Links of Dean Radin commentaries and people with extended human capacities.

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commented on March 8, 2012



I just realized that the IONS forum was the perfect place to post things like this. For those who aren't very computer savvy, just highlight the web address, right click, copy it, and paste it over the "http://noetic.org/discussions/open/post/" address at the top of the page and press enter.

Dean Radin discusses the "stupidity hypothesis," and the dynamics of educated peoples' belief in psi phenomena:

Dean Radin discusses the psi taboo and then goes through some of the research that has been done, in the past and today:

Also, here are some cool individuals who serve as living illustrations of certain occult techniques for altering our body's functioning in the realm of quantum biology:

"Electric man" serbia, and a another such person from India
& http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9YVFUaU7zcI

Cold resistance

A man who can run for as long as he wishes (as long as he carries food on his person):

And here are two individuals who have acquired their capacities through training:

Shi Yan Ming, man pursuing mastery over his chi or "ether."

Isao Machii, can slice a ballistic projectile. Unfortunately this clip does not show his glancing first attempt.

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    BECHAMEL Mar 08, 2012

    After I respond on this board content surrounding it becomes later ALTERED in places.

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    BECHAMEL Mar 08, 2012

    I am forcing intake of food currently & barely, due to health concerns so perhaps am biased.

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    BECHAMEL Mar 08, 2012

    That is not @ all any consideration I am speaking of.

  • F_Alexander Mar 07, 2012

    Oh yes, I see how one does not want to encourage people to start fasting.

    "Well, if I form a link to God or the divine source and don't have to eat, that WOULD save a lot of money on food." lol

    But I sure do find all these kinds of interesting people as wonderful illustrations of occult concepts, even if we don't understand the scientific specifics behind such processes yet.

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    BECHAMEL Feb 29, 2012


    OK a hallucination or apparition, not technically alive.

    We do synthesize D vitamins from the sun...just trying to guard against eating disorders or death, please; with regard to speculation about fasting excessively.

    No offense intended.

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    BECHAMEL Feb 29, 2012

    Vitamins however can be important. I was deficient in certain key things. Malabsorption can occur even when people eat properly. The vague recommendations seen on this site (which will probably be edited for content after I post, if trends continue) can be detrimental to health, if followed in absence of proper nutrition.

    Maybe that yogi cited was an apparition or hallucination & not solid human form. Because this only way can go years without proper nutrient intake and live.

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    BECHAMEL Feb 29, 2012

    Concerning comments about persons absorbing energy rather than food; I would check to see if subject is leaning towards sun. Because sounds suspiciously like a plant.

  • F_Alexander Feb 27, 2012

    That's ok : )

    Maybe I'll go ahead and add a Dean Radin bit here, like this cool radio conversation touching on everything from the GCP to UFO's! (I think the surprising UFO stuff is on part 5 or 6, really opened my mind).

    And don't miss those telekinesis clips! Maybe other people are jaded and used to it but I'm sure not ^_^

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    BECHAMEL Feb 26, 2012

    Clarification; ought have maybe said it referred to part of above questions. I am poor at these discussions. Sorry.

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    BECHAMEL Feb 26, 2012

    I was not referring to that topic specifically. Thanks anyway.

  • F_Alexander Feb 26, 2012

    Indeed, I was not seeking to debunk, but rather to support. I believe this is not something that we would find in nature because it is a transcendental phenomena, a principal of attaining nourishment through an increasingly pronounced connection to a powerful source of energy. Theosophists believed some of their masters in the Brotherhood to live upon a similar process, here's one of their documents which discusses them if you'd like to read their words for yourself, I know they discuss this process SOMEWHERE in that document ^_^ http://www.leadbeaterandbesant.org/Masters_And_Path-CWL.htm

    (By the way BECHAMEL, I saw your post directed to me in one of the Big Questions threads (about a month ago ^^) and I just wanted to thank you, I know what you mean and I will try to keep that in mind.)

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    BECHAMEL Feb 26, 2012

    Would not debunking theories be about limiting capacities, rather than extension of? Maybe have read this wrong. If so, apologize.

  • F_Alexander Feb 26, 2012

    Oh, and along with those new clips I thought I should put forward a distinction to that note of people who survive without eating: I believe it is not a question of whether or not they receive sustenance, but rather whether they receive it in the gross form we are familiar with. I can very much conceive of modes by which our body could be renewed and supplied with biological "building blocks" on a subtle-energy level (as an alternative to breaking down dense-matter formations and reconstituting the pieces).

  • F_Alexander Feb 26, 2012

    Just came across what look like authentic demonstrations of telekinesis and realized y'all might be just the crowd to share them with :D

    moving a ring down the length of a pencil

    trying to pick up a matchstick

    folding a dollar bill with one's chi

    Blasting a fork out of a mug

  • charliet Feb 01, 2012

    Have to agree with BECHAMEL. A law of nature is that all living things require nourishment and all living things release waste, this is fact. Can't see how someone could "live" for seventy years without food of some type, if it were possible we would see it in nature. I need proof to accept this claim.

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    BECHAMEL Feb 01, 2012

    I loathe to sound like the solitary voice of skepticism here, but suppose I could be perceived this way by asking this question concerning below quoted account.

    Really? How?
    I can see someone potentially reducing metabolism for periods of time possibly for limited bouts. Seventy years is pushing limits of believability if this is a claim of no food, vitamin supplements or liquids of any kind the person would have had internal damage sustained by now? Does he enter an altered state of consciousness where someone introduces nourishment he has no recollection of at later time? The brain requires nourishment to survive does it, not?

