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A theory about "inner knowing"

Posted Jan. 3, 2012 by Dan10 in Open

commented on April 16, 2012



Hi, I'm new to this website. I am unashamed to admit that it is Dan Brown's book that sparked an interest in Noetic science in me! I've read stories on this forum about people having experiences where they just know something is going to happen and it does, and I can relate to these experiences. However I'm writing this because I've got a theory as to why we experience these feelings of "inner knowing." Maybe it's all down to our subconscious. We receive so much information every day but we don't always remember it all the next day. Example—A friend tells me to ring them tomorrow but the next day I forget to.

But what if we don't actually forget this information? What if it's still stored in our subconscious? In fact we know that it's still stored in our subconscious because two days later when I bump into that same friend and he asks why I didn't ring I will remember instantly. I will recall his request for me to ring him. So we know that we still store information in our brain even if we're not always aware of it.

So now let me propose something after I tell you this story. A week ago a person who lives in my locality died. Yesterday my Mam and Dad were talking about the funeral which took place today. This morning I woke up to the sound of my Dad pulling out of the driveway. He often has to make short journeys away from the house because of work commitments, usually he comes back to the house after an hour or two, but this morning when I got and was eating my breakfast I had the smallest of feelings that he would be gone for a good while. I took no notice and continued with my day every now and again I fleetingly wondered where he was and when he would be back but every time I though about I kept getting a slight feeling that he wasn't on a standard work related trip and that he would be gone for a large part of the day.

That evening a family friend knocked on the front door and gave my Mam keys to my Dad's vehicle. I asked why he had Dad's keys and she said because Dad was going with the family friend to a bar in the friend's car, then she said they shouldn't be using someones funeral as an excuse to get drunk! Thats when I remembered the conversation between my parents the previous day about the funeral. So, it is possible my brain stored information of that conversation in my brain or subconscious so even when I didn't remember that the funeral was taking place today I still had the feeling my Dad would be gone for a good while (funerals in my country are usually day long affairs).

Was it my subconscious giving me this feeling because it held the information about the funeral taking place? Do you think this could be an explanation for people experiencing "inner knowing." Could it just be that our subconscious holds a wealth of information that we aren't consciously aware of but it gives us a feeling of knowing something that we think couldn't possibly know. I know I could completely wrong but what is your opinion on this?

  • KYRANI Apr 16, 2012

    @ dinesh_dhadwal
    I agree with everythin you have said but I would like to add something.

    There are people who have deliberately corrupted scriptures and involved themselves in religious practices at the highest level in order to mislead others. This is very evident in today's world. If you listen carefully to what they are saying you find that they are using the very concepts that the founders of a religion have used but they use them to imply something very different. These people all have a common agenda and that is power and influence. I would say that these are the people who have used religion to create wars and dissension.

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    dinesh_dhadwal Apr 15, 2012

    Universe or higher energy or GOD, whatever you call this omnipresent force, We humans have always tried to link it to one philosophy/religion or the other. Every religion/philosophy tries to give its best reasoning & tries to outdo all others in order to prove that their path is the only true one & all other philosophies/religions are wrong or mis directed. Why? because it is our inherent deep ego/tendencies of human mind which want our particular brand to suceed. Humans can go to any extent as is evident in all religions to prove validity of their concepts. Whether it be christians, Masons, islamists, hindus or any other, they all will try to creat an aura of being the sole protectors of truth or true word BUT the fact remains that this UNIVERSE or GOD or HIGHER ENERGY is not the property of Humanity. Universe was there before we humans were there & will remain far into the future after the extinction of we the Arrogant Humans.

  • parker Apr 13, 2012

    The Romans and the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic church and its affiliates, what we now call the Jesuits and Free-Masons, have kept vast libraries wherein they recorded all of their alterations, amendments, additions, deletions and other modifications to the original texts, that they also admit to having hidden and to some degree, having destroyed. Masons have published many versions of their own revised texts, wherein they claim this "WORD" as their own sacred justification for keeping the rest of us in the dark, while they alone, are entitled to be "enlightened", or as they often say "illuminated".

    Paul/Saul was an Israelite by blood, raised a strict follower of the Israelite (not Jewish) faith, all of which would have been done in Hebrew language, which was the custom, and which supports his many writings having originally been done in that ancient Hebrew language, before being translated by others into Greek. These facts have been well established, in spite of the commonly held erroneous opinion that he wrote in Greek.

