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Brain Scientist Experiences Nirvana

Posted Feb. 27, 2012 by Jim Centi in Open

commented on March 27, 2012
by slowlygetnthar



I posted this video to another link not realizing that as comments were added the link would move down the list of comments. I think it is important enough to stand as a separate topic.

It is a video of a brain scientist who describes an experience she refers to as Nirvana [Generally something experienced during meditation]. Her experience was the result of having a stroke.


Any comments on the possible implications of this?.........Jim

  • slowlygetnthar Mar 27, 2012

    I think there will also be bridges built between science and religion/spirituality.

  • KYRANI Mar 22, 2012

    @ Slowlygetnthar
    Yes the lay, non-toxic people will do the experiments and as you day the breakthoughs will be huge. The breakthroughs will affect science significantly, and open the way for consciousness and psi to be studied as legitimate and highly relevant subjects. I also believe that the experiments will touch many other areas, including religion. All religions will be able to relate directly to one another as different ways of worship and not different in purpose.

  • slowlygetnthar Mar 19, 2012

    Maybe lay people will do experiments and instead of damage, the breakthroughs will be huge!

  • KYRANI Mar 10, 2012

    I wouldn’t bother with meditation while placing awareness in the right hemisphere Jim, because I don’t think it’s going to do a scrap of good.

    You say “only a small % of the population is being influenced”. Consider the bulk of the population (67% certain and up to 75% if you include those that are somewhat in doubt) believe in and use their psi abilities every day or see evidence of it. We are moving to a very tightly knit global community owing to growing interdependence and high internet connection between people. It won’t take much for people to arrive at a new awakening. Lay people will do the experiments that need to get done and then there will be hell to pay because the damage is huge.

  • KYRANI Mar 10, 2012

    3. Under moderate fear, enough as to awaken her, she will not be as discriminative as normal. So she would not have attributed the pain behind the eye as anything serious and not thinking it through would have got onto her exercise machine. It shows that someone who knew her well enough to know her routines has to have been involved. Getting into the shower would also make things worse but again too slowly to cause immediate catastrophic harm. So she could then be “stepped through” all of what she experienced by the presentation of ideas. This indicates how critical it is to demonstrate ESP without the double blinds and under fear conditions but also conditions under which the subject is unaware as to what the experiment is about.

    4. The aim might be to try & prove a spiritual experience is only a brain malfunction or can be brought on by one. So your comment that “her video supports the material reductionists view of reality i.e. there is no spiritual reality; so called spiritual experiences are nothing more than chemical reactions in the brain” is right on the money! But trying to suck people in will in the end push people in the other direction.

    5. The comment of “ that little voice that says to her “I am” in the left hemisphere was supposed to have been wiped out but it was there the whole time.. I this and I that! And this is borne out at the end where she claim “Right there I can step into the consciousness of the right hemisphere were I am” and she takes a step to one side. “I am the life force power of the universe.. at one with what there is”. And more particularly the remark “I found Nirvana” is mega bull dust. Whenever you hear this little “I” being described as part of the enlightenment /mystical experience you can bet your bottom dollar it all bull. I doubt that she even had a spiritual experience, which is an experience where the ego is still there. I suspect this is all just a hallucinatory state brought on partly by presented ideas & partly by the malfunction of her brain.

    6. And lastly how the hell does a person ‘step out of one hemisphere of their brain and into another’, and by choice no less, I ask you? Then she goes on to say “the more time we spend choosing to run the deep inner peace circuitry of our right hemispheres the more peace we will project into the world and the more peaceful our planet will be” sounds to me extremely judgmental. People are not more peaceful for two reasons, they are either toxic/evil and have no intention of ever being peaceful or they are oppressed and stress enough to cause disease and death, in which case they are not choosing to be in turmoil. They can sure overcome the situation but they first need to acquire knowledge of how to fight and win the war in the mental /spiritual realm.

  • KYRANI Mar 10, 2012

    I watched this video when you first posted the thread and now recently a number of times both because of your thread and because it was brought up in another thread as well. I have grave misgivings about it. I might be a hoax but even if it is not it is still “choreographed”. Isn’t it interesting that she says “I was no longer the choreographer of my life”. A choreographer? A choreographer is someone who composes the arrangement of moves. And note she still says ‘I’ in the sentence so she is acknowledging someone else being in control –a choreographer and not just a malfunction of the brain!

