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What Do We Actually Do When We Are Dead?

Posted Sept. 21, 2011 by rosieb183 in Open

commented on Sept. 24, 2011
by Fallensoul



"What does the spirit do on the other side?

Nothing is revealed about the spirit developing further in the pursuit of art, music, engineering, medicine, or other disciplines one enjoyed on earth. If the spirit simply floated about, I could not imagine anything more boring."

I have been asked this question by a member of my forum.

I'd be grateful for some book, journal references that will provide more precise insights into what happens beyond death.

Any ideas, anyone?


Rosemary Breen

  • Fallensoul Sep 24, 2011

    Rosemary, this is the version according to the Vedic scriptures of India.

    The spirit soul is currently encased within a material body which is something like a machine that enables one to enact and enjoy on this material platform. As the embodied spirit soul (us) travels from boyhood to youth to old age, similarly at the time of death one passes into another body. i.e The spirit is reincarnated into another body -- just like a wearing old and worn out clothes, throws it away and puts on new clothes. Depending on our desires (consciousness) and our karmic results up until the time of our passing -- i.e our state of mind at the time of death we obtain that result. i.e If we have further material desires we will reincarnate again into this material world into another material body (which may not be human) so that we can continue to live out our unfinished material aspirations (as you have mentioned some of them) and continue to suffer or enjoy the reactions to our past actions good or bad.

    However if the spirit's or souls consciousness has evolved to develop love for the Source of all beings (which includes everything) and thus if your meditation is on the Supreme Person or God at the time of passing, one obtains the abode of the Supreme -- the spiritual realm, our original and natural position. One thus eliminates all karma and transcends the material world and regains his eternal spiritual body and enjoys an eternal life in relationship with the Supreme eternal person or God much like we enjoy loving relationships and things (as you have mentioned) on this platform. The difference is that its in co-operation with God rather than forgetfulness/enviousness. Its without gross self centered sense gratification and without the real sufferings that we have to face in our material lives i.e rebirth, death, old-age and disease; natural disasters, miseries of the mind/body and, miseries due to other envious living beings etc. As long as we try to independently enjoy this world, we remain here, trying to be a God in our own little world, reincarnating through various species enjoying and suffering in various ways and forms.

    So it depends on how you develop your consciousness in this life that will determine what will happen to you after death. There exists information like the Vedic knowledge that detail all of this information and a scientific process in which to get back in touch with your spiritual identity in connection with the Source. Thats in one sense the opportunity given to us in this short human form of life.

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    EthanT Sep 22, 2011

    You may also want to look into Rudolph Steiner. He was a guy that could supposedly read the Akashic records. Similar to Edgar Cayce, but in a meditative/waking state, rather than a trance state like Cayce. He goes into great detail of what happens after death.

    However, I'd recommend reading several folks on this topic and try and find the commonalities between them all. That's probably where the truth lies, as this stuff seems to be highly influenced by subjective traits.

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    EthanT Sep 22, 2011

    I agree it does sound rather boring! lol

    But, I think part of the problem is that we view eternity from a 3-dimensional viewpoint and with the experience of linear time. Eternity is not never-ending time. Rather, it is the complete absence of time. Try to wrap your head around an existance without time, and I think you can start to understand what eternity is, and why it may not be boring. Easier said than done!

    There are actually examples within physics that exhibit this behavior - namely, any massless particle, such as a photon. A photon does not sense the passage of time. Light is, in some sense, everywhere before it ever left. In addition, it is said space AND time were created in the Big Bang, which sort of complicates the question of what came "before" the Big Bang.

    There are probably phases afte death where you still experience time, going by some desriptions of NDEs and such. But, listening to some of the oldest and most perennial spiritual traditions and philosophies, it sounds like our ultimate destination lies within a timeless realm.

  • F_Alexander Sep 21, 2011

    Here you go! :D

    Then here is this book for some improved understanding of the world when perceived directly from that post-"death" quantum level.
    It was actually the first book that was ever entrusted to me, so long ago now, when I was just coming of age, so it was actually where I started.

    Hope you find them useful :-)

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