply our truth as we believe it to be now. If you are not aware that another truth exists it may as well not exist as far as you are concerned
Beliefs are basically the scaffolding by which our present paradigm, worldview, or consensus reality has been built, propped up, and maintained. Though we don’t realize it, we are currently trapped between two opposing paradigms by the old scaffolding (false beliefs) because we refuse to see that the old scaffolding must be dismantled before our awareness can expand to the boundaries of the scaffolding of a new and less limiting paradigm.

Our refusal to truly examine ourselves, our beliefs, and our worldview is a direct result of manipulation by what some call the “controllers”. The way these controllers manipulate and control us is through our own false beliefs which they have taught us. They teach us to believe things that are not true, and then use these false beliefs to separate and divide us, and keep us fighting amongst ourselves to divert our attention away from the fact that we have been taught beliefs that work to keep us divided.

What we today call the Age of Enlightenment or the Renaissance was the beginning of a critical mass of consciousness awareness which threatened a global paradigm shift that would allow humanity to come to the realization of unlimited potential.

Brilliant free thinkers like Copernicus, Newton, Galileo, and a host of others, who refused to be limited by the false beliefs of the old paradigm, and refused to be subjugated by powers and authorities (controllers) of their time, began the dismantling of the old scaffolding, and the construction of a new and less limiting scaffolding through the process of seeking truth which came to be called science.

The controllers could not allow this to happen because it would totally remove their power and authority and place it squarely in the hands of the individual human. The controllers know that; “United we stand and divided we fall”, and so they did what they have always done which is use our beliefs to manipulate and control us and eventually divide us.

So along comes Darwin with a theory called the Origin of the Species which basically said there is no Creator. Life is an accidental crap shoot that evolved from a kind of primordial protozoan soup.

To the religionists who had been taught to teach the beliefs of the old paradigm this amounted to an open declaration of war. To the controllers this was the perfect wedge to drive between the old closed minded “believers” and the new open minded free thinkers and put the brakes on the shift to a new paradigm.

Even before Darwin the controllers manipulated the believers into branding the free thinkers as devil or demon possessed heretics, and most of the early scientists were muzzled by threats of ex-communication from the church, imprisonment, torture, and even death. Galileo spent the greater part of his scientific career under house arrest by the Vatican.

The controllers basically instituted a campaign of terror against science which caused the free thinkers to go underground, until Darwin came along and opened a floodgate of pent up emotions throughout the scientific community which caused the escalation of a battle between religionists and scientists into out and out war between science and religion. Today we call this war Creation vs. Evolution.

Neither science nor religion realizes that they have been cleverly and subtly manipulated into dogmatic beliefs that serve only the agendas of the controllers. By using religion to force scientists to see themselves as victims and defend themselves and their theories, the controllers, over time, changed the point of view or perspective of science from the champions of free thought and seekers of truth, to the defenders of scientific beliefs, or dogma.

As a result, mainstream science has become just another religion. Scientists, whether they are willing to admit it or not, have allowed the controllers to manipulate them into the belief that there is no Creator, and in order to defend this opinion they have created another false belief that says anything real must be physically or mathematically provable.

What about thought? Can you physically or mathematically prove thought to be real? Can you physically or mathematically prove emotions to be real? How many of sciences theories have actually been proven? Basically, none of them have.

Mainstream scientists, no matter how brilliant or well meaning they may be, have allowed the controllers to use their own intellectual pride and self interest to turn them into mindless believers who follow the directions of the controllers without questioning the beliefs into which they are indoctrinated by our so-called institutions of higher learning, whose curriculum is decided on by the controllers.

Scientists, just like religionists, have been brainwashed and indoctrinated into false beliefs about the Creator. It doesn’t matter what you believe about the Creator. Even the belief that there is no Creator, is still just another belief about the Creator, so you must admit that you are still a believer of a closed minded dogma, no matter how ridiculous that dogma may or may not be.

