The Battle for Souls & the Souls' Purpose & Mission

Posted Feb. 23, 2012 by slowlygetnthar in Open

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commented on March 18, 2012
by dustproduction



We have many spiritual texts that assert that there is a cosmic and earthly spiritual battle occurring and that our souls somehow hang in the balance, daily, when battles are waged and occurred, in the past.

So, based on this information, what is the real purpose and destination of our souls?
Are we going to Nirvana//Heaven/reuniting with the Eternal?
Are our souls what battling forces are trying to acquire in these battles?
Are our souls just war booty or do we have more purpose here?

What can we do, consciously, in our lifetimes, to respond to this possible situation? What goal should we have in this response?

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    dustproduction Mar 18, 2012

    Sam Harris: Not being Indoctrinated


  • Fallensoul Mar 15, 2012

    The first thing to define what is a soul. According to the Vedas, A soul is an eternal, individual, indivisible, spiritual spark, part of the Supreme spirit. Just like a spark of fire in a large fire. The soul cannot be harmed by any battle, so our souls dont hang in any balance. There are two enivornments a soul can operate in. It's natural environment which is in the spiritual eternal realm or an unnatural conditioned enlivenment within this material world where we are currently in, encased within a material body of some form.

    >Are we going to Nirvana//Heaven/reuniting with the Eternal?
    Depending on the desires and past karma of the soul the destination is decided. As long as there is karma, one has to reincarnate within material bodies to live out that karma good or bad. No karma means liberation, but depending on the soul's spiritual conception that spiritual reality he will attain.

    >Are our souls what battling forces are trying to acquire in these battles?
    The only real battle is the internal battle between trying to enjoy and exploit this world for our own sense gratification or to recognize and learn to offer love and service to the Supreme Lord. To the degree we are free from trying to exploit this material nature and develop our spiritual attitude of service to the Supreme, to that degree we realize the spiritual reality.

    >Are our souls just war booty or do we have more purpose here?
    No, our purpose is to enjoy life. We can choose to try to enjoy life without God and live in this material world which is designed to offer you pains and pleasures, or you can choose to enjoy life in co-operation with the Supreme Lord in the spiritual world.

    Our purpose is simply to enjoy, but one has to find out the best place to enjoy, follow the conditions of that place and then go there and enjoy. This would be one's goal if he recognizes that the spiritual reality is a better more natural place to enjoy, and this material world is a hard struggle giving me hardly a drop of enjoyment for a very short period of time.

  • KYRANI Feb 24, 2012

    I agree with you here. It is vitally important that all humane people join forces and fight against the evil. The Battle of Armageddon is going on all around us and we need to take a strong stance. If we do this now then we do not need to see a violent war. If we fail to do that now we may have to resort to violence and fight a physical war. The forces of Goodness/ The Light will still win but it would be at a huge cost, whereas now we can win now easily and without the heavy casualties.

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    DelamerDuverus Feb 23, 2012

    The Battle of Armageddon is the battle that we face, each of us, but all of us together, because it is a battle for our Speciel Mind, for our humanity, and presently there is an opposing force, what we call the Alien Mind, which should be alien to humanity though many accept it as their own, which wants us to lose, wants us not to evolve, wants us to be cast back with it as God promised He would do. The Alien Mind works through fear, hate, shame, greed, lust, guilt and prejudice.

    Humanity is more than their genetics. God gave us a Speciel Mind, which we can see more clearly in the animals as instinct, but where they have to adhere to the behaviors of their individual Speciel Minds, Humanity was given a mind with which to reason and free will within our Speciel Mind and we have the ability to strengthen or weaken our Speciel Mind by how we think. Our conscience is our Speciel Mind's counseling of us, and therefore, our connection to God, and the Alien Mind is working fast and furious to destroy that connection, because it is the only way it has to destroy humanity completely. Not only do we lose this connection through fluoride because it calcifies the pineal triad, the "I Am", but many drugs dissimulate or open us up to the Alien Mind, blocking God's influence through the Speciel Mind. We can see this with the psychotropic drug use.

    Our purpose is to evolve to the Mind of Man, Man being capitalized. We also know Man as Leucocytes in the Body/Mind of the Living God, and in religious literature as Angel Man or God's Messengers. We are not to become as they, but we are to work with them to serve the Body that created us. We have to be careful here because the Alien Mind is also empathetic and can work through our mind, giving false visions (Constantine), false guidance (George Bush), and "born again" feelings, and make us think that God is working through us. This is why it is so important to always check the fruits of what we are asked to do.

    Man is here, having come after the nuclear destruction of two Japanese cities, realizing we had advanced too quickly, had received technology we were not spiritually able to handle, and they are helping us by giving us the truth to help us heal ourselves and our planet.

    Each of us should search out Man's companionship. Live by the Laws of God, Walk and Talk with Him and ask Him to guide you in your life. Listen carefully to the small thoughts and quiet inspirations. Cast out fear, hate, shame, greed, lust, guilt and prejudice. Always share the understandings He gives you. Always share your "talents".

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