    The issue of whether or not his or any of the other writings are actually to be accepted as Biblical is merely more Catholic originated propaganda. It is irrelevant to the truth, whether or not his books or any of the many others that were deleted, destroyed, removed, edited or amended to fit the Roman concepts of what should or should not be included as authentic.

    With reasonable effort, one can ascertain that a man lived and fulfilled the Messianic prophecies of the OT. He was not named "Jesus", or "Eusus", or "Iusus", as Catholics and Christians claim, but Yah-shua. (The letter "J" did not exist in English or any equivalent language until formally adopted into it by and for King James.) He did not introduce new instructions, He merely lived an example of what happens when you actually follow the original instructions as set forth in what He referred to as the Scriptures, being the original OT, not the modern bastardized versions of it, and certainly not anything remotely related to anything called a NT.

  • KYRANI Apr 12, 2012

    @ parker.
    You say "they" destroyed, "they" translated and "they" unilaterally determined were incapable of understanding or applying the original Word. Make sure you say who "they" is. The NT was translated into Greek to target a Greek populous in the Eastern mediteranean and north Africa but they were not Greeks that did this "they" were Romans, Paul /Saul and his mates.

  • parker Apr 10, 2012

    Dan Brown's book is as good a reason as any for seeking more information and finding things like this site. It is also a very revealing piece of dis-information, painting the Masons as the "almost good guys" because they have allegedly preserved the "Word", and secreted it for our equally allegedly collective benefit.

    Truth is, they were largely responsible for deliberately destroying the original Word, and for re-translating it into a completely new version designed to suit their own need for greed, avarice and dominating power over the rest of us idiots that they unilaterally determined were incapable of understanding or applying the original Word. They successfully secreted the true Word for many centuries, certainly long enough for the creation and evolution of all of the existing man-made artificial religions.

    Your "inner knowing" is a fascinating story and is itself evidence of what the Masons have tried to hide from all of us. The true original Word (not the versions they have hidden or allowed to be publicly available) leads us directly to a form of communion with our inner self, that enables us to accept the knowledge that our inner self yearns to reveal to us.

    Your expression of your own experiences with this inner knowing, evidence your inherent, innate ability to do what it is you also desire to do more of. You might find the thread entitled Remote Viewing: Practical, to be helpful in explaining your exper3eicne, and in accepting your natural ability to do more of it.

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    dustproduction Apr 02, 2012

    Terry Marks-Tarlow, PhD, is a clinical psychologist in private practice in Santa Monica, California. She teaches affective neuroscience at Reiss Davis Child Study Center, is a research associate at the Institute of Fractal Research, and sits on the Advisory Board of the Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment. She teaches yoga, dances, draws, and generally strives towards a balanced life through embodying her values. Dr. Marks-Tarlow is available for psychotherapy, talks, and trainings through her website: www.markstarlow.com.


  • slowlygetnthar Apr 02, 2012

    Another person to read is Lynne McTaggart's books: The Intention Experiment and The Field. These examine and reflect on the research being done into noetic sciences, including intuition. Well worthwhile.

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    dustproduction Apr 01, 2012

    Good insight in these ideas.

    Read Daniel Kahneman book, "Thinking: fast and slow".
    Or you can listen here to Kahneman talking about it. In fact I will give you this whole excerpt that I wrote:

    These are a few interviews of Kahneman until you get the book.


    I wrote about Kahneman's book on Chaopsych about 2 month back and received some support in my views from Terry Marks-Tarlow. Actually this is in response to Larry Hirschorn's observation of Freeman Dyson's review of Kahneman's book in The New Yorker Review. Got that?
    In part it reads:

    Dyson, not short on praise for Kahneman in the review, says, "The scope of Kahneman's psychology is necessarily limited by his methods. His method is to study the metal processes that can be observed and measured under rigorously controlled experimental conditions." He is quick to credit Kahneman with making psychology an "experimental science with experimental results." Following his scientific methods, Kahneman has "revolutionized psychology" adds Dyson. But in the end, Dyson tempers the compliments by adding, Kahneman is an explorer of our more hum-drum cognitive process, and this too seems a curious observation on Dyson's part, since he goes on at great lengths about what he does like in Kahneman book.
    In saying, "Admirers of Freud and James may hope that the time may come when they stand together with Kahneman as three great explorers of the human psyche." Dyson is commenting that Freud and James are no longer in fashionable, and that Kahneman methods cannot currently handle the "violent and passionate manifestations of human nature." Dyson deems emotion and feelings to be the "territory of Freud," and presumable James. But is it? Kahneman has, in the past, touched on feelings like happiness and suffering without needing to mention Freud, or James. (The Riddle of Experience and Memory, TED). Perhaps in the near future new scientific methods will continue to allow others, like Kahneman, to remake psychology into a science. For now it is left up to others of mixing science with art, and not Kahneman. And this is as it should be.

