A Study on Paralysis and Consciousness?

Posted Dec. 7, 2011 by otmuz in Open

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commented on Jan. 27, 2015
by Imagination



Being a paralyzed individual...a little paralyzed mound of flesh, and part of the big bowl of consciousness...I'd like it if there was a study designed to show how a shift in consciousness could affect paralysis positively. It is possible. :)

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    Imagination Jan 27, 2015

    A Study on Paralysis and Consciousness? Spiritual metaphysics: Charles Fillmore, Myrtle Fillmore, daily word. Big picture: neurology: movies (Awakenings - 1990; Limitless - 2011). X-ref: HemiHelp - UK, hemiparesis, hemiplegia.

  • KYRANI Dec 12, 2011

    I will join the same network you have so there is another contact for us as well. Yes I agree with all that you are saying. People don't have a lot of time. Life for most people is hectic. But when people realize that a lot of the stress they suffer and which can have a negative impact on their health, I think then they will stop and consider these thing. It takes some crisis sometimes, like Occupy Wall Street. It would not have happened if people could continue on as before, even though it was not ideal for them, even though there was suffering. However a crisis affects people enough for them to come out of their comfort zones and act. They dare to embrace the endless possibilities that life can offer. And another thing that I like about Occupy Wall Street is that there is no leadership. A lot of people see this as anarchy but I think it makes for a united mindset of good people and that is needed. A united mindset of good people is the force for change to come about. There are single individuals in the world today that have the power to overcome evil and are working to that end but more is needed to effect change in the world.

  • otmuz Dec 12, 2011

    Ok, thank you for making that possible. Yes, I am part of another network, called sol-network.ning.com/. There, people are open to discuss such topics...I joined a conversation on Remote Viewing, and my attention was drawn to Ingo Swann...boom! The study of consciousness/parapsychology entered my head. You see, I think people, who almost faced death...wake up sooner than those who don't. I'm planning on going for a master's and am searching for a route to lead me down this fascinating path...the secrets kept from humans...that will set us free. Occupy Wall Street...it is good. Yes, have you seen Thrive also? a documentary? http://www.thrivemovement.com/. I think there's a lot meant to scare us, use us under the influence of fear, distract us, and lead us to disaster. I get confused...I tend to over think...I agree, ESP IS REAL, but we live in a society where a lot of folks need to focus on their job all day, leaving no extra time for other activities...5 senses are enough. They just don't have energy, incentive, time, or fun. They'd rather watch TV, have sex with no meaning, party, drink, play games, etc. in their free time...And then there are those tasks that are musts, like feeding kids, washing, cleaning, driving, shopping. There seems to not be any room for any other activities. I type this with 1 finger...Movement in any direction, is slowed down without money, or sped up by motivating events.
    Before the accidents I went through...I was dreaming about this. Now...I feel good, but am so far away from the truth still. And this search...is what keeps us alive and curious.
    I will email you. If you'd like, you can erase the post with your email, just in case. Can we delete anything? I haven't found out we can.

    Have a grand day.

  • KYRANI Dec 12, 2011

    I have joined this network to see what sort of things are going on in parapsychology and to interact with people such as yourself. Thanks for the support. Noetic tell me they will pass on emails between us. I can also give you my email at Yahoo. It is ani.eade@yahoo.com.au so you can send me mail. I have had some problems connecting to get my mail and to log on to sites today but I sense the problems are over. I think it is important for ordinary people to come together and do experiments that demonstrate ESP within relationship. It is vitally important to do that because it is being used adversely by toxic people. I envisage a movement like Occupy Wall Street. What are your thoughts about this?

  • otmuz Dec 11, 2011

    Thank You! I am all in it, and for it. Yes, I would like it if we emailed, or some other form of communication. It's just not wise for me to mention certain detail to the flocks...
    I clicked on your screen name but did not find link to email. Are you able to see my email too?

    I read both posts. Very grand of you. I am with you.

