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The Experience

Posted Feb. 19, 2012 by Jim Centi in Open

commented on Feb. 28, 2012
by moretocome



Hi Guys,

There is a worthwhile experience available at the website below. Set aside about 35 minutes when you will not be disturbed and follow the instructions.


  • moretocome Feb 28, 2012

    Hello All,

    I am from NO-SELF.com.

    I want to thank Jim Centi for introducing me to Noetic.org. This is a wonderful site. The members' Discussions are deeply thought-provoking and cover a vast array of knowledge.

    I developed No-Self.com in order to 'trigger' the No-Self Experience. The purpose behind the website was to provide EXPERIENTIAL PROOF that We are All ONE. Generally speaking, the insight gained from the No-Self Experience includes the following:

    There is only One Source of all Consciousness. Through the lens of Absolute Truth, we are all ONE in Consciousness. The mind creates a separate "me" to make sense of things. This “me” is essentially a mental construct (the ego-self) that originates from a false belief in "self". From the standpoint of Absolute Truth, we are all One and the Same. And yet, we are all UNIQUE EXPRESSIONS of that Oneness.

    The term ‘Consciousness’ is interchangeable with ANY term that you prefer. Personally, I feel comfortable using the label of ‘God’. It’s all a matter of choice. The label doesn’t matter – It doesn’t change the inherent nature of the Oneness. It is ALL THAT IS.

    If the Main Page of the website fails to 'trigger' the No-Self Experience, we currently have 4 Staff Members who will assist anyone with finding his or her particular 'trigger' (for free). Also, there is now an online FORUM that assists people with "seeing No-Self" -


    I haven't had any interaction with them directly, however, 2 of our Staff Members also work with them. It is also free.

    We are indeed living in exciting times!

    Love to One (and All),

    Scott ('moretocome')

    "The 21st century will see the emergence of a new religion; namely, Unconditional Love."

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    Jim Centi Feb 21, 2012

    If you have an interest in the “no self”, experience, the link below takes you to a video about it by Adyashanti.


    If you wish to read an interview with Adyashanti, enter his name into the search engine of this website.

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    Jim Centi Feb 19, 2012

    Perhaps I should have mentioned that, in the event you have questions, email them to the staff of the website. If appropriate and if you wish to do so, you may post their response here……Jim

  • KYRANI Feb 19, 2012

    No self is right on the money and you tell me about the “outside the bandwidth of your comfort zone”! This comfort zone is our universal problem. There is no need of any comfort zone because there is no personal self. It is an ephemeral being brought into being when there is reaction to thoughts so as to bring emotional reactivity to arise in the body. The personal self is just a collection of thought and the associated bodily reactivity. No distractions, no attraction or aversion, no self. It is that simple!

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