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Date: 2/25/2012 2:20:39 PM
A story by Larry Davis for IONS members


Chapter One

Adam sat quietly in his chair as he opened his mind to the streaming visions of the universal mind.

As he watched the flow of time, before today, he slowed his thoughts to the years before humans had hidden this knowledge. The time of the Mayans.it was a time when people knew a path through the stars, and the humans that came from there developed in advance of civilization with the calendar well into the future.

The knowledge that there is a “universal mind” that binds all humans together. That humans are carbon copies of our Universe, Galaxy, and all the expanding Galaxies. (( pardon the pun, CARBON? We are carbon based . R…we not?)) We are all of that.

He was watching a time in an ancient culture period when a calendar was being created.

It was a calendar of the Evolution of this Universe and the Earth and humans themselves.

A 16.4 billion Earth years record of the evolution of the cosmos and the consciousness arising during that time. I say Earth years because on other planets a year is not 365 days. And it may not rotate once every 24 hours like ours does. The Planet Earth is unique. Is it not?

The calendar is also a testament to our own evolution of consciousness.

A calendar, that depicted precise Mathematical measurements of our galaxy and our connection to it.

From the center of the milky way to the outer limits of our galaxy was described in stone.

Our destiny was written 5000 years ago. Our Evolution was understood and people knew why they were here and where they were going… While they were alive………..

And after death? Probably!!!!!

Adam sat quietly and watched the flow go by as an elder held up a torch for light and held it in the suns direction..sun worship? Maybe!!!


Chapter One and a Half

Eve had finished her spiritual cleansing for the morning, and was opening her mind to find Adam.

Chapter Two

At the convention center at the Institute of Noetic Sciences Adam was asked why he and his sister Eve did not have cell phones like all the other students there.

His response was “we don’t need them.”

Then later that day when Eve was being interviewed she said to us “you asked Adam why we don’t have cells phones.” before we even asked her.

We did ask her how she knew that we had asked Adam, because they had not seen each other since Adam’s interview.

She said ”Adam told me.”

And how did he do that? We asked

She responded “ We use the Universal Mind. It is there for everyone to use, but many today do not believe.”

Can you communicate with Adam any time you want to, we asked her.

“Yes since we were babies.”

Chapter Three

The flow of energy was heavy today. Information was coming in so fast most humans were incapable of stopping it long enough to see the reality of what was happening.

The evolving human experience was a new thing to most of the people the 20th century, but is was not always that way.

The Mayan civilization had created a calendar of evolution many hundreds of years before. The Egyptians knew something about it also.

Humans are connected by a universal MIND.

Chapter Four

Yrral Sivad had been a member of the Institute for ten years before he attended the convention in Tucson. There on the last day of the events he had the honor of meeting 2 very normal children.(at least they just seemed that way at first.)

The Institute Of Noetic Sciences.(IONS) was I big part of his life after discovering other people who were advancing scientific studies in his chosen field.

The Children were Adam and Eve.

Yrral had wondered if their parents really named them that, and if they did, did they know at the time that Adam and Eve would be just that, to the next evolutionary generation of humans?

Later in the year he did find out the answer to that question and many more he developed while interviewing both children.

Chapter five

Adam was deep in his state of meditation when he felt Eve’s presence.

The 2 minds had found each other when they were babies. All they had to do was look at each other and the minds would meld together. Whatever Adam was thinking Eve Knew it.

It was not long after that when they both realized their minds could join any time they wanted to.

When they were 5 years old their parents Sunny and Star Earthlings took them to a science research center, where their cognitive abilities could be tested in a controlled double blind experiment, by a team of Psychologist’s, Scientist’s and Spiritual guidance councilors.

That was the day Yrral met them.

Yrral was 68 years old and had himself experienced many such people in his life and occasionally could manifest the Universal Mind himself. At the age of 29 he had already experienced many out of body experiences ( OBE ).

He was also a self trained Scientist, who would not take any ones word for anything unless he ran the test himself.. So he was a good candidate to run the tests.

He, if any one, could understand what the 2 children were experiencing.

Chapter Six

At this point I should point out that Yrall had no educational credentials, no PhD, no masters , no qualifications in the Science of Psychology or spiritual community.

