Multi-Generational Healing through Genetic Influencing

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commented on July 25, 2013
by Crystalsage



An intriguing way to be healed is by inheriting the effects of an ancestor's healing. Three children, aged 8, 11 and 12, participated in an experiment with their respective grandparents (all in 70's age bracket). One child had a chronic cough with no certain diagnosable cause, the second suffered with severe Eczema, and the third was diagnosed with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis. Conventional Allopathic medical treatments had failed to cause any significant improvement over several years in each case.

In each case, initial Hands on Healing treatments showed virtually immediate and impressive results, yet each child's symptoms re-appeared within several days. We then got permission to attempt Remote Influencing of each child, which coincidentally determined that the underlying cause of each disease was genetic memory from an event experienced by the respective grandparents, and this memory was being held in the children at the cellular level.

We met with all three of the grandparents in another city, about 150 miles from where the children lived and remained while we treated the grandparents. We treated each grandparent with a two person combination of an advanced Hands on Faith Healing protocol. During treatment of the second grandparent to relieve mental and psychological trauma associated with a near drowning and pneumonia experience that happened to her more than 60 years earlier, the mother of the child with the chronic coughing telephoned to say that her child had stopped coughing for the first time in nearly 6 years. It is now nearly 4 years since that treatment of her grandmother, and her coughing has not returned.

The child with Eczema showed slight improvement (less itching) later the same day and within a few days was completely Eczema free, and has remained so for nearly 4 years also. In that case the grandfather was Hands on treated for residual shame and embarrassment associated with his childhood acne. Two weeks later we learned of a first cousin, also grandchild of the grandfather with the acne, whose acne suddenly cleared up. The boy was 15 and has remained acne free and we never did meet him, or treat him in any way, he simply inherited the benefits of his grandfather's psychological healing.

The third child with the Arthritis claimed almost immediate pain relief and has since been diagnosed by their family physician as completely free of her former Arthritic condition. Her grandfather was Hands on treated for "letting go" of stubbornly held, non-productive judgmental opinions of his father, which so long as the memories remained, were apparently manifesting in the child as her being "stiff" and "inflexible".

When these types of things become part of our experience, there is a concurrent realization that conventional Allopathic medical treatments are in many instances, far from the answer they purport themselves to be. Personally, I and many others with me, have learned these ancient healing methods from active study of the ancient Biblical texts, and we consider this to be true Spiritual healing of the physical temple. We also consider that conventional Allopathic alternative medicine has fairly well proven that it was generally a mistake.(We do continue to hold great respect for conventional surgeons and other physical trauma treatments.)

I am curious as to what suggestions this institute as well as readers of these discussions might have that they feel could enable a broader exposure to these ancient healing methods, and hopefully a greater acceptance of them.

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    Crystalsage Jul 25, 2013

    I wonder then if that healing then can work both ways???? That we can heal grandparents or mothers by healing the children??? This certainly falls within the quantum reality area... Or Dean Radin's Entangled Minds .... :)

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    Crystalsage Jul 25, 2013

    http://www.lifesitenews.com/news/unborn-child-just-a-parasite-cutting-edge-science-shows-fetal-cells-heal-mo/ "Science has been studying the phenomena of fetal cell microchimerism for more than 30 years, after researchers at Stanford University were shocked in 1979 to discover a pregnant mother’s blood containing cells with Y sex chromosomes. Since women only have X chromosomes, they concluded that the cells must have entered into her body from the male baby she carried within her.

    Drawing on studies in biology, reproductive genetics, and epigenetics, Pincott outlined in her book what science has learned since the Stanford discovery.

    “During pregnancy,” she wrote, “cells sneak across the placenta in both directions. The fetus’s cells enter his mother, and the mother’s cells enter the fetus.”

    Scientists have discovered, she said, that a baby’s fetal cells show up more often in a mother’s healthy breast tissue and less often in a woman who has breast cancer (43 versus 14 percent).

    Pinctott pointed out that as the quantity of fetal cells in a mother’s body increase the activity of autoimmune conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis decreases. She called the evidence “tantalizing” that fetal cells may offer the mother increased resistance to certain diseases.