    After reading the review of Daniel Kahneman's new book, by Freeman Dyson, in The New York Review, Dec 22, 2011, http://www.nybooks.com/articles/archives/2011/dec/22/how-dispel-your-illusions/?pagination=false

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    BECHAMEL Feb 15, 2012

    Misuse of authority. Again. Again. And again.

    A neighbor came over to me and asked: 'youre meshugena, arent you?' A word meaning "crazy" and more. When I failed to respond, went on to add on that they have an area relative whom is a judge. Then, walked away. Another person told me repeatedly how smart I am. I do not believe I am particularly smart. This several times. Finally, one day instead of calling me smart, loudly announced, but they are SMARTER.

    Head Games.
    That the least of it.

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    BECHAMEL Feb 15, 2012

    Had a teacher deduct a grade point unwarranted after he recognized that I knew, he knew, that he had revealed something about himself to me eventually came to be informed by all accounts he had been made to feel attacked over before. I did not judge him, had no interest in this, no intention of proliferating it. It was of no consequence to me at all and a non issue between us, until he attempted to make it so was the only time I knew anything if it at all. I was until then, unaware I was resented. It was awkward because I gathered he was embarrassed and had no reason to be and had enough to contend with on own so that I did not notice anything until the person took action against me. It was something I could have and ought have reported, but now I would need to both reveal something of him I had zero interest doing and it becomes something beyond awkward and unneccessary. I still ought have stood up for self but did not. Because I could not. I never do.

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    BECHAMEL Feb 13, 2012

    People can be blocked from what they know. Without anything so called extrasensory involved, per se, people can intuit. And being studied and dissected can inhibit knowing. Because part of studying is impacting the subject.

    Someone signed us up to receive political materials in the mail. It was not until long after we noticed a "thanks for your donation" comment. We had made no such donation. I know someone else made it in my name. One of our cars was vandalized, more than once and specific to that car. These and other things were not random. I just know. In the greater context of what else has gone on. Someone I dated ultimately admitted to spying on me, stalking me at my job and school, and doing things, to my property, after I reported to him some goings on, the person admitted to it (later, did things to my person, not only property) and stated justifications for the activity. There was no justification, but this demonstrated some things to me. They are part of my context, now. Many things are.

    If we try to understand things sometimes the meaning eludes us further.

    Aside, two things; some things I have said have been edited elsewhere on this site.

    And, an odd coincidence. I stated at one point having more emergent issues to attend to off line. As soon as I turned off device, there was a low howling outside my window in immediate vicinity. An insistent, suffering sound. I could see nothing. The sound moved. On checking it is a stray cat we have been trying to track and help, moving under our windows. He had dissappeared for awhile. Just thought it was odd he showed up the very moment I said this. It was not the issue I referred to.

    But one of them.

  • slowlygetnthar Feb 11, 2012

    I do think that emotional links between people keep us tuned to them and their movements/experiences/events as they go about their days. So, maybe you knew the funeral might be a catalyst for a change of routine, but you might also have been sensing your father's movements out of concern/love/connection to him. Your awareness may have been enhanced out of concern for him, emotionally, since funerals are not easy experiences. Maybe it depends on how you were sensing it--via logic or via intuition?

    As far as conscious mind vs. subconscious mind, I recently heard some new info on how folks in deep comas, when asked to imagine themselves playing tennis, exhibit brain activity that exactly duplicates brain activity when someone is physically playing tennis. So, I am not sure we quite understand what goes on consciously as opposed to subconsciously.

    Has anyone here been reading Stuart Hameroff's work on the brain and consciousness? His website is: http://www.quantumconsciousness.org/publications.html

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    Kalara Feb 10, 2012

    I strongly suggest that all of you look into Quantum theory. Wonderful books by Dr. Fred Wolfe and also Dr. Amit Goswami. Their books will blow your mind away, but in a favorable direction. I realize just writing the word "quantum" is going to make many people back up and run in the other direction. Really, it is not like you have to do the physics math in order to understand. The two Quantum Physics PHd's above make it easy for the non-math people, and so interesting you can hardly put the books down. There are dozens of books out there regarding all of this knowing. "The Secret" is another good book, and there are sequels that take it goes further. They are found in the New Age area of bookstores. The quantum physics books may be in New Age or in with Science books.

