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Basics of Noetics

Posted April 4, 2012 by umar_95 in Open

commented on May 17, 2012
by slowlygetnthar



like many others on this site my interest in noetics was sparked by Dan Brown's book. I am fascinated by the ideas he relayed within the novel, but i am still having a little trouble grasping the concept of what noetics is. Something very simple and unimportant happend to me this week and i was wondering whether such a phenomenon had anything to do with noetic sciences. I was speaking with a friend and i randomly thought of a movie i wanted to watch, suprisingly less than a second later my friend asked me if i wanted to watch it with him, i had not voiced any thoughts on the movie and our previous topic of conversation was in no way related. Despite this being of no importance it led me to think wheter this was mere coincidence or could it be explained by noetics, by way of my thought's physical presence, brought my friend to think exactly the same thing.

  • slowlygetnthar May 17, 2012

    Hi Charliet, Like you, I don't see the body as just mechanistic. I do see the whole body as a sensory organ and folks are out of practice using the whole body as receptor because we have become so cerebral, plus, visually and auditorily-oriented (working with d/Deaf folks has helped me understand these latter two). Many of the Eastern traditions never forgot this information, and I have been lucky enough to be around many people well-trained in these arts: yoga, Chinese herbal medicine, qi gong, etc., ... While I have grown more at ease with these, over time, I was dubious when I first began learning of them.

    Does it makes sense, though, that if our material reality is a construct of consciousness, that the very organism materialized would have to be a receptor in order to materialize? Maybe I am off-the-mark, here? ...?

    As I have said before, I do believe that the value of the soul = the love in it. Love does bind people across distance, *time*, and lifetimes, too. There are millions of stories to support that communication happens between loved ones far apart. It makes sense that the brain and the heart are working together to make this happen.

    Sometimes, when I receive info, it starts as a feeling in my chest, then, grows and eventually looms in my conscious mind. The mind will assign pictures and extend antennae to try to discern the shape of what is to come. This is what happened to me before 911, the Murrah Building, and other less spectacular events. I did not see what was coming, did surely sense it, tried to make "sense" of it--grasp its shape in my mind~ but alas, could not figure it out. Thought it was going to be some personal catastrophe, not national/international.

    Anyway, the neural network model of the brain gave birth to the field of cybernetics and modern www browsers in our pcs. So, the computer mimics the brain, to some extent, but again, the model is too limited and mechanistic. We seem to be capable of more than simple upload/download. Sometimes, we seem to be conduits, and at other times, quasars...

  • charliet May 17, 2012

    So what is your point here dustproduction? You have put together a list of proclaimed skeptics who disagree with Gary Schwartzes work, proves what?, that skeptics see his work as a threat? They must or they wouldn't comment on it.

    Also Ray Hyman is a self proclaimed debunker of paraphyscology. IONS has many members who work in this field including Dean Radin, head scientist at IONS. His books also have skeptics. Are all of the scientist who are working in paraphyscology wasting their time? Says who?

    Many well known members of IONS support Gary Schwartzes work, what of their support, all bunk? Are all of these scientists and doctors wrong and misled?

    James Randi - well known skeptic about everything, he has many skeptics too. He also is dead against what IONS stands for. Christ could appear in front of Randi and he wouldn't get the million cause Randi would find something wrong.

    Internet gossip - truth or fiction? You seem to use a lot of you tube sites as your go to's.

    If your going to comment please make it worth while.

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    dustproduction May 17, 2012

    "Schwartz's methods have prompted criticism by skeptics such as University of Oregon professor Ray Hyman, who says they deviate from the accepted norms of scientific methodology, and criticizes Schwartz for research errors such as inappropriate statistical tests and using subjects predisposed to believe in psychic abilities.[4] Skeptic Robert Todd Carroll maintains that Schwartz's evaluation of mediums is subjective and a product of wishful thinking.[3][5] When skeptic James Randi asked the University of Arizona to submit Schwartz's research data to an independent panel for evaluation as part of his $1 Million Challenge, Schwartz declined because he believed the panel, which was picked by Randi, would be biased.[6] Schwartz has also been accused by psychic Laurie Campbell and Allison DuBois of exploiting their publicity value."

  • charliet May 16, 2012

    Hi slowlygetnthar

    Gary E Schwartz actually describes the experiments in his book "The Energy Healing Experiments" which show that the heart and the brain communicate (as do every other cell) through the EEG and EKG waveforms etc. Not only in your body but from your body to another person. Their brain actually receives what your heart is putting out, emotions etc. The brain is acting as a transmitter / receiver.