He had however Read every book about human evolution, physics, and psychology he could get his hands on in the last few years and he had been a member of IONS for ten years long enough to learn the basics of any research program. And he had the backing of the Institute, with those who did have the required credentials to run such experiments.

He did however have first hand knowledge of Electronics, a field which required knowledge of Frequencies and wave forms and a very good under standing of what energy was .E=MC2.

Yrral also had a good basic understanding of Mathematics, and a fundamental understanding of the Universe we live in and the Galaxies that surround our Universe.

He had the honor of working on the Lunar Landmass Simulator ( LEM) it was called, The Lunar Excursion Module Simulator was used to train the first men to land on the moon in 1969. He was only 29, one of the youngest Engineers to work on the project.

Yrral had just been discharged from the Air Force. He had been stationed at Langley AFB ( CIA headquarters ) for four years after accepting an Associates Degree in Electronics at DeVry in Chicago Ill and completing a graduate study in Aeronautics at The University of Washington. It is known as one of the leading programs in Aeronautics & Astronautics in the United States.


Chapter after the last one and before the next one

Airplanes, airplanes ,airplanes every where. Yrall was fascinated with Flight.

He collected anything that could fly. Starting with flies when he was about 4 years old, he would fill jars with them. Beetles, Lady bugs, Butterflies, bees, bats, birds, fireflies charmed him. If it flew, he had studied it by the time he was 12.

When he was old enough to build model airplanes his parents encouraged him and soon he was flying Models of almost every conceivable kind. He even constructed his own flying wing and mounted two .037 engines on it and made it fly by Remote control at age 7.

By his teens his entire basement was filled with everything including paper gliders, rubber band propeller driven biplanes, his favorite was a N450SH "Ol'’ Harry." Similar to the one shown.



He also played with experimental Space vehicles that resembled star war stuff. He started experimenting with rockets when he was 12. His home made rocket went up 6 miles.

Some say his dreamed up vehicles were a result of to much Glue sniffing while making plastic models.

They did not know in those days that it damaged the brain.. (We get a ha ha here)

There were airplanes hanging from strings form the ceiling. There were planes stuck on nails on the walls. Even on the backs of doors and window sills. Literally hundreds of models.. He especially loved the vintage models and if he could not buy a kit he would cut his own balsa wood and paper and make his own version to scale of course , enhancing his mathematical skills, scaling down actual aircraft as he designed them.

Chapter Six and one quarter

While Yrral was in the AF he had read a book called The S Man. The S stood for success.

After reading it he realized he could also manifest the same ideas that were in the book.

He made a list of things he needed to succeed just like the book told him to do.

He remembered his father making him sit down and make a plan when Yrral wanted to buy a car.

He needed Insurance and a License and money for gas .

”Make a plan, write it down, study it every day, and you will get your way.” His dad Sunny would say to him whenever Yrral would ask him to help with something.

His father and mother were very successful in their community.

His father was a 33 degree Mason in the Masonic temple. His father and mother had been worthy Matron and Patron in Eastern Star. His mother was active in Jobes Daughters and other civic community chapters. His Father was a super salesman, his mother was a beautician and ran her own shops.

They had impressed upon Yrral the importance of reading and understanding books like “Think and Grow Rich.” “As a Man Thinketh.”, “The Power Of Positive thinking.” and other great books.

Yrral was also a DeMolay. So brotherhood stood out in his heart as was taught in the rituals he endured.

The Masonic connection was deep in his family.

The S man was the same concept. Yrral began his plan.

Chapter Six and One Half

I am an Engineer for an aeronautics company in California.

I develop documentaiton to implement the landing on the moons surface.

I Design Electronics to control a landing module on the moon.

I train astronauts to use a simulator to land on the moon.

It should be noted here that when he was 10 years old he would lay in the back yard of his fathers Edmonds WA home looking up at the moon and say “ I am going to go to the moon someday when I grow up, then I am going on to the stars.”

Little did he know he was setting himself up for an exciting future in aerospace technology.

He continued his list.

I do not drink alcohol……I do not smoke…(except Cigars when projects are a success or we have a baby in the family.)

I do not use drugs of any kind..

Yrrall knew he had a 50% chance of having an addictive personality

His Grandfather and his father and his fathers brother and sisters were chronic alcoholics.

When Yrral was in the service he drank heavily and was incarcerated twice for intoxication. He spent some time in Re Habilitation in the military and went under Psychiatric care for a few months, until information leaked to his wife thru a nurse who new her and told her he was Neurotic.

