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2012 and the collective conscious

Posted Sept. 30, 2010 by Lucidreamer in Open

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commented on May 27, 2014
by dustproduction



For years the date 2012 has been talked about in regards to "end time prophecy" and the likes. Unless you live under a rock Im sure you are familiar with one or more of the focal points to the years significance in our time. Could Jesus return? The Bible says no man will know the time or date but it commands us to know when his time is at hand. Could the poles shift both north and the south and cause catastrophic disasters. Will aliens invade us or will time just keep rolling as it has? My guess is as good as anyones. The real question I pose is this; could our collective consciousness cause the real disaster to come on the date Dec 21st 2012? People the world over are well familiar with the prophecy as well as anyone else. Being aware of this date and time, could we really affect what may or may not happen?

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    dustproduction May 27, 2014

    Another "old" discussion worthy of a glance.

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    minimoo2 Nov 10, 2010

    Too many people have ignored their spiritual connection to Source for too long...that is how humanity got itself into the situation we now find ourselves in--us, and the planet. Many ancient cultures have played timekeepers and kept records to share the messages of truth with future mankind; they didn't do it for fun, they did it because it was critical that it be known. Many of us are still living in a world we believe is flat, for all intents and purposes. Educate yourself and take a quantum leap to a world that is round. This is no time for complacency.

    We all have a choice to make prior to the winter solstice of 2012. For those of us who aren't aware of who we really are, we can find out from TRUSTED and ACCURATE sources who bring messages from beyond the veil to help us remember where we came from and the choices our souls made before we incarnated in the physical. Beware, however, because not all those who channel information from the spirit realm are bringing messages from who they think they are. The dark is a powerful force to reckon with, although it is all but vanquished at this point.

    If your soul is calling you to awaken, visit www.The2012Countdown.com and find out what you need to know. This information is factual and carefully presented by extremely gifted and experienced souls who are here to aid mankind at this juncture in the evolution of Earth. This is NOT the time to ignore or ridicule what you don't have the knowledge to recognize as Truth. If you make the wrong choice, you've only your Self to blame. Once you've chosen, you will not be able to change your mind. Knowledge is power. Arm yourself to make the choice of a lifetime, now. Our reward is near.

  • Phoenix Oct 12, 2010

    Catastrophic in the sense of worldly environmental destruction, no. All I can do is keep faith that the so called "Revealing" or "Unveiling" of a greater truth, power as you wish manifests its-self. One, because this world or I should say the derailed human race needs it. But two, more importantly, There will be greater damage to this world and the people if that period in time comes to pass like any other day. I think many believers will loose hope and faith and I also think that all who do not believe will have a renewed sense of no penalty to their actions. As you can see, both those situations call for things to get worse not better. Not to mention the growing storm of anxiety, lunacy and God only knows what other horrible things that I think will start to take place in the hours, days and weeks leading up to that very moment.

    Think of Y2K, people were going bonkers and that was just over being cast basically back into the dark ages as far as technology. Now exponentially multiple that based on the so called threat of the end of the world and death in a very real and physical sense.

    Anyone with hope and faith for this planet and everything that inhabits it can only reflect in and do as they can to harness the power we have all been given with ourselves and project our minds to believe that day will bring the end of the world.........But only as we know it.

  • manusmanumlavat Oct 10, 2010

    I don't really care what will really happen in 2012 or what it signifies. I just like talking about it because it's mysterious and alluring. In fact, the more outlandish and far-fetched the theory is, the better, as far as I'm concerned. It gets my creative juices flowing. I'm so excited to be attending David Wilcock's seminar in Tempe AZ in November!

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    thecougarmtninstitute Oct 10, 2010

    12-21-2012 will be the day after 12-20-2012 and the day before 12-22-2012. The age of information era has fostered a majority of mental 'lemmings' who have lined up on the shores of conjecture and opinion for their place within submissive inclusion. These participants have no cosmology, no heroes, no hope internal. There are 803 days before weakness and supplicant acceptance of probabilities succumb to popularity contests between "expert spiritualists" and emotive literalists across the viral fed web. As a lone pioneer blazing a trail within my own jungle of conditioning and domestication, I search for the purity and clarity denied me since birth. Aware, Awake,...each day I am making up for lost presence. Since discovering eternity in the present moment and Love as the dark matter of my universe, 'created' events no longer matter to my evolutionary process. Except in how I live them out in the present,...now,....here in all my humanness. I pray for others to turn off their TVs and put down the print articles and radio broadcasts. Not to go off the grid,...but to tune into breath,compassion and caring curiosity where life happens. Experiencing Heaven on Earth is as authentic as any prediction for 2012. I convince myself daily that reality in the present moment is the Creator's highest expression of love for me.

