Knowledge Yearns to be Revealed:

Posted April 1, 2012 by parker in Open

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All things are. Resistance is futile. Everything is. Acceptance is inevitable. Whether all things are the result of accident, or of miracle, is irrelevant, because all things exist. If by accident, then that accident was no less than miraculous. If by miracle, then it is no accident that all things are wonderful to behold. One such wonderful thing, is learning to commune with our inner self, where the knowledge that caused all things to be, resides.

Ancient mystics, monks and other gurus have held to various similar beliefs - that our search for wisdom and true fulfilment, leads to finding the secrets of our inner self. Some spend decades in this pursuit. Few that find it, spend decades more attempting to engage it. Their folly is to separate themselves from experiencing their joy of the fullness of the Creation, by consuming their temporal inheritance with meditation, or simply through their incessant isolation.

More recently, man veiled in science, has stumbled onto techniques commonly labelled “Remote Viewing”, or “Remote Influencing”, which also demonstrate a pre-existing, universal human capacity to use naturally occurring, non-man-made, mental techniques, not only to bridge space instantly, but to bridge the time barrier as well, resulting in a communion with our inner self, where we are able to experience that knowledge of all things, past and future. Their folly is to guard their techniques with patents and copyrights, and to degrade the truth by using it for illicit purpose, or by pretending it is their property to sell.

Yet whether they accomplished these things accidentally or miraculously with deliberation, both groups have unwittingly evidenced our naturally inherent ability to experience that knowledge, which is naturally inherent to each of us. Nevertheless, we have learned how to commune with our inner self, because of them. They have experienced, and therefore evidenced the portal to our self. Acceptance of this is inevitable, because what is, must be.

Here, in practical expression, you may learn to share the depths and the wonders of the knowledge yearning to be expressed within you, by your communion with it, within your self. Because you are an expression of the knowledge of all that is, these, and all things are possible, for the joy of that knowledge which is in you.

For the thing Created, may not know the manner of its Creation, until it first knows itself. And that self which is not you, yet resides within you, yearns diligently to express knowledge of all things to you, because it holds no mystery that it does not want revealed. That is its purpose.


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