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Time: An Abstract Theory

Posted April 22, 2012 by profoundcuriosity in Open

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commented on May 5, 2012
by Asteroth



Basic Theory with Definitions in ()

Time is a matter of compensation (it compensates for the difference in conceiving and perceiving between the minds eye and the visual eye). It worships the mind’s eye (meaning that the minds eye is truth and thus the creator of ones ultimate reality – the perceived world around us) (however we do not perceive of all that we are able to conceive thus time is the compensator that allows the two to remain separate yet both active) and neutralizes the visual mind to separate, (the minds eye and the visual mind are separate – the minds eye is the way the mind sees what you can conceive of/ envision etc. the visual eye is what you see in the physical world that you create – what you physically see with your eyes.) causing the syllables(A syllable is a unit of organization for a sequence of speech sounds. For example, the word water is composed of two syllables: wa and ter. A syllable is typically made up of a syllable nucleus (most often a vowel) with optional initial and final margins (typically, consonants).Syllables are often considered the phonological "building blocks" of words. They can influence the rhythm of a language, its prosody, its poetic meter and its stress patterns.) to ensue a different portion of reconciliation.(symbols – which form the building blocks of the syllables - form the bridge between our minds eye (conceptual mind) and our visual mind (physical eye) Your mind considers its motor sensation like a virtual story based on the ideals and perceptions of a frame that coincides with the predominant story.(the minds eye knows what is happening – conceived – before your visual mind – perceived – is aware and thus signals the body to move in preparation) Your mind encases its history preventing the mortgage of repeating, (this implies that repetition causes debt) that will collide with the independence of ones virtuous thought. (learning from the past/ ones past mistakes – repeating would conflict with ones natural forward movement in time and in evolving) Time is a reflection of many individuals whose stories all link united in one motion (all linked by reality). This singlet of history is stored and controlled by the sum of all. The recourse for this action is the maintenance of a new identity.

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    Asteroth May 05, 2012

    Time is the primary construct to allow freedom of choice. Imagine a dot and then join that dot to another. To get from one dot to the other requires a line (2 dimensions) and also time to get from one dot to the other. Time then is a necessary construct to facilitate movement or multiple dimensions. I would say that time is a construct of the mind and that, the actuality is that we live in a timeless and eternal state. However, when we incarnate into a physical world, time is the oil that allows us to experience movement and freedom of choice.

  • parker Apr 27, 2012

    Time: A Spiritual Revelation
    Time was, and is, expressed by the Creator with the knowledge, and of the knowledge. Man was, and is, expressed by the Creator with the knowledge, and of the knowledge. Time is of the knowledge. Man is of the knowledge, thus knowledge is relative, to both man and time. Knowledge is relative and knowledge is the key to Creation. Man and time are subjective expressions of knowledge, thus only knowledge is relative.

    “You must look beyond time and beyond man to find knowledge, as knowledge is expressed. When you perceive the expression, you find relative knowledge, and you become relative knowledge. When you become knowledge, you surpass time
    and you surpass that man which you are; because you have found Creation.

    “Creation is time, and time is Creation expressed, and time is of the Creation, thus knowledge is not far from time, because time was Created by it, and of it. Creation is you, and you are Creation expressed, and you are of the Creation, thus knowledge is not far from you either, because you are Created by it, and of it. It is time, and time is it. It is you, and you are it. Knowledge is relevant to you, as you are expressed, and knowledge is relevant to time, as time is perceived by you.

    “The Creator is knowledge, and knowledge is begotten of the Creator. Knowledge begets Creation through expression. Creation is knowledge. Creation begets time, and Creation begets man. Thus, knowledge begets time, and knowledge begets man; therefore, knowledge is relative. Time and man, are the Creation. Time and man, are the knowledge. Creation is knowledge. Knowledge is the time, and knowledge is the man.

    “You are knowledge expressed, therefore you know where to find your self. When you find the knowledge of your self, you have become knowledge itself, and you have found the Creator, for the joy of the Creator, is that which is expressed in you.

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