Information:Key to Understanding Complexity

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From a successful crime-prevention model we searched into complexity trying to find a match between our findings and theory, but we found out mainstream science to be limited and outmoded. These are some of out findings:

Complex order is created by intention, rules of action and information.

All three of these elements are really information. Information is everywhere and is the basis of our Universe. The Universe is entangled by information. The Universe learns by iterating. Laws are not universal or eternal they change through time and iteration. Information is also knowledge and consciousness and is not limited to matter or energy. There are levels of consciousness, the higher the level the more encompassing it becomes.

The manifest Universe seems to evolve into a more complex, interconnected and conscious place. The Universe is not controlled, it is attracted to complex order.

We did find help in authors like Dean Radin, Rupert Sheldrake, Bert Hellinger, Ervin Laszlo, Carl Jung and David R. Hawkins.

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  • A I Jul 15, 2012

    I read the artical cursorly, and agree with many aspects of it.
    The idea of infromation, which I consdier experience, and the idea of responsivness, or that due to interconnnectedness, infomation or experience changes and effects the parts, be in matter or consciosuness, and thus environment shapes momentum, and thus action evenly, cohesviely. I looked at basic human behavior and saw rather that the mind was an open system, and the bottom line was collective responsivness
    founded on intellgience or the tendancy for things to conserve energy or act conservatively adding the factor of resposivness includes, not only sensual infomation but responsivness to qunatum wave fields, in a way it coudl be seen as awareness, or basic intellgience.
    When we reached animal behavior, we take into account creation of concepts, from sensation and memory andgiven values related to the nature of the form, and qualities of the form, relating to maintainace of health, which as concepts evolve, as in man can override phsyical intellgience and thus man can interact with iamges and concepts rather than with reality.
    But taht fundamentlly, infomation, which reality being the most basic language, causes a collective reshaping of reality actiing on a hierarchy of levels of intellgience, from basic responsivness to concepts, and then insight, or reduces back to basic responsivness but with matured understading. I focused on culture, and how it evolves as technology is introduced and changes experineces by creating a synthetic environment and thus how man responds intelectually, outside of the ecosystem he was designed with, or concomitant. In part I investigated crime or corruption and saw that alot had to do with the concept of limit and man's basis design of the brain to govorn a limited area, related to the body.
    I saw corruption and unhealth in themidn ahd to do with cultral evolution of ideas and self concepts that were not on par with what was actual.
    Also that the unconcsiosu mind, or fundamnetal self concept, one cutlure became abstracted farther into concepts, could override the physical intellgience and ignore insight and in so many ways, override the basis physical drive for survival, and do things that were unhealthy. So that that higher levels of intellglience overrode more basic forms. the idea was to understand coprruption and the source of suffering i mankind and see if there was a solution to curing it that was non-invasive.
    the answer seemed to be, in leui of how the unconscious mind seemed to work, [ie, self value can be managed, per families, we care for them as we include them in the our self value, as us and so if persudes will], but to integrate an idea that the unvierse was a single event and thus by that identification into the belif system, it woudl change how we see and interpret infomration and act in leui of a self concept that was all inclusive.
    Anyway, I liekd the theory and it makes sense. It is a wonderful observation you have made.

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    ForsureYunome Jul 12, 2012


    You folks are on to something so ahead of the curve.... I was looking into Rf in relation to cell phones after noticing some org. giving them out free in a predominately Somalian Section 8 complex. I end up very quickly head over heels infatuated with the somewhat new somewhat historically repressed research undeniably linking DNA in all organics and frequencies within human range... DNA Magic. Optical programming of DNA/Rna etc is just the tip of the iceburg as it has been well documented recently that spoken words not to mention thought itself has a very very real and noticeable effect upon DNA. My pearltree on dna magic above contains many links from a range of sources both "holistic" in nature as well as dissertations recent patents and other establishment friendly research to help people look at the subject.
    Last week I would of laughed at you all for the most part.

  • slowlygetnthar May 30, 2012

    WHERE'S KYRANI???? No posts, lately. Always has something of substance to offer. I was enjoying reading this posting between KYRANI & frequencytuner. Very thought-provoking...

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    dustproduction May 28, 2012

    This is a fragment of the video entitled "Mystery of the Mind" available on philoctetes.org and on Youtube in response to Pinker's "The computational theory of mind'. Prof. Gianfranco Basti explains the complexity of the mind from the standpoint of the chaos theory. Here's his brief curriculum:
    Born in 1954 in Rome, and ordered Catholic Priest in 1978, he earned in 1980 the M.D. in Theology by the Pontifical Gregorian University and in 1984 the Ph.D. in Philosophy by the State University of Rome. He is actually Full Professor of "Philosophy of Nature and of Science" at the Pontifical Lateran University in Rome and Invited Professor of "Logic" at the Pontifical Gregorian University. From the Academic Year 2008/9 he is Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy at the Lateran University. His research activity concerns mainly the computational intelligence and the logical foundations of sciences.



