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My true loves in life is my family and figuring out how things work. I was never worried to much about putting my ideas into mathmaticle form as long as I felt I understood the theory. I'm dyslexic so I used only what I can descibe as multidemensional visuizations to relate to my world. The process works well for understading physics and mechanical systems. Which is why I'v spent most my life as a mechanic and metal fabricator. But it is hard to relate too using verbal communication. This has impacted my communication skills greatly. For this I apologize. For over a year I have been having an overwelming feeling that I must explain my alternative theory of gravity. And I feel I'm running out of time. I'm asking for any help I can get. I am willing to travel anywhere for a chance to explain my ideas to someone who can either help me in the right directions, ask me the right questions, or tell me I'm full of **it and tell me why I am.

I will attempt to explain four holes in physics, why we cant find the Higgs, what happens inside a black hole, what is dark matter, and what is dark energy. I think the biggest problem in physics is the geometry. The first mathematicians (of our accepted history) used simple principles lines and triangles to describe the world around them. They were easy to imagine and they were easy to do calculations on. But the natural world is fractal. Einstein's theories work beautifully for plotting the movements of large masses or energies (thanks E=Mc²). Quantum theory gives an accurate representation of the movement of energy at a small scale. And then string theory shows there are 10500 different ways that everything even down to the Planck scale can be described by the movement of energy. So let me start there at the beginning using fractal geometry.

Theory says that in the beginning all the energy in the universe was condensed into a single point. Since I think of energy as movement I like to think of this single point of energy as spinning. So if we can zoom in were the all the energy in the universe is broken down into its smallest possible pieces they would all be organized into a single rotation. W-map was the farthest we have seen into the past and it shows a universe of very uniform energy density. So during the time of inflation the universe went through a type of entropy explosion. An ink drop has low entropy. It is made of many molecules of ink but they are organized into a larger structure and have a similar speed and direction. So the drop is the universe organized into a singularity. And inflation is the process of the drop breaking into the smallest possible pieces. The process is a lot like Ink defusing in water. As ink enters the water it is in a organized flow. As the ink interacts with the water, flows break apart into smaller ones. The end result all momentum of the original drop is gone and the ink is evenly dissolved in the water. The ink is like the energy flows as they break apart and the water being the chaotic soup of space created by energy breaking down into its smallest possible pieces. I like to think of it more as a spin out and slow down rather than an explosion. What was left was a chaotic sea of moving energies. Quantum mechanics says that space is incredibly chaotic and bumpy this is because at this level, energy can overlap likes waves on water. The energies combine and separate in inefficient energy collisions. The two energies were not as they were before. The smaller of the two energies absorbs energy from the other. Think of the ocean, if you look at it up close u see a chaotic bumpy surface of little waves. But because of its self regulating properties when u back up it looks like a smooth surface. This is the heart of thermodynamics and why Einstein envisioned a smooth space.

Now lets look at one of these energies closer. What is it, how does it interact with its environment. You can think of it as a ball or bump of higher than average energy density. Now just like a boat on a pond a moving energy leaves a wake of lower than average energy density. This adds an extra force to the particle due to the attractiveness between the high and low energy densities. This is the basis of the strong nuclear force. This extra force acts like a rudder. Now if you put a boat with a steady momentum on wavy water. Give the boat a rudder but leave the rudder free to steer itself. As the boat comes across random waves it is deflected to one side or the other. But the rudder always points where the boat was last. It causes an exponential reaction as rudder slowly starts steering the boat in a spiral in whichever direction it first started. So now we have a universe with a chaotic sea of uniform spinning energies. I think of all particles as rotating energy, and for any energy density there is a smallest particle (because of Planck limits of angular momentum). And thats what these are. I like to call them bits. This is where things really get fun. And thats because of harmonics. Harmonics is how energies can start talking or transmitting energy to each other. This is how it works if you take two things that can vibrate like guitar strings. And you tune them to the same frequency. When you play one string the sound vibrations build up in the other string causing it to vibrate as well. This is called resonance. A useful trick when the universe is filled with bits that thermodynamics is constantly tuning to the same frequency. This is also the starting point of near endless repetition of the fractal geometry of the universe. Lets take three bits A, B, and C and lets say that they are resonating. A passes a certain amount of energy to B which passes that energy on to C which passes the energy back to A. And the cycle repeats. This new flow of rotational energy can be considered a new particle. As bits form new particles, like particles can harmonize making evermore complex particles. There are also particles which are turbulence and flux fields caused by the wakes of other particles. Now if extrapolated out one will eventually find something like Garrett Lisi's E-8 model.

