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commented on Feb. 25, 2012
by Lazuleye



The existence of IONS, in the first place, would suggest that plenty of us believe there is more to life than meets the eye. Every time I am in traffic, however, and see the bumper sticker: WHAT IF THE HOKEY POKEY IS WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT?,I have to laugh and ponder it.

So, what if we have no higher purpose here than to dance a silly dance? What proof do we have that this is not the extent of our purpose here?

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    Lazuleye Feb 25, 2012

    What if life is about the hokey pokey ,but that's not all it's about?

    As I read up the comments, they are more detailed & "what is life about", which is (duh) a Big Question. Maybe. Maybe it is a Silly Question - a human mind yakyak question - because I can hear my pet's response instantly. Heis in another room, sleeping. Or it is that voice in my mind like the one Bechmal mentions isn't laughing in his first response.

    Whatever. The voice I believe is my pet says "of course it's all about the hokey pokey." And affectionate laughter at the idea that I'd even ask the question. So I suspect he means "It's all about me. It's all about the footstool; the big conifer outside that is dying, each single thing and everything all together at once. The holographic universe." [I use the term "pet" because I want to be species nonspecific, he is more a companion.]

    So everyone is right and no one is 100% wrong but narrowing down and asking the question is a quintessentially human activity that serves only to entertain our ego. (I mean our identity/ego not our sense of superiority/ego.)

    And that alone is worth asking the ?, so we can confirm for ourselves that life, yes indeed, is about everything all the time all at once.

    Once we reaffirm that, we can be there installing the kitchen stove, or being the voice that reminds us to pay attention, and also let go of being that when we are something else.

    When to exist within our skins and when to perceive outside the envelope.

    And Delamer can merge with Christ Spirit and leave the penal colony and I can perceive/respond/emit love and merge with this planet I call my body.

    I've never seen the bumper sticker - which is what dragged me into reading this query right away from the list. I don't drive much and live in a small town - but the kind of town that should have such bumper stickers, and probably does.

    As soon as I read the question and skimmed over the comments in reverse order of their writing date, I heard my pet snicker and comment.

    Don't you think that query is a great urban, US koan? I should run it thru Google Translate and see what Spanish or Arabic makes of it (then reverse translate back to English).

    I'm not mocking you at all, Slowly (not a great nickname tho - sorry). Not at all. I like the question and the light spirit of that particular phraseology gives us the answer: the question is the answer.

    I recently listened to an interview with an RN who became an intuitive healer. She talked about "when the fear dissipates. We have surrendered to the way our lives are and it is fine for" [the universe - I missed her exact words here]. She said ", , ,about manifesting [AKA making your life meaningful/potent]. . . the greatest rule is to let go and surrender. Let it go and step back and as if it is already happening. Don't analyze or try to manipulate it. Let it happen."

    Maybe sometimes it is doing the hokey pokey?

  • KYRANI Feb 25, 2012

    Yes I can relate to that. I have myself had many such occassions where I was given guidance to find something, whether danger or not. That is proof alright but it is not the sort that science will accept. They call this anecdotal evidence and move it half way to the trash or ditch it all together. We can find the proof collectively, I believe, once areas such as parapsychology is acknowledged as mainstream science. Right now anything that is subjective and even the observer is left out of the equation as far as science is concerned. Our purpose is seen when the harvest is seen, as you described in another thread. Another way of looking at it is that we are on a journey and this is just one station where we have stopped for a time before we continue on. And what we learn here and how we develop is of paramount importance if we are to be able to continue our journey to God, which is our purpose if we are lovers of God. This also brings up the matter that not all people have the same purpose. The purpose of evil/ inhumane people is not the same as that of the good /humane people.

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    DelamerDuverus Feb 24, 2012

    We see proof in every day, in wonderful ways, in funny ways, like when we were moving the kitchen stove and the still, small voice had my husband going from outlet to breaker, from outlet to breaker, back and forth, until he realized that there was copper wiring on one end and aluminum wire on the other end, a dangerous situation. And where was the junction box? Buried under the ceiling of a bathroom in the basement, only found when we took a part the ceiling. That wasn't code and it wasn't safe, but the Universal Mind, the Mind of Man, knew and kept us at it until we found the truth of the matter.

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    BECHAMEL Feb 24, 2012

    What I meant to say, wondered how the topic of this became equated with below, but is surely a reason. I can say that I have gone off topic seemingly numerous occasions, but it was topical to me, just had problems with conveying.

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    BECHAMEL Feb 24, 2012

    Are these boards monitored?

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    BECHAMEL Feb 24, 2012


  • KYRANI Feb 24, 2012

    The thin small voice means that the person is more aware, and yes this is proof but it is not proof from other but from within. What I understood here is that slowlygetnthar is saying "hey guy what proof have we got". We can say that for a lot of things where we have a commonality that is obviously shared but "higher purpose" is not obvious to us as a group. It is found through introspection and meditation.

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    DelamerDuverus Feb 23, 2012

    When the still, small voice speaks to you and gives you guidance after long searching for answers, we must know that there is more to life than meets the eye, and a Presence that is greater than us by many, many degrees, brilliant indeed, knowing us each better than we know ourselves and knowing the Reason of Things, having a vantage point seeing the past, present and future, and even into the hearts of men.

    We are here to strengthen our Speciel Mind, to bring humanity out of its confusion caused by another mind, to wage the Battle of Armageddon, each of us, casting out what does not serve us and our people. The only way to do this is to follow the Perfect Pattern, which we know to be JeSus, where He always followed the will of His Father in Heaven, the Presence of whom we speak, who knows what to do when and by whom. To do other than to follow the will of our Father in Heaven is to "wear the shameful garment", to "eat the bitter herb", or to "be a woman", but please don't take that in the context of women being inferior, for they are not.

    We are here to evolve to the Mind of Man, what some call the Christ Mind, where we are no longer a threat to anything in the Universe, the Body/Mind of the Living God. That's why we are here on this penal colony called Earth. We refuse to live in peace. However, it is only through God's guidance that we can.

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    BECHAMEL Feb 23, 2012

    That I am not laughing is a clue, that it is not. That is just me maybe.

  • KYRANI Feb 23, 2012

    The proof we all have to find for ourselves. There is no proof as we have say in mathematics where someone realizes a way of proving something and writes it down for everyone else. That is what makes it hard for a lot of people because they feel that if they are going to go down some road they want to know beforehand that they are going to get somewhere. The journey really begins when you ask who am I? Why am I here? And then it depends on how earnestly you seek answers. And there again it is not by study but by experience.

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