    For the non-book readers another suggestion is a movie that you can get on-line. It is called "What the Bleep Do We Know?" Both of the above mentioned are in this movie, you may have to watch it a few times to get it. Another movie from the books suggested is "The Secret". A small warning, that movie is a bit glammy. Ignore the infomercial style, the information is rock solid. I know it for a fact as I have "known" this information and used it instinctively all of my life. I was quite surprized to find out others knew as well as I, because anytime I tried to describe it to anyone they thought I was nuts. I'm not, and tens of thousands of the worlds most brilliant people are on the same wave length.

    I am one with you.

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    BECHAMEL Feb 02, 2012


    I had intended to write sub conscious, not un conscious!

    The substitution is probably as up for speculation as anything else.

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    BECHAMEL Feb 02, 2012


    Had a similar discussion with someone just yesterday on co incidences, awareness and consciousness layers versus undeniable prophetic experiences.

    There is a program which was televised back in 2001. It was a spinoff of the popular 'XFILES' series which until now I was unfamiliar with, entitled The Lone Gunmen. I should have prefaced this by pointing out both series are SCI FI category. What turned out to be partly non fictional about this show's pilot episode is simply astounding. It contains footage of a 'fictional' plane heading towards the world trade center in nyc; the approach was actually recorded by helicopter for this episode and is probably the only, let alone last footage of its kind. What is so intensely curious about this, that episode aired a full six months plus some days prior to September 11, 2001. Meaning, the idea for the episode which was highly detailed, preceded events.

    Because the show as part of central concept deals in conspiracies, not surprisingly this co incidence has spawned theories and supported others.

    The episode's concept arose even prior to the six months before air date, allowing time for writing, filming, so forth.

    One could argue that the terrorist associated bombing of that garage in NYC in the 1990s, various hijacked airliners dating back decades, the flight 800 tragedy, other events all are a part of our collective unconsciousness and therefore, would be available to the writers conceptualizing the show. The show is fiction based on reality. The whole art imitates life imitates art concept. It is within the realm of possibility this could occur, even if the show had not been produced. In light of events, it rather served as an ominous warning of potentialities. An opportunity for prevention.

    Some of the content serves as historical record, for that matter.

    Did these people portend events?

    The manner in which the 'message' was delivered over the airwaves could be examined, in itself because it utilizes technology we have available in which to do so.

    Another unlikely question which came up is, did the terrorists watch television?

    Thank you for this discussion.

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    Dan10 Jan 23, 2012

    Ok thanks for your replies

  • ProtectiveAngel Jan 22, 2012

    I say to check it out. Why are strange events around a persons life? Are they leading you to a higher knowledge? What is knowledge we need to learn?

    I'm sure many have asked themselves these very questions. Is the knowledge connecting everything together? Do you look for knowledge to help others? If a person can gain the knowledge, then they should pass it on.

    Here are words from the book.

    in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. I tell you this so that no one may deceive you by fine-sounding arguments.

    Do not neglect your gift, which was given you through a prophetic message when the body of elders laid their hands on you.

    Watch your life and doctrine closely. Persevere in them, because if you do, you will save both yourself and your hearers.

    And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions.

    God is where the power comes from. The book is the bible. From my experiences, this could only come from God. The events in a persons life the can not be explained by normal means. Noetic science is the proving of higher powers. Proof is great. We have the proof from our experiences.

    The bible says, if we only have the faith the size of a mustard seed, them we can move mountains. Do this type of statement make peoples events of special powers more explainable.

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    RexTorn Jan 22, 2012

    @Dan10 Yes important question. This is not belief for me at this point. It is knowing. Inner knowing. It comes from connecting with something that represents truth, and allows me to see, feel and know the truth. This is at the heart of Inner knowing. It is not about knowing the answers to questions necessarily (although that can be), not knowing the winning lottery numbers and so forth.

    It is about being able to feel the subtle movements deep within yourself that emanate from Knowledge. To see and recognize the truth in things. To know what is real and what you must do regarding that. That is one understanding of Inner Knowing. Reality exists whether we see it or not.

    So it started with me recognizing those faint inclinations from deep within, searching and finding something that I recognized as the truth. I became a student of that truth and at this point, several years into it, I can say that it is real, essential, and pressing.

    The teachings in this are vast...vast. They can easily occupy the rest of your life. But for most people that extent of study may not be feasible. Awareness is what seems essential for most people. To become aware and begin to recognize that deep, subtle inner voice, that inner knowing that will move you in life.

