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Is The Electron Conscious?

Posted Oct. 5, 2011 by LawrenceCarson in Open

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commented on Jan. 27, 2015
by Imagination



Is The Electron Conscious?

At first glance this seems to be a rather senseless question. But then IONS founder has been known to ask “Does the Universe Perceive? The first is a micro question that implies the macro nature of the latter.

So here is my reasoning. If electrons of an oxygen atom enter and then mysteriously leave their emergent atomic fields of manifestation in precise femtosecond timing …and then instantly change their enter-exit frequencies when their atoms nucleus combines with two hydrogen atoms to form water … how do they know how … and when to do this instantaneous switch? So the question is really two questions:

1 – Do electrons possess dynamic states of awareness?
2 – If so, are they also conscious … i.e. comparative reasoning?
3 – And if they do possess limited spans of conscious, do they self-control their reactive behaviors?

Does anyone know of any research being done to test out the theory that the zero point field (ZPF) is comprised of the highest energy state, i.e. the state of “Awareness?”

I look very forward to any directions or institutions that I may contact re the above research. Thank you very much.

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    Imagination Jan 27, 2015

    Is The Electron Conscious? That's quite a question. In the world of neurology, it's known that some medicines impact the human-brain mind in good ways, for example, the temporary reduction of epilepsy symptoms or Inattentive ADHD symptoms (rare testimonials) due to a medicine which works. This means that the electrons obey a law of the universe (such as gravity). A good person or a bad person can step off a building; both will fall because gravity is a law (of Source/God/Infinite Intelligence). Why do horseshoe magnets work? The electrons obey a law (like gravity). Do the electrons think about it or do they simply obey the law (of Source/God/Infinite Intelligence)? X-ref: The Secret (2006) - film.

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    LawrenceCarson Oct 14, 2011

    At typo who wrote:
    “But from a monist point of view, the whole universe is living energy”
    Excellent comment and the monists are those who have seen farther and deeper. They are explorers that want to look at both sides of the coin … not a “one-versity” (University – of one) but a (Di-versity – of two) and that coin has both the Energy-Time-Space dimensions …as well as the infinity no-time-space place postulated even by the reductionistic focused quantum scientists.

    If one just thinks for a moment … how in the world can split photons traveling major distances from e4ach other cross-communicate faster than the speed of light? This we all know is more than substantiated by science years ago. There is only one way … they are communicating in a monistic dimension (Zero Point Field) because they want and need to maintain balanced polarity. Are they aware? Well it is my experience that not only are they aware … (which by itself does not manifest reactive behavior) … they also respond (simultaneously change their spins to maintain energy balance states) and since we know they respond … they – arguably - and in effect know what they should do (knowledge implies conscious [Latin << con + scire = with + knowing]) and then their partner changes position they follow.

    So with my experience … I have allowed my belief library to accept the notion that:
    1) All energy is aware. (Aware alone will never lead to reflective or responsive action and I agree with your comment.
    2) If something is Aware … and has a knowledge (innate propensity, motive … a want to) it is driven by some form of preferential program and it responds to maintain its status with that preferential program (vector state of being.) then by Latin definition … it is Conscious.

    IMO and … In summary … if energy is not aware … it cannot be conscious. But if it is aware … and if it has some knowledge storage and retrieval mechanism regarding preferential vector states … it will respond … to maintain the relational results destined for its being, I.e. …it is alive …thus … there are No NOUNS … and all that exists (e=mc2) are Living VERBS.

    Therefore and IMO Life is a supply chain of the very attributes that make up this entire galaxy … 1 - Aware >> 2 - Consciously Reflect on Priorities that motivate and moves >> 3 - Responses >> that create preprogrammed >> 4 - Results.

    Aware>>Reflect>>Respond >> Results … eternal

    Lawrence pondering ... this ... that ... and other things ... all throught the metascope of curiosity.

