Human Life 101: "Noetic" Experiences.

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Life implies a certain knowledge, which knowledge requires a comprehension of itself, leading to a requisite combination of intelligence and consciousness, embodied within some aspect of a mind capable of creating, or at least capable of processing both thought and emotion to that extent it is also capable of expressing and of directing the power of both, as it does so in exercising an apparently inherent free will to do, or to cause to be done, whatsoever it can imagine could be done by it, within an only known limit imposed upon it, of not being able to create more life (- or anything for that matter. Life as we experience it, merely has capacity to experiment with re-arrangement of what already deliberately, or accidentally co-exists within it’s known existence.)

Clearly then, this elementary thing that we are; this form of “human life”, is not at all a very capable being. In spite of our lofty desires, our noble efforts, and our otherwise feeble attempts to associate the life within us to a greater knowledge, to higher intelligence, to an innate/universal consciousness, or to absolute creativity, we are in truth, only minimally capable of two simple things; that of expressing and of directing the power of thought and emotion, and even that is limited to our perception of how those thoughts or emotions relate to what already exists.

In innate desire, almost an insatiable need - an emotion, resides in each of us, to increase or to be increased by the power associated with or inherent to, our expression, and to our direction of our remaining thoughts and emotions. Whether we desire increase in knowledge, in wisdom, in abilities to help or be helped, to heal or be healed, to influence or be influenced, or to manifest, we all desire.

To fulfil our desire, there is no secret. We do not need to ‘find the key’, or ‘unlock the door’, or to gain ‘special or unique skills’. There remains no scientific discoveries to be made, or researching yet to be done.

We need only to learn how to implement our uniquely pre-existing capability, which is to accept that which is already known within each of us. Then, if we desire to convert that inherent knowledge into the awesome power that is its potential, we simply and appropriately express and direct our acceptance of the power of that knowledge through our thoughts and emotions. This is how we all - each and every one of us, already manifests the realities of our life, each and every day of our life - whether we know we are doing it or not.

Thus what most often appears to many as a “noetic” experience, is merely their occasional recognition of an accidental implementation of their natural, but otherwise latent potential. They, by being a’live’, have simply perchance noticed doing, what they, and everyone else, is capable of always doing with the life that is in them.

As opposed to waiting for the next accidental or noetic experience to occur, I favour learning to do this with deliberation and consistency inasmuch as it applies to all things I choose daily to do.

  • KYRANI Mar 29, 2012

    I don't think it is a matter of creating community. If people did not face the evil that exists today they would interact and community would be restored without effort. It is the evil that exists and the people who are committed to it that cause enormous problems for other people. Alienation is the result of maltreatment. Evil people want to dominate the world and the methods they use are aimed at causing dissociation and alienation between people. They only succeed when good people do nothing. Once people understand what is involved and band together for a common cause to rid the world of evil then we will again find unity and community and no separateness. I believe it is possible to do. It needs for each of us to work single-mindedly towards that goal and to see it as a reality in our mind.

  • slowlygetnthar Mar 27, 2012

    It seems to me that at the bottom of most conflicts is the perception of separateness and even alienation from either society, as a whole, or from the object of the conflict.

    We tolerate the genocide in Darfur, because it seems far away, disconnected from our reality, and we are alienated from the circumstances in which the victims find themselves. If we saw our connection more clearly, we would work towards protecting the victims and seeking every means necessary to end the conflict.

    So, one of the ways that societies can heal themselves is by looking for commonalities between people and building sense of community. It used to be that churches and town hall meetings united people and gave them a sense of belonging. The values of the community validated the individual and kept the individual from complete deviance by rewarding behaviors that celebrated and reinforced the community values. These structures are greatly reduced in this day and age, but I am not advocating we return to them. I am hoping we find new ways to connect people. Facebook's success would indicate that people are seeking community (and ego-gratification).

    So, the illusion is separateness. How do we create community in this world that moves at Autobahn speed, where folks live in their separate bubbles, having more meaningful relationships with their tv's and food than with their neighbors? I do believe that if people had numinous experiences, more noetic moments, they might notice we really are not out here, shooting into the blackness of infinite space, heading towards oblivion on the Enola Gay bomb....there is purpose and joy in the simple fact of our existence...

  • parker Mar 26, 2012

    Greetings Jim: The intelligence that pre-exists and supersedes us is limitless, thus so are the possibilities. We do not yet fully comprehend this intelligence for certain, and certainly we cannot create more of it. or any aspect of it.

    But, if we humble ourselves to accept it, then we open opportunities to embrace it and to learn from it. My desires are indeed personal, as should be yours and everyone's. Respecting your free will precludes me from determining or effecting your desires.

    When it becomes a collective personal desire to end such things as global conflict, violence, deprivation and world hunger, then these things shall surely end. My desire, is that this is your desire, and that through the mutual expression and direction of our thoughts, our common desire will become contagious.

  • Anonymous Icon

    Jim Centi Mar 26, 2012


    This sounds very interesting. Could the methods you are capable of instructing assist in ending global conflicts, violence and world hunger? Is it capable of creating more compassion toward others in this world or is it geared more toward personal desires?

    Oh by the way, do you intend to respond to my comment directed to you in “An Interesting Overview”?.....Jim

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