He stopped therapy. If he was neurotic he could fix that. Why didn’t the doctor just tell him that?

He began research to find out what being Neurotic was and soon became a student of psychology.

He stopped studying when his Psychiatric doctor at the base killed himself.

He lost faith in treatment by psycho analysts’ . he found they were “psycho” Themselves.

He began a search to enhance what he knew about the eternal knowledge that was taught in Masonry.

It would save him from the Evil tricks of alcohol and drugs.

The list of goals went on…..

I have the tools to accomplish these goals.

I am kind and treat all people with great respect.

I can follow orders and give them.

I am whole, complete, perfect, strong , powerful, Loving and Harmonious.

I have 2 suits in my closet.

I am married , and I have 2 children.

I travel all over the world in my work.

I am calm and in full control of my attitude.

I am an Engineer, artist, writer, and student of Flight, Science, Philosophy, Physics, Spirituality, and Astronomy.

I worship GOD every day and give thanks for the knowledge bestowed at my will.

I promise to be considerate of others, and show compassion whenever possible.

I believe, I believe, I believe these things to be true.

He visualized all his goals twice a day for 2 years before he was Honorably discharged from service.

By that time one of his goals had been accomplished.

He got married to Ycnan ( pronounced Unan) a wonderful girl he met on leave when we went home on leave a year before. They were married in Mexico two hours after he asked her if she wanted to get married. More about that in a chapter later.

The Chapter before Seven

Yrral was aware that here were 2 subjects at hand who claim to be able to communicate anywhere on the planet.

Using energy to transmitt thoughts. What frequency did they use? Was it frequency at all or some other force creating this phenomenon ?

Chapter Seven.

Yrral sat back and gazed at the clear blue eyes of Adam and Eve as they sat in front of him. He could feel the energy emanating from their minds, while they looked at him never looking away.

It only took 2 seconds to realize that these 2 children were experiencing the next step in human evolution and he was about to experience it with them.

The room was gone the world was gone. A bright light filled his mind for just an instant, then silence.

Adam and Eve were there and Yrral and that is all that existed.

The Universal mind was in full moon…..glowing alive…like a baby Yrral’s eyes began to weep.

Chapter Eight

Now how to test this in the lab without making the children feel like guinea pigs.

Sunny and Star Earthlings had signed wavers allowing him to work with the children, but that does not give him the right to invade the children’s privacy.

It should be noted here that some experiments earlier showed results so astounding that they had to be suspended when the women reported they saw other women going to the rest room during the test.

The women said they were in contact with each other while using the Universal mind when this happened.

So we must be careful when we do these experiments not to endanger the individual privacy we normally have ….how do you do that when every thought you think is sent to another person and maybe thousands of people everyday.

Can we create filters to filter our personal ideas?

Do the children do this or do they just accept that what they experience is the whole and the whole does not have to make judgments about what is shared in the human experience .It just accepts each of us as part of itself.

Yrral had the lab established in a few days with 2 rooms separated with grounded steel mesh , and lead lined walls and floor in both of them….This is common for experiments dealing with Parapsychology, the walls will not allow radio frequencies to interfere with the tests.

The signals ( if you can call them that because they don’t seem to travel as radio waves do) that are used by the universal mind cannot be described by modern physics today.

Entangled minds….here

Chapter Nine THE TEST

The first test consists of a set of cards marked with geometric shapes. A circle, square, triangle, rectangle and 2 other shapes, a star , made with 5 lines, and a shape that looks like a mixed animal.

A cat for a face, a body like a camel, a trunk like an elephant, and legs like a frog.

Adam was in one room, Eve in the other. Alone, waiting for their instructions from Yrral.

Each child had a stack of cards in front of him and a pad and pencil to draw whatever they wanted to.

Yrral entered the room to talk to Eve and tell her he was ready to start the exam.

Eve looked at him and her eyes were like blue crystals shining in a room with very low lighting.

She had stacked her cards in front of her. Yrral picked up the stack of cards and looked thru them.

On top was the circle, Then the square, triangle, rectangle, star, and last card was the animal.

Yrral told Eve to lay her cards down and wait for him to return.

He went into the room where Adam was and got the same look he got from Eve . Looking into her eyes was like looking into a sphere full of stars.