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    LawrenceCarson Oct 14, 2011

    At typo who wrote: “There is an uninterrupted continuity between the finite and infinite>”
    Brilliant! And in my experience that “uninterrupted continuity” is likened to Coherent Inductive Influence. The very electrical transformer bringing electricity from down the street is a very high voltage and through the use of step-down transformers that uses the high voltage side (EMF) with coils of primary and secondary windings … Induces a lower EMF into the house side of the transformer. The primary side induces electrical signals into the secondary side … AND … the secondary side counter induces (communicates) back to the primary side creating what electrical engineers call Counter EMF. Both sides communicate back and forth in a two-way feed-back – feed-forward system … or as you said …. An uninterrupted continuity.”

    And if you really want to go out on a major scientific mind exploration …. Consider that the universe (multiverses) actually have living energy states … on multiple planes … dimensions … that are continually sending out their own unique EMF signals … back and forth … all talking to one another … to the extent that there “Peaked State of Awareness” can pick up on the EMF and Counter EMF signals.
    The Meta Matrix … is the ultimate Wireless Internet … Listening is the key … but only for those that know the energy never dies. 

    Lawrence pondering ... this ... that ... and other things ... all throught the metascope of curiosity.

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    typo Oct 10, 2011

    And to explain my positions as I am not a quantum physicist, I have a few as friends and read heavily on it. I many years ago did deep meditation and in the proceeding years, had experiences that became common to my life that, made me really re-think how I saw things, as I came from a family of scientists and was raised in that mindset. Strangely, what I experienced in the last years really gave me a new way to see modern physics in a new light that was natural and easy interweaved with whatever else you want to call it; super natural is not a really agreeable term to me as, it all seems natural, just we havent developed the measruing tools to prove it scientifically and I am not sure it's so important to, it wil happen on its own anyway.
    The human organism and all of nature seems composed of both the infinite and the finite and science is working to fill in the holes and will eventually I believe. I have a deep appreciation of the hard sciences and again beleive that there is an uninterupted continuity between the finite and infinite. Older I get, the more they are the same to me and the more I see connexion between ancient philosopy and modern physics that is direct. I think we are a very young species which isnt a bad thing.
    Again, if you ask me if I think energy is aware, or particles have awareness, I feel yes, as I am conscious, I am aware. Consciosuness is the middle point between the poles of the finite and the infinite and again I think they are qualites of the same thing.
    The more I experience my life it becomes more and more self evident to me, so uch so I wonder why I spent a great part of my life in my mind and not living my life to its full capacity as its utterly gorgeous, the seeing and the seen.

    "Eternity is in love with the productions of time.", William Blake

    Be well. Had to get that out.

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    typo Oct 10, 2011

    I think, dealign with the last answer, its important to get an understanding of what I belive consciosuness is.
    Maybe its better to state that an electron is aware and that consciousness is the quality apparent when awareness meets with information. Thus conscisouness would be a series of concepts or ideas, that are referenced as context and this context makes for a stable refernce for indivudal automation of more evolved forms of life. In that sense I'd change my statment to are electrons conscious....no. Are they aware....yes.
    I think probably Nikhal might have been sayign the same thing.
    Then we have o get to awareness, which again is a word, and to really argue anythign we have to develope a consensus in terms in order to comminicate. Awareness, is merely intellgient responsivness and one can based on one's beleif attach this or that to it.
    You can run a photon through a two slit diffraction study and it acts as a wave, you put a eletron micropscop on it and it acts as a particle and breaks down eeriliy to 50/50 ratio proportional to the number of times the study cooses to measure. It seems to have a insight into the study.
    And that is one of the more simpler studies Ive seen. Then you can look at shroedingers cat concepts and all that.
    I am non dualistic meaning, I see matter and wave as, or I see all energy to be comprehenisve or continuous. So, awareness and intelligence are qualities of energy as much as is differntiated matter. The universe is energy that diversifies by frequenccies into spectrums of velocity. ANd its simply put.
    The interaction of the various levels, creates reality as we know it. And I suppose, a rule I have that, for anythign to communicate it must share a fundamental plane or origin.
    But from a monist point of veiw, the whol universe is living energy. But then one can argue life. Animus or to animate. BUt then I also see time space as applicable to lower sectrum of energy, and that consciouness can experirence non linear reality.
    We are energy, and awareness is one aspect of that energy which we are, cnsciosuness or learned context, defines a conceptual limit that creates what is needed for a fractal like diversified sub organism to interact.
    But I don't try to get to the god question, as my beleifs on that are unimportant, I beleive that is the right of every individual to seek themselves. I also don't mean to say anythign other than these are my opinons from my experience, which is my own. I will not and cannot ensure its veracity and woudl be absurd to do so as well, irresponsible to tell others.
    OFten these things become enterprises for seeing if the universe is alive. But I can't see that, matter or awareness, as seaprate from any concept of divinity, anything divine woudl be inherent to its creation, or one. I have no sense of division or concept intellectually of pluralism or dualism, albeit the worl we interact with is real enough and so forth.