    This life is one grand adventure...

    Tell me a bit, here, or otherwise, what caused you to join this network?

    Have some telling meditations :)

  • KYRANI Dec 10, 2011

    I would like to try and help you. I may be able to do that through this spot but if you want to say things that you want to be private you can email me through noetic's email. I am told we can communicate through noetic's system. You need to tell me about the stroke and the accident that you had that you had the spinal cord injury. All of this can heal. It is important to appreciate that cells can do incredible things. Read my comments on Noetic Now and Dr Turner's blog on cancer the link is http://www.noetic.org/noetic/issue-seventeen-december/unexpected-remission/. I believe that you can make the changes you need to make and remove any ideas that are standing in your road. The reason I send you to that blog and also what I wrote on strokes (in the discussion section under meditation increasingly acknowledged by science etc at http://www.noetic.org/discussions/community-groups/262/) is because I want you to get an idea of how much ideas can affect us. If you have had a stroke then you will have ideas associated and you need to identify and release them. It might also be that the accident may have associated ideas too and you need to discharge them from mind. Making them unconscious is no good because they are still active, only you don't know about it. I would like to help you get well if I can and if you would like to try it.

  • otmuz Dec 09, 2011

    Ok. i'm playing with new thoughts....
    First of all...the big bowl of consciousness, the one we're all a part of, in the 99.99999999% of it...has it that there is no quick recovery from a stroke and from spinal cord injury. Both of which I had in my early 20s. I am able to move my triceps which is such a blessing, I have my biceps...and my shoulders....from there on visible movements disappear. The bowl of consciousness affects all. Our deep gifts of intuition, remote viewing, truth seeking, telepathy, are left to rot. I would need to be in a place where no one sees me as paralyzed, where I don't see myself as paralyzed or am reminded of it, where I don't worry about how I'm gonna make a living, where medicine is caring...not pill, and a goodbye, get used to it hun.
    When I got paralyzed I was a mess, trying to organize my life under severe stress. Relationships with guys were a big problem, feeling unloved by my parents...it wasn't the love that I could feel rather. I had to get a job and living with my parents was not an option. I felt I was gonna dry up and die living with them. I wanted to feel freedom, I wanted to do the things I hadn't done. This led me to the accident. After, I let go of a lot...truly. But now, 3 yrs later...it's starting to bite me again. Like a cat biting my small toe. I read....and everything points to the possibility of healing,I know a cure exists. But it's not just flesh deep...
    Jesus made a paralyzed human ok again...He was wise, powerful, and lived not worrying about bills and self image. His consciosuness...
    His teachers, his spiritual journey...we really know little about him.
    I read about Joseph Murphy, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joseph_Murphy_(author), the power of the subconscious...the right way to pray...
    I've done a huge amount of research. Sun gazing, Reiki, everything needs a new state of mind........which, I cannot do in my current circumstances, because of how caught up everyone seems to be in the this global consciousness. You see? Trying to break free, and empower ourselves...does take effort.

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    JoeLewis Dec 08, 2011

    In my opinion, one shift of consciousness that might help is to not see oneself as "a lttle paralyzed mound of flesh". Despite some physical paralysis, doesn't your body continue to do some really amazing things - just as part of every-day life? Why not focus and identify more with the "big bowl of consciousness". What is your place in that bowl? How will you nourish the feast of life - and be nourished by it, despite your physical challenges?

    I don't know if you are a religious person and believe in "Saints" but some of them were afflicted by terrible physical illnesses DESPITE having some of the most spiritual shifts in consciousness that humanity has ever known. Given that, I'm not sure if a shift in consciousness can\or will affect your paralysis positively.... but maybe it can positively affect your experience of the paralysis. What do you think?

  • KYRANI Dec 08, 2011

    Tell us a bit more, how did you come to be paralysed.. what emotions.. what conditions in your life.. it all may help to get a positive result.

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