If you are not willing to open your mind to the possibility that your belief system may be wrong, and that your teachers may be wrong, you may believe yourself to be a scientist, but in truth, you are just another religionist.

Because of the controllers’ manipulations to divide us, the war between science and religion diverted our attention away from the dismantling of the old paradigm scaffolding, and as a result, the only old scaffolding that we managed to dismantle was the false belief in a flat earth.

Though scientists today don’t see it, their cosmological theories are built upon the sub-conscious belief of our world as the center of intelligent life as well as the beginning of intelligent life, which is basically the same as the beginning and center of all creation.

We are taught to believe that the third dimensional carbon based life forms that we call our bodies are the highest form of life. We have no real understanding of what dimensions really are, or of the more highly evolved beings inhabiting the higher dimensions because of what we have been taught to believe the dimensions to be.

The dimensions we are taught to believe in are not dimensions at all, but merely spatial directions. The concept of height, width, and depth, which scientists are taught to understand as the first three dimensions are nothing but different directions in space, and in this context a dimension is nothing more than a potential measurement.

Have you ever seen or experienced any physical object that has only one or two dimensions? Everything physical must have three dimensions or potential measurements in order for us to see or experience it. Any physical height, width, or depth is measurable no matter how thin it may appear to be.

Everything that exists physically is made up of energy that is vibrating, so how is it that we have come to translate the symbol “dimension” as a potential measurement in one direction? How can this translation ever possibly lead us to an understanding of a Unified Field of Energy?

Why do our institutions of “higher learning” teach scientists to misunderstand dimensions as potential measurements in different spatial directions when they know full well of the existence of different “densities” of vibrations of the energy we call light?

Why do our institutions of “higher learning” teach scientists to believe that all life must be carbon based and only able to maintain itself on earth like planets with liquid water? Why do scientists refuse to ask themselves these questions?

Because they have been taught not to think freely, just like religionists? Scientists and religionists have been taught not to ask questions whose answers might upset the apple cart and take away the power and authority of the controllers.

There is much information to be gleaned from asking the right questions – the questions our worldly controllers don’t want us to ask. In order for us to ask these questions, and genuinely seek the answers, it is necessary to face the fears generated by the false beliefs taught to us by the controllers in order to keep us from asking them.

It is up to us to re-define ourselves and create our own new view of ourselves, our lives and our world the way we wish for our world to be, and not wait for it to emerge according to definitions of those who would enforce a malevolent new global world order rather than create a benevolent new global worldview and global communities based on beliefs of equality, tolerance, cooperation, and compassion.

I’m not asking anyone to believe anything, I’m just asking everyone to think about it.

  • A I Jul 15, 2012

    I looked at the aspect you mentioned of fallen angels. William Blake talked of Urizen. An ancient god [Your Reason] who had lost his grace and become and old man and chained in a way by his own devices.
    In my studies of translating religions texts...i found simililar lines between hte idea of Luicfer[first light] and the Idea of Satan[adversary].
    They all seemed to have a simialr motive as did the Eden Stroy, Gigamesh and that Of Prometheus[forethought], Epimetheus[afterthought] and Pandora[the first woman].
    The idea came to me as satan represented, the opposer, in the mind, as well Lucifer seemed similar to Urizen, that of fallen reason.
    The idea which came to me was, that such myths reflected the story of simple communal man moving towards civilized man and the confrotation with knowledge/technolgoy, and how it effects self concept, which is defined by environment. So as we develope tecnologically we further create more and more synthetic environmets and thus, the basic resource of the self image; that images from experience connected to values for maintainign the health of the body[pleasure and pain as Plato often pointed], became and evolved into complex bodies of beleives and culture values which no longer reflected the interaction with reality but we became more interactive with mental abstracts and as life became more convient and mechanized, the mind of man became more sensitive to change, and pulled from the moment into pluralistic ideas and went from commonal ideas of collective sharing to ones of property and comparison and hten tribalism and conflict arose, as tecnology is a decisive factor in success and also popualtion increase.
    But so that the idea that such myths reflected obsevations, changes in the culture of man, and that of the fall of reason, which for reason to be healthy, certain ideas such as monism, and related issues such as faith and trust need to be established as otherwise it leads to unstability. A related remark in the Presocratic era was proposed by Zeno, as Zeno's paradox, which argued to cross a distance, if one goes half then again half etc. that one never reaches the end, thus showing the absirdity that can result from pure reason and also I beleive implicating the idea that, as he argued the point, against pluralism or seeing the unveirse in terms other than a singularity. Each story reflected the integration of civilisation, technolgoy and knowledge and how it pulled man from innocence which was perhaps, reflected in Hermeticm[Hermits or seclusion], and monastisicm, which ironically acadamia developed from and why such characters in history and myth who were reclusive and often sages were said to go into the wilderness to battle the mind, [adversary/opposer], to regain insight and intellgience; to renter the now and battle the illusion of plurality and also anchorign in the self via battling desire and the passion related to pleasure and pain and how it compromises the path of the heart.