Yrral picked up the stack of cards in front of Adam. He was startled to see they were all stacked exactly the same as Eve’s cards were.

He told Adam the test was about to begin and left the room.

Yrral checked with his team manager to make sure they had shuffled the cards that were given to Adam and Eve. Yes, they had been shuffled before they were laid on the table before the children entered the room.

Chapter Ten

The test began at 10Am on a Monday morning. Yrral sat at a desk with a microphone with two switches on it. He was able to communicate with each child individually.

He asked Adam to select a card and place it in the box in front of him.

Then he asked Eve to do the same.

Cameras had been installed in both rooms to observe the children and their reactions to the test, and to record the test so it could be reviewed by the scientific community.

Adam selected the animal and put it in the box. At exactly the same time Eve selected the animal and put it in her box. Yrral sat back in his chair and started to laugh quietly to himself.

They are here.

These are the children of evolution. These are the children who will be the makers of the new world. These were the children who will change the consciousness of the world.

You cannot cheat or lie to someone who shares the Universal Mind.

They know what you are thinking all the time. How can you lie to them?

Chapter Eleven

Yrral was ready for the 2nd test to start, he was watching both cameras in both rooms where Adam and Eve were standing by to make the next experiment a success.

Yrral saw Adam fade away for a moment. Was it camera failure?

He called for maintenance to check it out.

Before any checking got started Adam was gone from camera view. Yrral fell back startled as he saw Adam slowly appear before him in Eve’s camera.

As he tried to comprehend what was happening, he realized the cameras were working.

Adam had just transported himself from one room to another in front of a camera.

Before he could grasp a piece of reality he saw 2 images form right in front of him.

Was it? Was it really happening, or was he dreaming?

No he was not dreaming, there they were both of them, Adam and Eve standing hand in hand right in front of him shining like a hologram 3d image with a very bright light surrounding them both.

He glanced at the cameras both showed empty rooms.

As he explained it later to his team of scientists and parapsychologists his emotions ran away with him as his eyes wept slightly .

They had teleported themselves out of steel, and lead lined rooms and into his studio.

Then the conversation began..

“Adam Spoke first” “Can you hear me?” he said , but his mouth did not move. He was using mental telepathy to contact me. The universal mind was working today.

Eve looked at me and I felt warm all over my body and as I looked down it began to light up then fade away slowly. I was experiencing an out of body experience with both of them right there in the studio laboratory.

Chapter Eleven

And here we were but, where were we? Were we still in my studio or were we just floating around in space? Eve took my hand and led me to a garden she had created in her mind many times before as she explained to me.” I am teaching this to all the Indigo children on the planet, and they are teaching others until some day soon all humans will be able to create their own gardens.”

The test we were going to run never took place that day. However we will have a hard time convincing the scientific community about this truth.

The laws of Physics are being denied here in this experiment.

It is like the Jesus effect…..you cannot experience the real Joy of anything by someone “telling” you about their experience. You must do it yourself. A good example would be to explain a Roller Coaster ride to someone who has never experienced one.

Or explain what it is like to FLY free without a body….Remember Yrral loves anything that flies even if it does it without a body.

Or explain that the universe is NOT what we think it is???

Wait ! The universe is what we THINK it is because it becomes what we THINK from now on.

Remember the garden?

It was then I realized Adam and Eve were not there to learn from us ,but to teach us about the future evolution , very soon to come for humans.

Now where do we go from here? Adam and Eve and Yrral were part of the universal mind forever now and could communicate 24/7..

Yrral called his team together and started his report. “ I am convinced that you will be persuaded to agree with me about the evolution of human kind when you meet Adam and Eve.

So at this point in the program I would like to introduce them on this stage today.

However you should be aware that right now they are not in California. They are in New York, in a studio where they are ready to come here on my request. Instantly…..

The audience composed of scientists and psychologists from all over the world had come to review the efforts of the Institute in the study of children of the new age.

Yrral heard moans from the audience as he told them the kids were in NY.

He sat down and closed his eyes and folded his hands in his lap.

A bright light filled the stage and in the 2 empty chairs beside him images of a boy and a girl started to appear as if holographic images. Then a voice emanated from the boy. “hello sir how are you today.”

“I am fine” said Yrral “how are you?”