    Fallensoul Sep 24, 2011 Add to that if not already there:

    Prahlad Jani -- The yogi that claims he hasnt eaten for 70+ years. No eating. Not even drinking water. Unbelievable..maybe, but he also claims he hasnt even used the bathroom! The 30+ doctors who studied him for 15+ days says his brain MRI looks like a 25 year old.


    Some of my friends went up there to his cave in Gujarat and interviewed him. Quite a simple yogi.

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    BECHAMEL Jan 31, 2012

    Concerning D Radin, would you know we just observed him speaking on the extended feature commentary of "what the bleep do we know" dvd. After this, heard others such as, Jeffrey Santinover, MD. What would be great is for those two to be interviewed together, in the same place, or for a group discussion maybe with many of those involved. It seemed like points by one conflicted with another in another session, or complemented one another.

  • F_Alexander Nov 05, 2011

    And here is more of Bob Munden, probably sometime after they tested him in the shooting lab.

  • F_Alexander Nov 04, 2011

    Here is an extensive lecture by Rupert Sheldrake. From about 8:12 onward he discusses the subtle forms of communication and instinct that may enable the coordinated behaviors seen in many communal organisms, such as birds and fish.


  • F_Alexander Nov 02, 2011

    Certainly, thank you Matthew, it is always a good time for feedback :-)

    Another couple links to add, here is an individual whose body naturally activates an abnormally high proportion of its muscle fibers.

    Also, here is some footage on the use of chi by one of many healers trained it its use.

  • Matthew Gilbert Oct 31, 2011

    However belatedly, thanks for posting these, F_Alexander!

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    EthanT Oct 25, 2011

    Part of my educational background is in physics, and I have spent a nice amount of time on physicsforums.com. But, just a word of warning ... most topics talked about on IONS are, by default, immediately considered fake/BS on that site. Sometimes, they have good reasons, but sometimes they don't, other than the usual biases.

    Lots o' skeptics over there. ;-)

  • ProtectiveAngel Oct 25, 2011

    Well I'm not trying to prove they are fake, but I did find this message board topic.


    The guy who jumps into 1 foot of water was on "America's Got Talent", but the show was not nearly as high as the outdoor jump. No way to fake that jump.

  • F_Alexander Oct 23, 2011

    Oh totally, it was a pleasant surprise when one of my friends showed me that ^_^. Four of the video links I posted are from Stan Lee's Superhumans actually. Which by the way, do you know of a good resource for verifying these people? I would like some external sources to verify that these people's situations are not a made-up stunt of the show, even though I don't expect that to be the case.

  • ProtectiveAngel Oct 22, 2011

    I noticed too that some of the people listed in the links can be seen on TV.

    Check out Stan Lee's Superhumans.

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    EthanT Oct 21, 2011

    Only just now saw it, but thanks for that additional link. Very interesting, indeed!

  • F_Alexander Oct 18, 2011

    In its more fully manifested form, a Synethesic manner of processing numbers allows one to look into another facet of reality and literally see numbers and equations as if in their home dimension of existence. This link confers extraordinary mathematical functioning.


    I should say that rather than viewing such people's processing as abnormal, we should view it as more fully functioning than our own. Rather than seeing Daniel's neuroanatomy as an incorrect development, we should understand that it is due to developmental mandates for such higher functioning that such pathways are created. In essence, they are the necessary physical infrastructure to support the translation of incredibly complex new stimuli. Interestingly, I can recall a detailed account of one young man who developed synethesic functioning after an intense amount of mental strain and unrelenting effort when studying mathematics.

  • F_Alexander Oct 07, 2011

    Here is a great little video regarding quantum biology that is both entertaining and understandable for those unversed in the language.
    "A Quantum of Solace" - Molecular Electronics of Benzodiazepines

    Also, another example of human capabilities reminiscent of Isao Machii, Bub Munden also goes beyond the human body's g-force endurance limits with his quick draw shooting skills. The test at the end is extraordinary.

  • F_Alexander Oct 02, 2011

    Well sure, I'll take a look. And thanks to Fallensoul for that video!

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    donsalmon Oct 01, 2011

    Hi, I think that the refusal to consider psi is at least partly due to a misunderstanding of what science (as currently practiced) can tell us, and a lack of understanding the limitations of the current scientific method. I've posted an essay on this, "Shaving Science With Ockham's Razor", over at integral world (a ken wilber-related site) and would be very interested in getting feedback - especially critical feedback - on it. Thanks
    http://www.integralworld.net/salmon3.html (write me at donsalmon7@Gmail.com)

  • Fallensoul Sep 24, 2011

    Ethan T,

    Sorry, try this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zyk7KDsNDCA&feature=related

    Yes he was at the hospital monitored on 24 hour camera the whole time etc.

    Not me personally, but some of my colleagues.

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    EthanT Sep 24, 2011


    Do you have any more resources on that guy that are in English. I couldn't understand a word of the video :(

    Sounds fascinating and verified, as I am assuming he didn't eat or drink during that 15 day period doctors were around him?

    That's really cool you actually got to go visit him.

  • Fallensoul Sep 24, 2011

    Add to that if not already there:

    Prahlad Jani -- The yogi that claims he hasnt eaten for 70+ years. No eating. Not even drinking water. Unbelievable..maybe, but he also claims he hasnt even used the bathroom! The 30+ doctors who studied him for 15+ days says his brain MRI looks like a 25 year old.


    Some of my friends went up there to his cave in Gujarat and interviewed him. Quite a simple yogi.

  • F_Alexander Sep 21, 2011

    Totally :-) I'll be occasionally adding videos to this thread too as time goes on, so there should be a slow trickle of new media.

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    EthanT Sep 21, 2011

    Thanks for posting these. Looks like I have some interesting videos to watch later ;-)

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