    I have oft times compared the brain to a computer online, uploading and downloading from the server, this I derived from my own observations, looks like I got it right, LOL.

    Just thinking that the heart can communicate person to person brings that "Spirit" connection to life, we have pretty much said that the heart is a pump, nothing else, this tends to cast doubt on that theory. The communication has been measured under lab conditions. Very interesting but not unexpected by me.

  • slowlygetnthar May 16, 2012

    I would not doubt that there is more to work than conscious communication.

    For many years, I lived out on the east coast and my brother lived in the Rockies. One day, I decided I would make a necklace I had been daydreaming about for a couple of weeks. I sat down and drew out a necklace that I wanted to make. I calculated what beads and other materials I would need. Then, I put my diagram and list of materials in my purse, to head out the door to go gather the items to make the necklace.

    Literally, as I stepped out the front door, the mailman came up to my porch and handed me a package. It was a birthday gift from my brother and contained a necklace identical to the one I had just diagrammed and was setting out to make.

    Prior to this, I had not told my brother or anyone that I had been thinking of this item. So, this is an instance where I either sent my brother a mental image over the weeks I was thinking about making this thing, or he sent me a mental image when he decided to send one to me. We lived 1400 miles from one another.

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    dustproduction May 15, 2012

    In his latest book "Thinking: Fast and Slow," the Nobel Prize winner neuroscientist, Daniel Kahneman, describes two sets of mental operations; instinctively, and deliberatively. Much of what we feel we are the author of in the conscious mind flows from brain activity that goes on in that automatic regions, beyond our awareness.
    The situation you describe included a number of factors that we can consider in retrospect; was it synergy, coincidence, intuition, was he "on your wavelength"? Maybe, but Kahneman says that too many times our intuition is wrong. It might be what was happening manifested itself below the level of consciousness that then pours out instinctively. There is no way to measure all the unknowns. We do know this, after a while we know our friends well enough to finish their sentences.

  • parker Apr 04, 2012

    Thoughts are not randomly generated, nor do they randomly "pop" into existence. A thought is nothing more than one expression of deliberately patterned energy. All is energy. Energy exists and is expressed in myriad forms. There is no thing, including "thought" that is not made up of this same original energy.

    The unique characteristic of the human construct within the creation of all things, is that humans have been endowed with free will. Free will simply means we have a conscious mind that is capable of making limited free will decisions regarding the organization of this same energy into thoughts, and then to express those thoughts.

    The conscience mind is also just another expression of the original energy. The original energy can express itself as innate or living things, or as living things with conscious minds endowed with free will, because the original energy has the free will to express itself according to its will - all things provide proof of this, because all things exist.

    The thought, as we give birth to it, becomes a very specifically organized pattern of original energy. Yet only when we express that thought, does the energy become a "thing" unto itself, and only as it is being expressed, does it hold the capacity to be perceived by others.

    Expression may be made by involuntary intent, meaning that once you organize certain energy into a specific thought pattern, you can then articulate that thought as a mental visualization - an expression that can be perceived by others. This is precisely what horse and dog whisperers do all the time, for example.

    You or your friend can organize a thought, and then express it verbally, in writing, or simply be visualizing it. Likewise, the other party can perceive that thought by hearing, reading, or simply by mentally perceiving what has already been "visualized", a process often referred to as telepathy, which really should hold no mystery.

    Once you realize this skill is inherently within each of us, and become familiar with applying it, you can for example, watch a movie for the first time, and continuously and consistently perceive the already created and visualized thoughts - the images, and "foretell" what is going to happen to your friends moments before it actually appears on the screen.

    Once any thought has been expressed that thought then exists as a fixed energy pattern, available for anyone to perceive. Because thought is organized of the original energy that all things emanate from, which energy is eternal, it is this eternal quality that enables such things as remote viewing or influencing.

    These things do not enable the mind to bridge time and space, rather time and space are relative aspects of the knowledge, which is the energy from which that time and space originate.

  • KYRANI Apr 04, 2012

    It could have been that your thought (random???) was picked up by your friend and he was interested. But it could also have been the other way around. I don't believe in random thoughts. I have seen countless occassions of thoughts that appear random only to discover there were motives in the other person. The idea could have been presented to you and you perceived it. Then your friend brought it up in conversation so it appeared he picked up on your thoughts when it could well have been the other way around.

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