    One kind of fetal cells that enter into the mother’s body is the baby’s stem cells. Stem cells have what Pinctott calls “magical properties” in that they can “morph” into other types of cells through a process called differentiation. The baby’s fetal stem cells can actually become the mother’s own cells that make up her liver, heart, or brain.

    In what any ethicist might declare to be legitimate ‘embryonic stem cell therapy,’ the baby’s fetal stem cells migrate to the mother’s injured sites and offer themselves as a healing remedy, becoming part of the mother’s very body. Pinctott writes that such cells have been found in “diseased thyroid and liver tissue and have turned themselves into thyroid and liver cells respectively.”

    Pinctott calls the evidence “striking” that a baby’s fetal cells “repair and rejuvenate moms.”

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    dustproduction May 10, 2012

    Re: .... what suggestions this institute as well as readers of these discussions might have that they feel could enable a broader exposure to these ancient healing methods, and hopefully a greater acceptance of them.

    You ask a question don't did like the answer. Id there a right answer and a wrong answer?

  • parker May 07, 2012

    @ dustproduction:

    I do not know why you would believe anything, i only know I and others with me believe what we observe. We are endeavoring to create circumstances for controlled observations of these matters, and like virtually any scientific endeavor that has been tested under controlled circumstances in the past, we are merely reporting our preliminary (non-controlled test) observations like they often have as well.

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    dustproduction May 02, 2012

    Sounds interesting but why would I believe this without some controlled testing to verify the results. This is just heresay at this point.
    There are reason that the word science is in the title of this organization.

  • parker May 02, 2012

    @ dustproduction:

    We have recorded our observations, and although we always attempt to apply ourselves conscientiously with proper intent, we probably do not meet any acceptable criteria for being officially recognized.

    I'm not sure we are ignoring any effort to resolve questions, I rather think we recognize certain observations, and merely accept them for what they are, as opposed to attempting to explain the how or why of them. We do of course recognize that by not being able to fully explain the observations, that we may possibly miss some opportunities to expand our effectiveness or to be accepted by others.

    I'm not sure I fully understand what you are suggesting with your comment: "Why the trauma of downing scare us genetically, (if it does at all.)" Sometimes I suspect there are those that allow fear to interfere with accepting a healing/treatment modality, and perhaps this is a combination of fear of the unknown as much as fear of being unconventional (or outside the accepted parameters).

    Our observations would indicate that at some level, presumably close to the cellular level, or maybe at a spiritual level, we can (but we don't know if we always) hold a form of memory of certain traumatic events that can influence us both physically and psychologically for several generations. Furthering these observations, it is clear that the physical and psychological symptoms may be healed bi-directionally* by treating or exposing one end of the living chain to an effective healing modality.

    In the specific instances originally cited, we observed similar symptoms in grandparents and their grandchildren, yet we have since observed similar physical and psychological symptoms being healed in each of the first, second, third and fourth generations of a genetic line. We have not found any fifth yet, but this may be because of age limitations.

    Our (particularly my) ability to explain the scientific aspect of this is extremely limited, yet I am open and certainly capable of learning to understand and appreciate whatever you might feel worthy of sharing in this regard.

    * We have also observed that physical and psychological symptoms experienced similarly by direct descendants, can just as easily be healed by treating only the ancestor, as they may be by treating only any one of the second, third or fourth generation descendants. If the healing of any one of the affected parties is managed effectively, then everyone in the genetic line seems to benefit virtually the same.

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    dustproduction May 01, 2012

    @ Parker
    So why not document this? The case that you describe brings up some interesting question that you seem willing to ignore rather than resolve. Why does the trauma of downing scare us genetically, (if it does at all.) How did it produce the cough in the child in the first place, an imbalance in the child consciousness? Why did affliction not manifest itself in the middle generation?

    If you pursue a biological explanation, whether epigenetic or genetic, there must be other measured effects. There are several layers of regulation of gene expression. One way that genes are regulated is through the remodeling of chromatin. Chromatin is the complex of DNA and the histone proteins with which it associates. What level of understanding do you have of this typic?