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    dustproduction May 15, 2012

    When I first added a comment here I did investigate the link provided but failed to see that there was this additional link on the website"


    One has to admire the essay for its scholarly effort. Very nice work indeed. Sugata Mitra's research is an excellent demonstration of your point but it raises a question about "information as the main factor for the emergence of complex order." I would like to hear more about your ideas about this. The starlings group flight might demonstrate that there are properties in networks are do not reside in the individual, which also has implications for your model


    The next thing is that if you want to predict the effect of one species on another, if you focus only on that link, and then you black box the rest, it's actually less predictable than if you step back, consider the entire system -- all the species, all the links -- and from that place, hone in on the sphere of influence that matters most. And we're discovering, with our research, that's often very local to the node you care about within one or two degrees. So the more you step back, embrace complexity, the better chance you have of finding simple answers... (Berlow 2010)

  • Anonymous Icon

    dustproduction Apr 01, 2012

    Is the use of the word "Complexity" here referring to the theory of Complexity and Chaos?

    Point me to your references here. Complexity according to who?

  • KYRANI Mar 12, 2012

    @ frequencytuner
    About your remark "We resonate together", I would say that if your heart beats with that of every living being, then yes we do resonate together.

    You said: "I like to imagine the original thought form as the DNA sequence --> as Carl Jung understood DNA" I am in agreement here more or less. I strongly suspect that DNA is a manifest form of a spiritual/mental /mindstuff matrix. IMO this is why there is so much overlap between species and not because of some common ancestor.

    The rest of your statement "and harmonics of this frequency like the "Collective Consciousness"... hmmm... I see two "collective consciousnesses" where humans are concerned, one is the evil/inhumane and the other good/humane. However there is a consciousness over and above all that of all of life and even higher than that of all creation.

  • frequencytuner Mar 11, 2012

    The base frequency is the original thought form out of your "Mindstuff", the fibonacii sequence is how "we" resonate this frequency into manifestation. I like your way of expressing it. I like to imagine the original thought form as the DNA sequence --> as Carl Jung understood DNA and harmonics of this frequency like the "Collective Consciousness".

  • frequencytuner Mar 11, 2012

    KYRANI: We resonate together.

  • KYRANI Feb 08, 2012

    @ frequencytuner
    "Think of a holographic kaleidoscope. It's all smoke and mirrors". <- yes I agree

    "Everything appears interconnected but truly is a refracted reflection of one single emanation" I would say everything is interconnected precisely because it arises out of the singularity. I'm afraid the rest "that is unfathomably entangled within the logical mind" I don't really agree with. To me the logical mind is only a sub-set of the One Mind or the Mind of God, which is the singularity together with the universe(s). Each of us has a mind but it is rather like the internet, we each have a site within the scheme of things. And the evidence that there is a One Mind or some common platform is to be found in psi or ESP. If there was no common platform then there would be no way that two people in relationship could present & perceive an idea.

    "The complex order of the universe is based solely on the fibonacci sequence, ratios and harmonics." Are you sure this way round? Isn't it that the complex order of the universe can be described by fibonacci sequence etc"? Maybe you're right God must have created mathematics first because mathematics exists outside of the universe, ie even if the universe didn't exist there would still be mathematics.The complex order also has a lot to do with consciousness. I have seen evidence repeatedly that if one person (element) has gained a rise in awareness then others that are like minded also gain in that rise, even if they are not fully conscious of it. And each change in awareness affects the whole system.

  • frequencytuner Feb 01, 2012

    Think of a holographic kaleidoscope. It's all smoke and mirrors.

    Everything appears interconnected but truly is a refracted reflection of one single emanation that is unfathomably entangled within the logical mind.

    The complex order of the universe is based solely on the fibonacci sequence, ratios and harmonics.

  • KYRANI Jan 31, 2012

    I see what you mean now, thanks.
    One question I want to ask you. The universe is changing (we can call it evolving) and I guess that you believe in the big bang theory. I don't agree with this theory. I see the non-physical aspect of the universe as a singularity that is timeless & spaceless and the physical aspect as we observe it. Given that you are right and I am wrong, what do you think makes the universe "not be controlled" and also "attracted to complex order"?

  • Santago Roel Jan 30, 2012


    You are right. In complex systems that is the way things work.

    In our essay we differentiate between horizontal and vertical causality.

    Horizontal is the event 1 causing event 2. This is what science likes to look at in the energy-matter dimension.

    Vertical causality on the other hand, is not that visible since it is the process from the potentiality to the manifest, or as we propose,from information to energy to matter. You can add conscience before information if you like and this is were intention plays an important role.

    Thanks for your comment.

  • KYRANI Jan 26, 2012

    Hi Santago Roel,
    I was thinking about this matter too. I see it a bit differently although the end result is the same. Rather than the universe being entangled by information, I see that in its non-physical aspect, the universe is really a matrix of many variables, each of which can be changed under specific conditions or choices that we make; and bearing in mind we are essentially one universal being. The physical aspect of the universe are the manifestation of these variables. So the complexity cannot be broken down as to examine this particle or that or this thing or that. Everything is interconnected. If you change one variable, essentially you have changed the lot.

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