What can you do?

Posted Sept. 19, 2010 by frequencytuner in Open

commented on Oct. 25, 2010
by Tdrulard



To effect the change we desire, what can you do to bring it about?

  • Tdrulard Oct 25, 2010

    Change is the only universal constant. Everything changes regarless. The purple people on pluto have no concept of time, all they know is change. It's "effects" are all around you right at this very moment. Take a look around you and see the truth that is universal flux. To "affect" it one only needs to be aware of it. Your affecting it right now. You always have been and always will be. The problem lies with belief. We know things but we really don't believe in them because it infringes on our palatable reality.

    You create your reality by understanding and manipulating universal flux. Things are going to change regardless of your interactions, It's your interactions that negotiate how this change will affect your perception of reality.

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    yasmin Oct 01, 2010

    Events are unfolding in ways people can't possibily imagine - most of it is subtle. Sometimes it can take decades to "see " a SIGN.

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    yasmin Oct 01, 2010

    Try and tell others what you see or experience even if they dont understand or think you're being completely nuts.

    From a facebook page profile, part of an unusual case. Consider the possibility that we are ALL connected to each other and to a Divine Being / God / Allah / Yahweh.

    When Spirits Speak: Namaste.
    June 19 at 4:28am ·

    Dave Allen: What is Namaste?
    June 19 at 11:20pm ·

    .Carrie Ann London: Namaste is an Indian salutation which can be used as a greeting for all ages, all genders, all races. It's literal translation is "I bow to you" but it has a much deeper spiritual significance. Namaste says "I honor the Spirit/Light in you which is also in me", meaning that we are one.
    June 20 at 2:21am ·

    .When Spirits Speak: Yes, and though you are all many, you are all of our Light, and those of our Light are One.
    June 20 at 4:43am

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    ommadevaki Sep 28, 2010

    Trust in the inner spirit to guide us in an upward spiral of transformation through the unknown.

  • Xiakathy Sep 28, 2010

    The greatest danger is inertia - the dampening field which makes us feel that nothing is happening or that we are beyond the ability to affect change. We all feel it from time to time. This Institute helps a lot, keeping us together and assuring us we are not alone! The movement we are part of is a big one, probably the biggest social shift in our civilisation, and what comes of it is anybody's guess. Love is key to progress, without love we are left with fear.

  • CateFerguson Sep 23, 2010

    We can only bring about the change we desire within ourselves. We then radiate that change to all we come in contact with and even if we don't see it, we create that subtle shift and eventually change begins. It can be tough if we feel there is limited time for this to occur - sometimes I feel a rising despair but I close my eyes, breathe in deeply and trust myself. Then take another step forward. Keep learning, keep evolving and those who are ready will find you.

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