“Well Eve and I have transported ourselves to you, to help you convince the scientific community that it can and is being done every day, now that we have evolved into co-creators of our own universes.”

What do you want us to do now?”

“Show us exactly what Eve showed me the first day of your test.”

Suddenly the stage was filled with light and a huge garden made its appearance.

“Like That.” said Eve.

“Yes” Yrral gasped. ”That’s it.”

“ More?” said Eve.

“Yes, go ahead.” Yrall whispered to her.

The stage went dark. A sound came from the audience a low disappointed sound of hissing. The stage lit up for a second and an entire city of the future appeared before all the science community.

“Quite a show.” a voice came from the audience. “May we approach the stage?”

“ You are welcome to come up here and talk to Adam and Eve .” said Yrral.

Chapter Twelve

Eve opened her eyelids exposing her clear blue star filled eyes just in time to see all the people approaching the stage. She lost control of her emotions for just a moment and the stage went blank, back to the dimly lit background curtain.

She closed her eyes again and the future city re -appeared.

















  • slowlygetnthar Mar 11, 2012

    Jim, if you are still out there, are you saying, then, that mind=consciousness?

  • frequencytuner Mar 11, 2012

    Here is the Rabbit Hole, Alice: "Lilith".

  • KYRANI Mar 08, 2012

    "We must assume that behind this force is the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind, this mind is the matrix of all matter.”…….Jim
    Yes I agree.. almost. The mind is often spoken of as what is the other side of matter, the non-physical aspect and it is at times valuable to treat it as such in discussion. However there is no real duality. Form and emptiness are one and the same.. The Mind.

  • Anonymous Icon

    Jim Centi Mar 07, 2012


    I only skimmed the Hammeroff interview, but I’m responding to your comment regarding what he meant by consciousness being built into the universe.

    It has been an assumption of mine that consciousness is an expression or characteristic of the universe. This seems to be supported in comment #2 of the Interesting Overview topic where Max Plank, is quoted as saying “All matter originates and exists by virtue of a force which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this minute solar system of the atom together. We must assume that behind this force is the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind, this mind is the matrix of all matter.”…….Jim

  • slowlygetnthar Mar 07, 2012

    Yes, I do wonder what Hammeroff meant by consciousness being built into the universe, because still, it is not clear he is saying it arises from matter. He has been seeking what matter/structure expresses that consciousness.

  • KYRANI Mar 03, 2012

    If you go to Noetic Now at this address http://noetic.org/noetic/issue-thirteen-august/what-is-consciousness-hameroff/ you will find that he quite clearly says the brain produces consciousness, which means he is saying that out of matter (because the brain is matter) comes consciousness. He also says "I think consciousness is actually fundamental and intrinsic to the universe, that it’s built into the universe". The universe is the material aspect of reality. I guess you could argue what does he mean by "built into the universe"? Also about qualia he says "I think they are inherent in the universe, much like mass, spin, and charge are fundamental, irreducible components".

    He sees consciousness as part of the material aspect of Reality and as a scientist and doctor he most likely doesn't accept any non-material aspect of Reality anyway.

    In reference to actions done on the body while a person is under anaesthetic.. "the patients are completely unconscious. That’s an example of the brain doing something, processing information, without consciousness". He does say that anaesthesia is not understood. However what he does not distinguish here is that there is a difference between "the patient" and the ego self, which is gone during anaesthesia. There are plenty of people who wake up after surgery and can tell what the surgeons discussed while they were operating on them. This does not point to "without consciousness" is the word consciousness is used to mean awareness. It is true if he means that consciousness is the awareness of the ego self.

    Your remark "Maybe the body experiences peace during healing/spiritual experiences, because it is borderless at those times, blending with the eternal energy of the universe." In meditation and of course in mystical experience the body is at rest because ideas are not engaged. So it is peace in the mind that brings true rest and thus peace to the body. And when that happens all ego self vanishes so that we realize our essential nature.

  • slowlygetnthar Mar 02, 2012

    From what I have seen and read of Hammeroff, I don't think he is saying consciousness arises out of matter. I think he is saying CONSCIOUSNESS HAS MATTER, including a subatomic structure that exists outside of/beyond the body. That's quite a differnt thing from consciousness arising from matter.

    Maybe the body experiences peace during healing/spiritual experiences, because it is borderless at those times, blending with the eternal energy of the universe.