Now the E-8 model is dependent on a Higgs boson particle that has the ability to alter time space and gravity. Let me explain what is a Higgs boson. Higgs was man who came up with the concept that there is a “Higgs field” that has the unique property on a certain particle, the higgs boson. The Higgs boson is what gives mass to a particle. Now any particle that is massless passes through the higgs field with out any resistance. But the higgs boson drags through the field slowing it down . Its described like a fancy restaurant. If I walked into a restaurant no one would care I could walk in freely. But if Rihanna walks in to the same restaurant she would get inundated by fans and paparazzi slowing her down. The slow down is the important thing. But I have a different concept of why particles slow down. Now some particles have a rotational energy equivalent to the combined total of its bits. But some particles have a rotation thats energy is robbed from its bits. So every iteration a certain amount of energy is transferred from the bits to the rotational energy of the whole particle. Now if I were to swing an apple on a string and I add energy, the apple will swing faster in a larger orbit. If I take energy away it will spin slower and tighter. So as energy is transfered into rotation the bits lose energy and spin slower and tighter. Just like a harmonic bridge collapse. Wind can harmonically transfer energy into a structure like a bridge causing movement and collapse. A particle like this if isolated from the rest of space would implode as it used up all its energy spinning faster and faster. But in reality thermodynamics would feed energy into the system keeping the bit size stable. This allows the particle to spin until it reaches a limit where the turbulence that it causes brakes the rotation of the particle. Since there is a constant loss of energy through this turbulence, there is a constant transfer of energy from space into higher rotational energies and finally into turbulence which we perceive as things like radiation and electromagnetism. This flow of energy causes an area of low energy density relative to the space around it. For a single particle its negligible but if you start getting lots of these particles together they start making a dent in the energy density of space or gravity. If I am standing at the bottom of a mountain I am experiencing a certain amount of gravity. The energy density of space has my particles spinning at a certain size and speed. As I walk up the mountain gravity decreases on me. The energy density of space goes up. And just like the apple on the string the more energy the faster and bigger the bits get. You can think of particles as gears and the teeth of the gears are bits. Everything meshes the same regardless of the gravity I'm under. But as gravity increases the bits and hence the whole system spins tighter and slower. I experience it as time slowing but its harder to notice the difference in size.

Now what happens if we take this to the extreme with conditions of a black hole. What happens when there is so much gravity that it lowers the energy density to zero? Well thats the trick it never reaches zero On each rotation the system needs a certain amount of energy from its bits lets call it X. now if we measured the total energy of each bit they would all be different and add up to a certain amount we will call Y. When Y becomes smaller than X the system breaks like a large system of gears if a gear seizes the momentum of the rest of the system will strip its teeth. Just like that when Y gets smaller than X it doesn't have enough energy to keep up with the rest the system. It breaks off from the rest of space. The energy never goes to zero, Y Is stored like information in flash memory. Locked in a bubble, time virtually stopped. As long as energy is still drawn in from the surrounding space, the blackhole will keep spinning like a big ball of swiss cheese with the bubbles getting bigger and bigger.

Using this concept of what gravity is lets look at Dark Matter. When we started trying to measure how much mass was in a galaxy we ran into a problem there we discrepancies. One way we did it was to look at how much illuminated stuff there was, counting stars. Then from that we could say the there are this many stars so there should be this much stuff in the galaxy. There is another way, measuring the speeds of stars as they orbit the center of the galaxy. It works like this if I know the mass of an object like the earth and I measure its distance to the sun and how fast it is orbiting. I can calculate the mass of the sun. The numbers didn't match up by a lot, the stars are spinning way to fast. There seemed to be a majority of stuff causing gravity that we couldn't see, hence dark matter. So lets look at these spinning stars a little closer. First not only were the stars moving to fast but as u went farther out in the galaxy were u would expect the stars to be moving slower and slower there speed were remaining constant. Also the stars don't move in nice circular orbits like the earth around the sun. If we watched them move over time it would look like a giant spirograph. Also as each mass moves it is leaving a gravity wave wake adding another dimension too the spirograph. If we go back to me going up and down the mountain where does the energy come from to make my particles spin larger as I go up the mountain. Well just like a skater moving arms in and out spinning faster and slower. As I go up and down the mountain the earth spins faster and slower. I am actually transferring the rotational energy of the earth into the rotational energy of my particles. So if a star is moving in and out of the gravity of its galaxy we could graph its gravity movement into a wave. The star is converting its particles rotational energy into its rotation around the galaxy. If there is the presence of other consistent gravity waves like the star density waves of a spiral galaxy, we can graph these gravity waves next the first. Must have at least three waves. They can line up and resonate causing a run away reaction. As the stars energy is transferred into rotation. One gravity wave doesn't allow the star to get all the energy back that it put into rotation. Its like every time I climb to the top of the mountain it isn't as tall as it was the time before. I can never get the same amount of energy out as I put in. The earth would just keep spinning faster and faster, and smaller and smaller. This self organization comes from surfing. As the stars travel in there orbits they are surfing these other waves. If you crest a wave while surfing you will naturally be pushed to a low spot on the wave. That little push or pull towards the low spot over many iterations will change the orbit of the star making a evermore effcient system. This is how the star density wave of a spiral galaxy is formed as more and more stars allingn with the same gravity wave. So gravity can be caused not just by matter particles but from any system that transfers bit particle energy into higher rotaional energy.. The second contributer to dark matter is what I call harmonic perception like guitar strings need to be tuned to the same harmonic to pick up each others vibrations. If a string isn't tuned it is invisible or incapable of transferring energy back and forth. So particles are the same way they can only see and interact with particles that are of the same harmonic perception. Just like there is a standard model for particles in our harmonic perception there are other realities with their own standard model based on completely different harmonics. These other realities particles however still are based on the same bits as us. So they still cause gravity which we can measure but cant see whats causing it.

