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Recovery from autism, case documented by the National institute of health in Washington

Posted Oct. 17, 2011 by Shivayara in Open

commented on Oct. 18, 2011
by F_Alexander



Good morning

I would like to share with you our personnal experience in the fully recovery from autism hat my son has experimented.

In 2003 I discovered the movie What The Bleep Do we Know. At that time nothing was working in my life , I was close to divorce
with my wife, my son was autistic and I was suffering from general anxiety desorder, and at work I was put on administrative duties because of my behavior problems, I'm a police officer. At that time I thought,I had nothing to do with all of this happening in my life, I was completely wrong. I started viewing over the following years, What the Bleep do we know and How far down the rabbit hole do you want to go, I watched them hundreds of time, I didn't know nothing about Quantum physic, that's why I needed all those years and my problems were considerably deep inside of me. I was on a very negative path, At that time, one of the first thing I started to experiment was to says to my wife who wanted to leave me , that she was merveallous,I wasn't just saying it, I was believing it, feeling it, of course at first she did not believe me and thought I was crazy but things started to improve with us over a couple of months, and I started to put my knowledge of quantum physic at work with my son, who at that time had a shadow in class with him 25 hours per week because of his behavior and health problems. He was diagnosed at the age of 4 in 1999 with the spectrum of autism from light to medium degree,with an hyperactivity and language problems, he could'nt talked very much at that age saying a couple of words. To make my story short,

We were recently invited by NIH in Washington, National institute of health, and after sharing informations and medical reports ,with the team in Montreal who diagnosed my son, NIH experts could'nt found any signs of autism at all on my son , all of this is documented and I have the reports. I knew the results before going to Washington but for us having our case documented was a reward for all those years trying to improve ours lifes.Today I'm totally in love with my wife and I'm back fully operational in my work with new responsabilities, I wasn' t even expecting. My son finished high school last years in a regular school and nobody even suspected his former state of health, he was one of the best students in his school, receiving five awards last week, as well as giving tutoring for regular students. We have developped , my son and myself martial art courses for autistic children, that our way to thank the universe. If you want to hear more about us please feel free to contact us, I was told by a medium I had a special gift, I believe we all have it if we use the path indicated in What The Bleep.

Yes we can create reality and the solutions resides inside and all around us , I can't denied this reality with all the beautiful events happening in our life
I wish you all a beautiful life

André Langevin

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  • F_Alexander Oct 18, 2011

    That was beautiful Andre, thank you for taking the effort to share this story with us! It is my continual wish for us to see through the language of modern science just how empowered we truly are, and to apply that knowledge, and the story of you, your wife, and your son truly illustrates this possibility.
    May you always find strength in love.

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