  • KYRANI Feb 28, 2012

    @ Slowlygetnthar Yes you are right about quantum physics. However people like Hammeroff are trying to justify consciousness as a product of matter and not the other way around. In my experience I would say that matter is a manifestation of spirit. Indeed I use conscious intent, a basic part of my mental prescriptions, for healing but I have never seen it as something physical. The idea that intent or thoughts are energy forms that somehow have an effect on the body tissues, cells etc., I strongly disagree with.

    Using intent and ideas in general for healing, in my experience has been like plugging values into a matrix that is in a sense the mind. I am aware of a non-material body that is part of the universal matrix but which describes my physical body. It contains all of the information that made up the body and all the modifications that have ever taken place. A person can enter new data, change something back to a previous version etc. and when you do that change takes place in the physical body. I don't know why it happens but I have observed this happen dozens upon dozens of times in the last 15-20 years. And in the beginning I was not using formal mental prescriptions as I do now.

    Again in my experience, the mystical and to a lesser extent spiritual experiences (which still have some ego present) are accompanied by complete rest in the body. It is impossible to describe these experiences, especially mystical experience but I can say that they are not a physical experience.

  • KYRANI Feb 28, 2012

    @ Larry Davis Don't underestimate the story because it is fiction. Some of the greatest scientific discoveries were preceded by science fiction. Sorry for all the question but there's no hurry take all the time that you want.

  • slowlygetnthar Feb 28, 2012

    I don't see a problem with mixing science and spirituality. KYRANI, the assumption that science deals with material and spirit does not may actually be in error. Stuart Hammeroff's work on consciousness may be proving that spirit has quantum structure. Also, science, especially quantum theories, do take into account the observer and observing into the equation (the double slit--wave/particle experiment comes to mind).

    More and more, in many sciences, the researcher must state his/her "situatedness" with regard to the subject under study, disclosing biases and limitations to the observations he/she is able to offer.

    It may be incorrect to assume spirit has no material reality. Granted, it may be subatomic material reality, but all this talk of healing via conscious intent would indicate that spirit has material consquences--which suggests it has some material presence/effect/affect.

    I would also argue that spirituality does not say there is only the observing. How can people have spiritual experiences unrelated to physicality and consciousness that arises from material form? Again, we are interpreting our spiritual experiences/observations, even things like meditation, through physical experience of them--so they have material reality.

  • Larry Davis Feb 28, 2012

    OMG what a stir.. It was a fiction story someone is taking it way to seriously . and AMEN to all the questions. sorry for all the misinformation but someone was kind enough to elaborate on the fiction stories deficiencies. And thanks for that.

    I'm not here to defend the story just glad it stirred some interesting responses.Thanks again.
    sorry I cannot address the questions asked because I don't have all the answers.
    I am still collecting research on the light body information that was requested by serious seekers.
    will post it here when I find out all the rules. does anyone have a list of rules i should be following when posting here?
    I am 72 and not to much up on posting here. so please be patient.

  • KYRANI Feb 28, 2012

    Yes on one level I agree with you. When we name what we see as the universe, then we create it as the universe. But on a more fundamental level the question is how did all that we see come about? It is not that I see/are aware of some different to you and the next person along etc. We see/are aware of the same physical reality but there is no one of us that named/thought it into being. So what thought/named it into being?

    A problem arises when we try to mix science and spirituality. They both describe a oneness, but science’s oneness is materialism and the oneness of spirituality is that the material and the non-material are fundamentally the same thing and that is non-material. Science does not take the observer and the observing into the equation, they look only at the object. Spirituality on the other hand says ultimately there is only the observing.. awareness.

  • slowlygetnthar Feb 28, 2012

    This whole discussion has reminded me of Twain's diaries of Adam & Eve...the part where Adam is ruffled that Eve keeps naming things:
    (excerpt below)
    TUESDAY.--Been examining the great waterfall. It is the finest thing on the estate, I think. The new creature calls it Niagara Falls-- why, I am sure I do not know. Says it LOOKS like Niagara Falls. That is not a reason, it is mere waywardness and imbecility. I get no chance to name anything myself. The new creature names everything that comes along, before I can get in a protest. And always that same pretext is offered--it LOOKS like the thing. . .