  • parker May 01, 2012

    @ dustproduction:
    We have not directly observed the gene sequencing, and we agree that it would not have changed in any event. We were not knowingly attempting to influence the genetic expression, or to modify it in any way, yet this is preciously what resulted. And this indirect result, or accidental observation of it, is also precisely what you refer to as "epigenetics", which we later realized, was explanation for what we had accomplished.

    "DEFINITION - Epigenetics: refers to functionally relevant modifications to the genome that do not involve a change in the nucleotide sequence. These changes may remain through cell divisions for the remainder of the cell's life and may also last for multiple generations. However, there is no change in the underlying DNA sequence of the organism;[2] instead, non-genetic factors cause the organism's genes to behave (or "express themselves") differently.[3]"

    By treating the symptoms in the respective grandparents (re-read original topic thread for details of symptoms), we caused, or influenced, or modified the expression of the childrens' genes, such that their symptoms also changed immediately/concurrently, which we now know is an aspect of epigenetics. This is effectively causing a healing of specific symptoms via pre-generational genetic influencing - or epigenetics.

    To say the underlying gene sequences are not modified, yet to acknowledge the expression of those genes as having been changed, is what epigenetics really is. Our observations not only provided evidence of epigenetics, but evidence of the effectiveness of hands on healing as being an effective catalyst for causing it.

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    dustproduction May 01, 2012

    @ Parker

    But have you observed the genes? Was what you are claiming as a specific physical symptom in the first place?
    You have not provided evidence. Then there is the case for epigenetics, where the gene is not altered but the coding for the uptake of protein becomes altered. Without getting into a lengthy discussion of this the predisposition of the expression of the condition remains for it is passed on. Would you like references?

  • parker Apr 28, 2012

    @ dustproduction:
    We have observed many cases where an adult has experienced a complex emotional healing that resulted in a direct healing of specific physical symptoms that had been manifesting in that same adult. In several of these instances, we also observed a similar and concurrent healing of the same specific physical symptoms that had been manifesting in that adult's child, grandchild or great grandchild, without any physical contact being made with the child, grandchild or great grandchild, as the case may be, by the adult or the "healer"/agent.

    These second, third and fourth generation descendants experienced the benefits of their respective ancestors' emotional/physical healing event, without directly participating in that event, or without even any communications regarding the event, until after it was realized their symptoms had also been coincidentally "cured".

    Observing significant numbers of these subsequent events enabled us to conclude that once the ancestor is healed, the cellular memory of the healed party changes. and this causes instant and automatic similar changes throughout most, if not all of their living descendant genealogy. Hence we observed that complex emotional healing of one individual, remotely influenced the genetic memory within the cellular makeup of that individual's descendants, healing them likewise.

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    dustproduction Apr 28, 2012

    RE "Multi-Generational Healing through Genetic Influencing.
    Where is the "genetic influencing" in the question? Can you define how you are using the term?

    @ Goddess: You seem to be addressing epigenetics and not DNA or gene structure. Do you have a reference for your comment, "Our DNA has 2 double helix . One is a physical strand and the other is a spiritual strand." This seems made up.

  • parker Apr 27, 2012

    @ Fallensoul; or godess22

    I would agree that true healing occurs at a consciousness or spiritual level. But I am reluctant to accept that any of us are physical or spiritual "healers" per se (or perhaps we are all healers equally), rather just that some have more empathic capacity and or innate faith to help others, or to enable others to heal themselves, whether physically or spiritually. Particularly when discussing physical healing of a direct nature.

    Yet when direct healing of an individual at a consciousness level results in a second, third or fourth generation descendant also concurrently experiencing a similar physical healing experience, we must accept our observation of this event as evidence of inherited genetic memory at either a physical cellular level or at some consciousness or spiritual level we do not yet comprehend.

    Given the observable nature of this evidence, and our equally obvious inability to comprehend it, beyond a mere acceptance of it, we must surely eliminate any ego-driven attempts to explain it as being either more or less than an aspect of our consciousness or spiritual makeup not yet revealed to us.