There is a problem with this concept. Using this view the largest the universe ever was right after inflation. As energy goes through its process of self organization, everything should be condensing. Popular view is that the universe is ever expanding, and thanks to a very misunderstood energy is expanding faster and faster. Its called Dark Energy and it is 70% of all the energy in the universe. So lets see why everyone thinks the universe is expanding. The Doppler effect is what causes a car horn to change sound as a car drives by as the car is coming toward you the sound waves bunch up as it drives away they spread out. When a star is moving away from us the light waves have the same affect. If moving towards you the light looks bluer because of the shorter wave length. As a star moves away the light is shifted to the red, redshift. Now the farther away in space something is the longer the light takes to get here. Effectively letting us see the past. When astronomers graphed the redshift of the universe they saw that the universe not only is expanding but accelerating in its expansion. The energy responsible for the extra expansion is dark energy. But what if the red shift isn't due to the Doppler effect. Is there anything else that could cause the redshift. So lets look at light. What is light. Light is made up of photons spaced at a frequency. A single photon light is not. I see photons as vortex rings. A smoke ring is a vortex ring made of smoke. A photon is a vortex ring made of energy. Now gravity is distortion in the energy density of space. Gravity causes particles relative sizes to change but the size of space is unchanged. Since the photon itself is made of rotaional energy it interacts with the space around it when gravity bends light its really bending the photons. The frequency of light is only dependant upon the speed of light. So as light passes through a gravity field the photons may change in size or shape but the frequency of the light is unchanged. So if we look at this with the idea that since all mass particles were created they have been in a steady state of getting smaller as their energy is lost to higher rotations. The frequency of light they give off relative to the size the of the particles stays the same . This means over time the frequency of light will be shifting blue. Since we are shrinking at the same relative speed it looks like it is staying constant. But if we look at light from the past it will look redder. This means that the redshift can be caused by everything getting smaller rather than space expanding. As our system becomes more self organized and more efficient at converting energy into rotaion this process speeds up.
And we are in the process of all energy self organizing, or condensing into black holes. Eventually all black holes will condense into a single black hole. All the energy in the universe condensed into a singularity. And what we know of black holes as long as their is energy to feed it it will keep spinning. When there isn't it starts to slow down and inflation starts again.

I do not have the math skills to explain the physics behind the resonant reaction we know of as mass. Its the same reaction that we see causing darkmatter. My best attempt of writing down this reaction is in the form of an theoretical electric motor I designed based off of Marko Rodin's coil. It consists of three circuits of eight field coils each. And a eight pole rotor. It is the two dimensional version of placing eight spherical magnets inside the taurus of a rodin coil.

Please any comments are helpful, thanks for reading
Gerritt Andersch

  • KYRANI Mar 20, 2012

    I like the symbolism. Thanks.

  • frequencytuner Mar 19, 2012

    The 2 serpent heads represent the Supreme Mother and Father.

    All Existence IS - because of and existing within - the unified but apparently separation between them, represented by the Pine Cone.

    It is not about where the snake's head is, its where the attention is focused. Think like mixing paint to change the color. Think Green. Plants need Sun and Water. Plants have Roots in the Earth and Branches in the Air. With the 4 Elements (Fire, Water, Earth, Air) in proper proportion, the Plant will bear Fruit.

    The Pine Cone is the Fruit of the Pine Tree.

    This is pure allegory.

  • KYRANI Mar 12, 2012

    Hey frequencytuner does your new avatar symbol mean that you been eating mushrooms in seclusion? I never had the air sucked back in with inhalation from a balloon! No offense, just curious.

  • frequencytuner Mar 11, 2012

    I like to think of it like breathing into a balloon. You expend all your breath exhaling and then there is a negative pressure vacuum as the air is sucked back in as you inhale...hard to explain.

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