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Posted Nov. 3, 2011 by jimdun9241 in Open

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I have held back on writing about my latest discovery because it is not directly related to consciousness, but it has helped to make my meditations more profound, and I feel an energy that I only feel from a higher consciousness state. I guess when the body is at an optimum state the spirit soars. That is what I am experiencing.

My discovery is about amazing nutrients in a capsule. The nutrients give the body what it needs to heal anything, even reverse brain damage, and give great stamina and energy. It was discovered by a dr in 1929. He had success with cancer patients using it, but the establishment blocked him. His research was lost until now. University of Colorado did double blind placebo clinical trials with great results. That is what convinced me to try it.

I was feeling sleep deprived and worn out from caregiving 80 hours a week. I was also having a big problem with my eyes after cataract surgery. The 2nd day of taking the nutrients, my eye problem went away and I felt great. People say I look great.

One of the main things I was hoping for was an improvement in my running. I was having to drag myself thru my weekly runs. After one week I had the joy of running again. I cut 4 minutes off my running speed. The greatest thing was my recovery. I have never recovered so fast or so completely the same day.

Other people have experienced physical/emotional healings of everything you can imagine. The most common comment is I have never slept so well. The nutrients increase serotonin and cut cortisol in half.

Here is a link to some information http://www.laminines.com/avian/

This link is like a course in nutrition http://www.laminines.com/avian/laminine-science.shtml



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