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Latest on Daryl Bem's Work

Posted Sept. 21, 2011 by EthanT in Open

commented on Oct. 1, 2011
by F_Alexander



I was curious if anybody knows of the latest status on Bem's experiments, which were outlined in his published paper entitle "Feeling the Future"

The lates things I have heard was from Dean Radin's blog:


And the rebuttal to Wagenmakers, et a;, on the statistical analysis, which is linked off Bem's homepage:


I'd be curious to know if any more folks have been able to replicate the results, or if there have even been more null results.

Are there any other web resources keeping up on this topic?

In addition, I thought Bem was moving forward with additional experiments along these lines, but never really heard any details on this either.

Thanks for any and all info.

  • F_Alexander Oct 01, 2011

    Oh yeah, that was a good interview, exciting stuff indeed :-) if you want to find more examples of the presentiment look into some of the work that Dean Radin has done. Actually, this talk also goes over some more studies in that vein:


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    EthanT Sep 27, 2011

    Hey, no worries, I appreciate the interest!

    It actually didn't occur to me, but a recent interview of Stuart Hameroff in the Aug edition of the IONS Noetic Now Journal does support Bem's work in a way too.


    Specifically, where it adress the backwards time effects. Essentially, Bem's results seem to indicate the exact same type of phenomenon, which is why he titled his publication "Feeling the Future". The time symmetric formualtion of quantum mechanics (TSQM) seems to indicate that something like this could be possible too, although it falls short of providing an actual "mechanism". I've noted that both Hameroff and Penrose see to be fans of TSQM.

    ------------------- Excerpt

    "I want to add one more point because I think this is really, really interesting. Dick Bierman, a good friend of both of ours who did the experiments with Dean—beautiful work showing this backward time effect—has been saying for many years to look at the raw data in mainstream neuroscience. For example, he looked at Antonio Damasio’s data and said there are backward time effects there. The subjects respond before the signal (whatever it is, depending on the experiment) actually appears and occurs. When Bierman asked Damasio about it, Damasio said, “That’s crazy! That means there’s backward time, and that can’t be.” Bierman insisted Damasio look at his data, but Damasio (a mainstream neuroscientist) just wouldn’t go there.


    I was talking to somebody today who said that a neuroscientist working with monkeys is seeing the exact same thing: the monkey reacts before the image appears, by the same several hundred milliseconds—up to two seconds—but even several hundred milliseconds is a long time in the brain. The point is that this backward-time effect is now appearing in mainstream neuroscience, and once people get over the fear of being ridiculed, I think everybody is going to come out and say, Oh yeah! I see that; everybody sees it. In the next few years we’re going to see this explode."

    I sure hope so ... would be very exciting if it did!

  • F_Alexander Sep 27, 2011

    Sorry mate, I still haven't come across anything.

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