  • Fallensoul Apr 25, 2012

    goddess22: If the goal of suffering is learning lessons, then wouldn't being a healer stop people from getting the lessons that they need? Because then they'll be healthy again to commit the same mistakes they have to learn the lesson from. How does healing someone from some disease actually change their consciousness? If a smoker is suffering from lung cancer, gets cured of lung cancer by some subtle (as you operate on) or gross process -- will he actually have the change of consciousness to quit smoking?

    A true healer operates on consciousness.

    Subtle healing, although a higher form of healing, doesnt actually solve the root problem. Why does the person need lessons in the first place?? The person has to undergo the same lessons in another form. You've just avoided it for a temporary period of time. Unless there is a change of consciousness, together with corrective action on a spiritual level, being healed is ultimately just a temporary fix for a postponed bigger lesson.

    Besides the above. What is the ultimate lesson? How does your healing help someone realize this lesson?

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    goddess22 Apr 18, 2012

    Part 3
    So what you really want to know is how to treat more effectively. The miasms need to be removed from the DNA. This will heal everyone connected to this by DNA if they choose to receive healing. It doesn't make sense to me to try to do this myself. I am only a facilator. My job is the creation of healing. I create the healing by asking the best healers to do the healing. So I ask God to do it. The other truths to this is the level of thinking the facilitator has or the dimension one is in. A third dimensional healer is effective, but a 4th or 5th dimensional healer is more effective. The higher the dimension, the more ability for creation. Also, the higher the dimension, the more gratitude and love needs to be sent to those doing the actual healing. In other word, the higher the grade of the school, the more is required in the work. Of course, the work is love.

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    goddess22 Apr 18, 2012

    Part 2Now after 26000 years of drama, we can find ourselves quite a mess!
    Whew! So why is this happening at all. What is the real purpose of this? Learning. The first concept worth learning is that we are not here to suffer, and we choose everything. God does not punish or choose for us. Think of it as a curriculum for graduating from a Masters program. There is a list of lessons we have to master before we can graduate. Throughout our existence on this Earth school, hopefully, we are going down the list of lessons and learning them. Our DNA has 2 double helix . One is a physical strand and the other is a spiritual strand. Because of this arrangement, we have many more opportunities to inherit lessons. The physical DNA is inherited from our parents, and the spiritual is inherited from the soul and the higher self.
    So, when you have allergies, for instance, there are fears associated with each one. Migraines, in my experiences, have been associated with the belief that the self is an aberration. Of course the truth is there is nothing to fear, and we are all perfect and beautiful. However if we have generations of beliefs and fears being encoded into our system, it becomes more difficult to change those beliefs. To truly change the DNA and change the system, it is recommended to remove the encoding as well as the beliefs and fears. When these "lessons" are learned, then the healing is complete for that issue.
    The most difficult lesson is to learn to love self. This is the most important lesson as well. One can not love anything or anyone else until one loves self.

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    goddess22 Apr 18, 2012

    The first thing I wish to convey is that everything I write comes through my perception. Try as I may, all information is churned through my mind as it is being "understood". Now, the disclaimer out of the way, I will attempt to add my input. This information comes from many sources. I have experienced miracles in healing many many times and with each experience, more information comes to me.
    Perhaps the healing lies in the structure of the human being. However the first question may be why this structure in the first place? ( please note that the complete structure is quite complicated - this is much simpler)
    What is often over looked is the possibility that humans were designed to learn. We are to learn that fears and beliefs that separate us from the truth and light of God come to us by our own invention of drama. These experiences of perception of separation from the light create reminders in our system. These reminders manifest as disease, injuries, negative emotions, pain, ect. When these experiences are repeated, when the person ignores these reminders, then records(miasms) or codes are created on the DNA and RNA of our cells. Now we have inheritable reminders. Of course this results in disease, ect. We actually inherit angers, fears, beliefs, ect. as well. Now after 26000 years of drama, we can find ourselves quite a mess!
    Whew! So why is this happening at all. What is the real purpose of this? Learning. The first concept worth learning is that we are not here to suffer, and we choose everything. God does not punish or choose for us. Think of it as a curriculum for graduating from a Masters program. There is a list of lessons we have to master before we can graduate. Throughout our existence on this Earth school, hopefully, we are going down the list of lessons and learning them. Part I

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