    Firstly from what I know about strokes they are no accidents and most particularly when they happen to healthy young people. All of what she did and thought, I strongly believe, were presented ideas and for the following reasons:-

    1. She is a neuro-anatomist as she says and yet she wakes up with a bad pain in the back of her eye and didn’t notice the symptom as serious! How come? If she was awakened as would be the case and it is done by suddenly posing serious danger. Her insightfulness is still present in sleep so someone in relationship that poses danger can cause her to feel fear. The heart rate suddenly rises and she wakes up. This needs to be verified by lay people because the medicos will never do it.

    2. Then the thoughts to “get on with her normal routine”, which was to get on the cardio glider and do some heavy duty /full body exercise. This is highly significant in what follows. One of the ways in which strokes are caused, and possibly the most common, is to ignite the immune system as to react in areas of the body where it is deemed there is injury and repair is needed. The body builds up a high degree of fluids in order to carry out the repairs that are needed. This is all done by the presentation of ideas, such as something stuck in the left side of her head. This is the first stage and this could have been done the night before and she would not have realized it because there are vague symptoms. The second stage is in the jargon of toxic people “to unplug” or to “pool her”. Most commonly this is either done by a sudden and unexpected danger issue as to cause the person intense fear, which is a high metabolic state brought on suddenly. Any area in the brain where there is a buildup of denser than normal blood/fluids suddenly comes under high blood pressure bringing the vessel under sufficient pressure as to cause it to burst. It can also be done if the person can be enraged suddenly or for an extended period of time. However in this case these options may not have been available or and I suspect more likely, the need for a slower “pooling process”, in which a whole gamut of ideas could be presented.

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    Thedeafening Mar 04, 2012

    Yes, veriticle perseption is the one thing that stands at the top the mountain. The only known and attempted explanation was a time delay, were your brain tries to map out the world around because you oped your eyes for a brief second and saw or heard some one and you continue into this mental overmap. However this is absurd to account for the ones who have traveled into hallways and heard people or the famous densures man or anyone going into surgury with eyes taped shut. Hope this helped.

  • slowlygetnthar Feb 29, 2012

    The problem with the material reducationist perspective of the brain is that it does not explain out of body experiences (OOBS). If the spirit remained in the body while the brain shut down, then we might see the light at the end of the tunnel, a typical near death experience (NDE) and nothing more. But this does not explain people reporting being on ceilings of operating or emergency rooms and seeing themselves on the tables below, unconscious. They may even report dialogue overheard or visit other places and be able to report occurrences there. This would indicate, to me, that they are not trapped in their rubbery little brains but have escaped, thus, we are not just gray cells and the material reductionists may be pleasantly surprized at the end of life to get to fly!

  • Anonymous Icon

    Jim Centi Feb 29, 2012


    Hmmm, that’s good and I thought you technical guys were all about gadgets and wiring.

    For now, I’m going to go with the idea that the fan and my mind were creating the voices.......Thanks….Jim

  • charliet Feb 28, 2012

    I draw from this something that I have always felt, there is a "self", it is our earth self, it is part of our "no self", its purpose is to serve us here on our earth journey, we need it while we are here, it was developed for this journey.

  • Anonymous Icon

    Jim Centi Feb 28, 2012


    I’ve had a difficult time responding to you for fear of diluting the marvelous burst of enthusiasm you express.

    The first time I watched Jill Bolte Taylor’s video, a little over a year ago, my reaction was the same as yours; I was very impressed and enthusiastic. I even spent some time on the right side of my brain. I have to admit, it did seem to dilute brain chatter.

    After a while,I realized that her video supports the material reductionists view of reality i.e. there is no spiritual reality; so called spiritual experiences are nothing more than chemical reactions in the brain.

    Since viewing Jill’s video and occasionally sitting at the camp of the reductionists as a mole, I have experienced some degree of discomfort by being positioned between two conflicting reality paradigms. I often find solace in following the Zen advice “Cease to cherish opinions”, but that doesn’t do anything to satisfy what I consider to be a responsibility to society.

    Occasionally, I think that it is only my spiritual bigotry that prevents me from experiencing meditation while placing awareness in the right hemisphere.

    In spite of the admirable efforts of people like Dean Radin, only a very small percentage of the population is being influenced. If we had ten thousand Dean Radin’s perhaps change would occur at the rate I would like to see. That brings me back to….cease to cherish opinions.

    As noted in a previous post I see a faint light at the end of the tunnel if somehow the reductionist concept of no self could be married to the spiritual experience of no self as promoted by Adyashanti and Scott’s evolving group.

    I’m working on an idea that could reach a large segment of society, but it needs some refinement. Perhaps someday soon, I’ll post it here and request feedback on how it can be improved upon or why it should be abandoned.……Love to all, Jim

  • slowlygetnthar Feb 27, 2012


    Isn't she basically saying what all the gurus throughout time have been saying?

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