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    iamonesoru Jul 13, 2012

    Dear nous777
    My message is a kind of overview not necessarily meant to be definitive, but to cause us to think about things and in ways we might not have thought to think in before.

    I enjoyed your reply.

    There is no character limit in opening posts in the Open discussions category as far as I can tell, only character limits in comments replying to the op.

  • A I Jul 10, 2012

    how youd get over character limit?
    I remembr the wizard of oz. I always thought, the red shoes meant the life force. The yellow brick road, was the evolution of the ego in the solar pelxus, the emerald city, the heart chakra and ahh, to have a heart, to have a brain to have courage...to get them we jsut had to use them....take part in life...int he end what saved those guys was innocence, a little girl from black and white kansas, and her little dog....the wizard a charlatain frm kansas, but with technology....tricks....
    All the time she jsut had to tap her heels 3 times.....one of those ironies. If I were dorthy, i'd have done aback had slap on that witch.
    Haha. Odd they beleived they were smart, loving and courageous after than got their paper from hte authority, the wizard. But in the end, they jsut had community, a group, a family which really, what hapened was, after a time they identified unconsciosuly their self image and included the others....and so as they did, they took on traits of nobility. Ironically, the just included dorthy in their concept of self....odd hwo the midn works.
    Poitn being.....hmmm.I dont' diasgree with you declariation, gald you removed the imperitive, haha. But. I think, peoepla re starting to think for theslves slowly. there are dicoveries in science that wil in time allow for repariations of supersticians weveheld collectively in the west in partiucalr for a thousand years. The internet will allow for cultural change and reduce over time tribalism, or can. That once we se the world as an event for wich the individual is a compnent, it wil affect how we can access intelgience. What you propose is deeply tied with clture adn people, mankind is a diversity of kidns o fhumans. Some are more pone to questionign, others, it's harder. But we are reachign a poitn where we are n statis adn closing in on a precipice which forces peopel to becoem more self authoritaive adn dependant. A global process and how nature works. Nature is alot waves, troughts and ridges....
    I can see now that the posssibility of evolution on a general level is possible. tha tmade me happy, as I wasnt sure. TOok quite a few years to see how.....culture is ddeply improtant and has alot to do with the self image is dependant on environment and as we accrue knowledge we get technolgoy, change our environent adn that effects the self iamge and thus how we will as sub organisms within a single reality or event which is reality or the unvierse. Stil cant figure how you got past the limitation of characters....dag nabbit all.

    To think for oneself. Odd in a world where we are raise to compare, given symbols for authority, given merit when we capitulate to social pressure, given status and seat and enocouraged to see thought as real, it's sorta real, it focuses energy.
    WHo am I? To tis day I am not sure. I am. Beyond that I do go so much. Neat thing is everythign else is to. So, where to draw lines? Why?
    Be well.

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