    FRIDAY. The naming goes recklessly on, in spite of anything I can do. I had a very good name for the estate, and it was musical and pretty-- GARDEN OF EDEN. Privately, I continue to call it that, but not any longer publicly. The new creature says it is all woods and rocks and scenery, and therefore has no resemblance to a garden. Says it LOOKS like a park, and does not look like anything BUT a park. Consequently, without consulting me, it has been new-named NIAGARA FALLS PARK. This is sufficiently high-handed, it seems to me. And already there is a sign up:



    My life is not as happy as it was.
    (end of excerpt~ source: from http://classiclit.about.com/library/bl-etexts/mtwain/bl-mtwain-exadam-1.htm)

    Anyway, I was thinking about how when we name things we create the universe by setting it~FREEZE FRAME~ as a reality. Didn't we create the universe by naming it the "universe?"

    If String Theory is correct, aren't there at least 11 parallel universes?

  • KYRANI Feb 27, 2012

    No, I have found that the universe is not what “we” THINK but what the Universal Self chooses it to be. However we have been given a “co-creator” status, so we can, limitedly, change things or create things by what we choose and what thoughts we uphold. I use the Universal Mind to prescribe for myself mental prescriptions to manage my health and to combat evil, and both with spectacular results. And I say it is NOT “from now on”, it has always been the case. But certainly it has been that the people’s consciousness is being raised up (not evolving for it has always been). Your argument of “co-creators of our own universes” is incorrect, I believe from my own experiences! We are co-creators within the one universe, if we are to exercise our rights and a very important part of that is being humane. The inhumane lose that ability and that is evident once you see how they operate.

  • KYRANI Feb 27, 2012

    @ Larry, since you posted about the Universal Mind, I decided to change my avatar. This is a painting I did after a mystical experience/ enlightenment experience that lasted very intensely for 24hours and during the time that it continued diminishing in intensity over 10 days . That was back in end of 1993/early1994

    Now, I read your story and very imaginative I would say. I have the following remarks.

    1. Two people who are intimately related cannot be subjects in a double blind experiment. Double blinding means the subjects are not related and don’t know each other and never met. Eg in a double blinded drug trial the research doctors never met the patients. The drugs are issued by a third party that has no interest in the research and does not know the patients. That way the research doctors and the patients remain relationally distanced! Your two children Adam and Eve are not merely relationally entangled but intimately related so no matter what you put between them they know each other! What you are calling double blinding and maybe the parapsychologists as well is physically distancing. That is not the same thing.

    2. Your statement “how do you do that when every thought you think is sent to another person and maybe thousands of people everyday” is not true. This can be the case is some circumstances but if the person does not want to share a thought and they carry no debt to another party, then no amount of intimidation, mental or physical is going to do yield some result. No need of filters!

    3. I might add here that, at least from what I have seen of the research, all of it is done using passive thinking. If you get the one subject to mentally address the other then you have dynamic thinking and that means the perception of the recipient is stronger. This is the preferred method of toxic people when terrorizing others and I have that information “right out of the horse’s mouth”. I had not updated my profile which I have done now. My other blog, which is a personal account is at http://stressanddisease.blogspot.com.au/ The Universal Mind is a common platform but it is not quite what you describe. People cheat and lie and go undetected many times and in various cases. Changing the world is not going to come from waiting for a new breed in my opinion. I see that as a cope out. Raising awareness is where it is at because when people become aware of the reality then the whole picture changes.

    4. I noticed you distinguish between scientists and parapsychologists!!! and also scientists and psychologists!!!. Do you think they are a cut above or do not measure up?

  • Larry Davis Feb 26, 2012

    Sorry slowlygetnthar love that handle...

    I guess maybe I am not doing the discussion correctly. I did not know I was suppose to ask a question.
    I just wrote a short story and decided to test it here to see if anyone would read it.
    .I am new at this group and even tho I have posted before a couple years ago I guess I should read the rules for posting here
    . I guess if I need a question, it would be what is the point of this story?
    OR maybe I just wanted to see if anyone would read it.

    Hell I am 72 yrs old and just figured I would post something different. that's all
    I will try to do better next time I post here OK?
    question is now I have to go find something to post that I can ask questions about ( all in fun here)
    thanks for your comment I will try mucho harder to post good things.


  • slowlygetnthar Feb 26, 2012

    So, Larry, is there a question for discussion here? What's the question you wanted to raise?

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