  • frequencytuner Oct 07, 2010

    Just for clarification, every end IS a new beginning.

  • frequencytuner Oct 07, 2010

    You cannot control the winds and the tides, but you can adjust your sails. True or false? The ancient art of alchemy was paired with astrology for man to know himself. It has nothing to do with so-called 'time'. It is a perspective that can be changed and in turn reflects both inward and outward. The stars are a map of the mind. The calendar is a probable course for humanity as long as humanity maintains it's perspective, which it has. It is saying something like "if you drink too much tequila you will puke" more realistically "if you do not change you will die" All of the well wishing is just that. Nothing 'just happens'. You reap what you sow. True or false?

    First it was Jesus coming to save humanity, now 2012. Humanity cannot be saved by anything other than itself.

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    evolutiontheorie Oct 07, 2010

    allright please i know that sometimes the things in my theorie might seem ridiculous but if you think about it it is actually verry logical.
    I belief that the calendar of the maya's doesn't end in 2012 but restarts, so like the maya's at that time where a whole new step in the evolution of mankind,i belief that in 2012 the next step in de evolution will begin, at this time people can only use 30% of their brain right? so what if in 2012 we learn to use a 100% of our brain think about it with just 30% of our brain can a negative emotion make ice blurry and a positive emotion makes the ice clear and that with just 30% then what can we do with 100%. now this is just my theorie but i guess we'll only know then :)

  • Gretchen Dreisbach Oct 02, 2010

    If our collective consciousness could create a disaster then could it not also create
    a paradise? Gregg Braden explains very well the prophecies of the Maya, Aztec, Hopi and
    others in his book "Fractal Time, The Secret of 2012 and a New World Age".
    The wonderful message that our ancestors around the world went great lengths to inform us is that
    we have a CHOICE in whether we survive the end of this 5,125 year cycle AND the end of a
    26,000 year cycle when our planet, our solar system, and our sun will come into alignment with the center
    of our galaxy.. which gives us the magnetic field conducive to great awakening!
    So, if consciousness is made of energy, and if that energy includes magnetism, and if heart based emotion
    influences the magnetic fields of the earth...then LOVE, (not fear), will get us through the birth canal as humanity
    is being rebirthed from the darkness to the LIGHT!!! The prophecies of the Maya tell us that this IS the beginning of humanity

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    yasmin Oct 01, 2010

    Go into facebook and type in " When Spirits Speak "

    From their discussion forum , please consider what THEY say. Look up Channelling to understand what is going on here. For the record I look forward to a greater understanding of our Spiritual side of existence.

    A question was asked :

    Carrie Ann London: In doing some research, I recently came across several articles and books mentioning theories of what may happen in the year 2012.

    According to the Mayan calendar, this date marks the end of the world -- the Apocalypse.

    Here are a few of the theories I have come across:

    - It is viewed as a time of rebirth, it will mark the end of the patriarchal society as we know it, and shift to a more matriarchal one.

    - There has also been talk of things unfolding much more rapidly in the years and months approaching the year 2012. What would take years to play out 10 or 20 years ago would unfold in a fraction of the time.

    - 2010 is a particularly crucial year as Mercury is in retrograde, meaning that certain events will start to happen starting this year, and continuing until 2012. For instance, there will be an increasing number of natural disasters, such as the earthquakes in Haiti and in Chile earlier this year, which are nature's way of re-establishing some sort of balance.

    Do any of these theories or hypotheses hold any validity?
    about 4 months ago

    THEIR response:

    When Spirits Speak: Each of these theories hold validity, Carrie.
    Consider, Carrie, that all living things are in a constant state of change, and your Earth is no exception to this rule. Every creature, every human being, and even the planet you live on, is governed by energy. A cell divides, energy is in motion, and the cell is in a perpetual state of change and growth. It will never return to its original state. As the organism evolves, its own balance must be maintained in order for it to contribute to the balance of all others, and balance is the key to the success of all things. Though nature has perfected the art of balance, human beings on this Earth still have much to learn. Consider the signs and the Apocalypse not as and end to be feared, but instead, as a new beginning; a time during which a greater understanding of the Truth of our Light is revealed.

    about 4 months ago

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