    If you google the book Steps to Knowledge, you will find the gateway to all this. By the way, this book and practice is free online for anyone.

    Hope that helps.

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    Dan10 Jan 22, 2012

    @RexTorn and ProtectiveAngel

    Thanks for your posts, I'm quite new to Noetic Science and don't have very much knowledge of it so your theory is quite strange to me.

    I have just one question,

    What do you base this belief on? Books? Personal experience?

  • Anonymous Icon

    RexTorn Jan 22, 2012

    @ProtectiveAngel Thanks for sharing your experience with us. You speak of the book of knowledge and I am not familiar with that. The book Steps to Knowledge and the practice that is given for reclaiming it is something more recent. Actually very recent. The inner knowing practices in this are a daily Step with a short teaching, affirmation and meditation/contemplation that each day, over time, allows you to slowly re-direct your mind toward Knowledge, with one goal to be the actual experience of Knowledge. This book is free online or you can purchase it, whichever is you inclination. It is so important and fundamental that is must be shared with the world.

  • ProtectiveAngel Jan 21, 2012

    I agree. It's all in the book. The of book knowledge. As you say, it a knowledge that we have stayed away from by groups. Many things to learn in this ancient book. Many things I was surprised to see. Including a story of a real scorpion king. It's the owners manual for our lives. It tells what is to come in the afterlife. YES, it's all in this book.
    Have you it yet?

    I still have much to read. It should be clear what this book is.

    If you really want to see mysteries unfold into writing with explainations, then start reading.

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    RexTorn Jan 20, 2012

    @Dan10 Well... to elaborate. Consider for a moment, that what we think we know of ourselves, the world, our minds and the universe is inaccurate. That we have been conditioned by culture, society and human manipulation for millenia into living and thinking the way we do now.

    That in actuality our existence here is a small part of a larger existence that transcends what you can sense with your body and worldly mind. That the deeper mind I spoke about is actually the mind of our Being or greater life. That greater life is expressing itself here in the universe as part of a necessary development that includes contribution to this reality. That deeper mind has been forgotten since birth, by design, and the technique I speak of allows you to re-orient your thinking mind toward this deeper, eternal and knowing mind. This technique is tailored for this time in our history and for events that are occurring and will occur soon in the future. Other techniques to reconnect to this deeper mind have been given to us in history's past, and much of that information has since been lost, corrupted or kept by the select few.

    This deeper mind ( called Knowledge or mind of Spirit) has the understanding of why we are here, what we must do and who we must meet to carry out our purpose for being in the world. This purpose is not something that you think up for yourself. It is something that is called out of you by the world when you are ready. Here, ready means with sufficient desire and capacity to carry this purpose maturely and meaningfully into the world. The practice I mentioned is the technique for preparing yourself to begin to respond to this deeper mind and live your life according to what this Knowledge knows you must do.

    Otherwise, we live life here with this amnesia about our greater life and Knowledge so we may experience and live a life separate from all this. For in actuality we chose to experience this world that way The world you see today is the result of living a life separated from Knowledge. Only when we have tasted the world sufficiently to realize that we cannot fulfill ourselves without connection to Knowledge do we open ourselves enough to begin the journey back to Knowledge and our real purpose for being here.

    Hope that helps a little.

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    Dan10 Jan 19, 2012


    Could you elaborate please? Your post is very interesting.

  • Anonymous Icon

    RexTorn Jan 19, 2012

    Hi, I'm Rex and am new here. I was reading through this and something that I have found I'd like to share here. I have been reading and learning we have 2 minds. One is the "worldly" mind that is conditioned by our life here and the other is a deeper mind that is connected to life, the universe and to beyond that "knows". The first mind is influenced by other people, our beliefs, the world and is very changeable. The second mind is certain, knows and acts. The sense of intuition is a very basic and surface expression of that deeper mind.

    We are very disconnected to the deeper mind, but there is a technique that allows us to practice re-connecting to it. I've been using this practice for two years now and am amazed at the clarity, insight and stillness it has brought to me.

  • ProtectiveAngel Jan 18, 2012

    Ok now,
    I'm not real smart of brain stuff, so help me out.

    Is the conscious mind ONLY receiving information while were awake?

    Is the subconscious mind working out problems 24/7?

    If both answers are yes, then I propose that the subconscious may be more knowing and more intelligant.

  • Anonymous Icon

    Dan10 Jan 03, 2012

    Sorry for the grammar mistakes

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