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    wbilly3814 Oct 10, 2011

    The ZPF is merely the non-zero baseline of a given, specified quantum system whos lower limit is defined by Planck's constant, and has nothing whatsoever to do with any non-mechanistic (consciousness) idea or concept altogether, it is a purely mathematical description of a purely mechanistic baseline that is small, but non-zero. the ZPF has been the most misrepresented concept in quantum theory and often mistaken for the quantum electrodynamic vacuum energy, which far exceeds a googol joules of energy per cubic centimeter.

    I explained all of these concepts in Quantum Physics, Near Death Experiences, Eternal Consciousness, Religion, and the Human Soul.

    electrons do not 'posses' consciousness, they are the result of consciousness. consciousness is not a thing that is possible to exist within the confines of this finite universe, it is mathematically impossible, but must reside in an infinite domain.

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    LawrenceCarson Oct 07, 2011

    @ Nikhil & Nous: Thank you both for your comments.

    Do you know of anyone doing "reverse engineering research" (RER) to figure out ... (Content-Effect) If subatomic particles react differently in different situations ... then ... (Context) What must be so for the content-effects we do monitor and see?

    Stated another way ... since we can monitror and measure particle responses (effects) when their enviornments change ... than what are the causation principles driving those effects?

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    typo Oct 06, 2011

    I like the answer above.
    I knew a guy, who wrote his master's theis in Quantum Mechanics on whther a tree fell in the forest if it would be heard and wrote a proof that, molecules are aware and thus we don't need human's to observe since, everything is passively observing. I came to think or opine that, I rethought what is intelligence as a term. I redefined intelligence along the lines of conservative momentum, so that, intelligence became the chioce a atom makes when it fuses, fisses or combines to become a molecule, also when tropism in plants occur, or any natural act that takes the path of least resistance with in balance with natural flow or law. Like obeying gravity. Such an act would apply to any human's decision. More complex life forms, such as mammals, can do unitelligent acts because, they form thought bodies of concepts and thus are referring to a virutal reality from learned experience, and thus have variantions, since as they become more capable of abstract thought, they can interact less with reality and more with thier concepts of reality. Being so I look deeply into culture now in considering world problems and how its passed on.
    Thought is energy but its, sort of a indirect form of it, using the simile of like a shadow would be ok...
    But if Intelligence was looked at as a universal, which may or may not be inferred in the former reply, it would really change in time how mankind would see the world culturally. Which is where I think a solution may come, as it could seal many fracture in how we see ourselves within the universe as separate from it or part of a single event, to which even our own consciosuness is natural and theidea of collective consciosuness and how collectives form heirarchically, and influence movments like molecules, nations, religions movemnts and families and individuals whoa re collectives of various spectrums of energy.

  • Nikhil Tandon Oct 05, 2011

    Yeah each and every particle are concious. But we cannot reveal it, you may call it insufficiency of data, ideas, terms which can define. I am working on similar subject. I think the thoughts possed by objects is not so effective and hence cannot go out of track. There is certain system which we are confined to. As we all know human have capabilities(extented) but we don't know what are the capabilities. Similar way I know objects and particles are conscious but we lack approach, where we can understand. Soon we will discover it

    Thank You

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