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I find coincidences interesting. I went through a period where I had a few that really stood out regarding requests for directions from strangers in the street. It got to the point where I was able to recognize the first part of a coincidence before the second part arrived. Crossing a busy street in the city when I got to the corner a young girl stopped me and asked me which way was east. I pointed and told her. As we parted something told me that this is the first part of a coincidence. I gave it no thought and continued on my way. On my return to the same corner several hours later another girl stopped me and asked which way was 5th Ave. I pointed east.

  • charliet Jan 18, 2012

    Hi to all

    If you have not done this yet sign into the "Double Slit Experiment" on the IONS main page (bottom right). The idea is to see if you can effect an outcome at a distance. Mine were positive , one question that came to me was is it coincidence that I was able to effect the end result? I don't think it was as I actually had a negative result on two sessions and I knew I would, intuition, coincidence, maybe. Try it and see what you think.

  • Saoirse Dec 31, 2011

    "saoirse; what are odds the type of flower attractive to particular butterflies happening 2 b in vacinity , on that particular day...i have heard of reports of people saying they were 'promised' a 'sign' later seemingly delivered on..in environ u describe!"

    I would say very high. Butterflies aren't all that particular about what flowers they feed on, and they will be drawn to and investigate most flowers, although some colors draw their attention more than most. I've never seen a graveside ceremony where folks hadn't followed the usual tradition of piling flower arrangements everywhere. So ... what are the chances of butterflies being drawn to an enormous mass of fresh, multicolored flowers? Just about 100%. It would be far more surprising if you piled up all the flowers and no butterflies showed up. If I wanted to promise to send a sign after my death to comfort someone, that's what I'd promise, because that way I'd be sure they got the sign at some point -- what would be the odds of the never seeing a butterfly after my death?

    Someone who claimed to be an expert on past lives was asked once whether she believed that humans come back as other species, so that a person who lived an evil life might come back as a cockroach. She said no -- cockroaches have their own karma and don't need to be burdened with ours. That's pretty much how I feel about butterflies, birds and other creatures as "signs" from the dead. Those critters have their own lives to live. They're individuals in their own right, not toys for dead humans to play with. I think it's human nature to feel that the universe revolves around us, but my experience with wildlife tells me that most wildlife is really not that interested in humans, other than to make sure we don't turn them into lunch. Maybe this is why so many species are being driven to extinction -- because humans can't just accept them for what they are instead of worrying about what purpose they serve for humanity.

  • Saoirse Dec 27, 2011

    Like a lot of other things, I think this is an area where it's easy to fool ourselves, if we want to. Our brains have evolved for pattern recognition, which allows us to process information more quickly, but also has a side effect -- it means we're constantly looking for patterns, and we're bound to find them but not all of them are meaningful. We see faces in every random pattern. We ascribe meaning to random events. Also, we remember things that seem meaningful to us and tend to forget those that don't. If you think about a close friend 100 times in a week, and on one occasion, that friend happens to call at the same moment, we remember it, and forget all the times we thought of her and nothing happened. We also have to be careful, I think, not to view too much of the natural as supernatural. I often hear people say they know a loved one was present at their graveside ceremony because a lot of butterflies showed up at around the same time. The same people wouldn't think it was supernatural if they scattered bird seed and a lot of sparrows showed up to eat it. But when they pile up butterflies' natural food source (flowers), and butterflies show up, it's considered a supernatural visitation. The only difference between the two is the observer's need to believe the butterflies are more than butterflies.

    So maybe the question is, what makes a particular coincidence meaningful, and how would one tell the difference between one that was meaningful and one that was just random coincidence? We'd drive ourselves mad if we saw every random coincidence as a message or portent.

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    Searching4 Dec 26, 2011

    I also believe that synchronicity is the result of a strong energy field which 'invites' another similar patterned energy field into the consciousness. In many personal incidences, the energy field has appeared to me by way of a song on the radio answering a strong call for help in some way. However, there are some 'coincidences' which I haven't been able to understand - i.e. my mother constantly meets people with same birthdays, house numbers etc. It could well be that these people are 'charged' to meet for reasons that, if further thought of guidance were given, they were meant to meet to fulfil certain learnings in this lifetime. Any further thoughts?

  • Saoirse Dec 11, 2011

    I think coincidences are fun, as well, although I don't believe they're meaningful. I've had some funny ones while out in the field. A friend and I have a running joke that I always seem to know how many rattlesnakes we'll find between the end of the trail and the truck. One day, just playing around he announced dramatically that he could sense 4 rattlesnakes, and proceeded to describe them minutely -- age, gender, size, how many inches from the trail. I responded, "Really? I only hear three, but you're right -- one's a baby." We were nearly back to the truck, having found two young adults, when my friend joked, "I thought you said there would be a baby one." I glanced down at my feet and said, "Here he is." There was a button-tailed baby just about 3 inches from my toe. Another time my friend asked how many there were and without thinking I said, "Just one. He's really big, but he's way out on the blacktop, and we have to hurry to get to him in time." We both laughed, knowing we had never seen a rattlesnake past the end of the gravel road. It was getting late anyway, so we hustled up, and way out on the blacktop road was the biggest rattlesnake I'd ever seen. I got out out and moved him off the road, just in time to prevent him from being run over by a fast-moving pick-up coming from the opposite direction. I'd love to think I can psychically count rattlesnakes, but the reality is, it's not really a miracle that I find rattlesnakes in good rattlesnake habitat when I'm actively looking for them. There are lots of them out there, and if I keep guessing how many I'll see on a given day, I'm bound to be right some days out of pure coincidence. Too bad though -- it would be fun to be a magic rattlesnake whisperer!

  • charliet Dec 10, 2011

    A friend of mine once decided to keep track of everything that he could for about a month, people, conversations, observations, basically anything that popped out and got your attention, out of the norm - so to speak. He just took notes and then compiled them in the evening.

    What was noticed was synchronicity, the majority of the occurances would form an obvious path to an end result. I have noticed how major events in ones life can be traced back through lesser happenings that at the time gave no indication of direction, but made sense after the main event.

    I believe that there is no coincidence. All is predetermined, with the exception of the small mundane things of daily living.

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    JoeLewis Dec 08, 2011

    Have you read about Carl Jung's theory of "Sychronicity" and modern physics idea of "Quantum Entanglement"? You may find them interesting.

    Some people believe that certain coincidences are result of consciousness affecting matter, for specific purposes..

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