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the purpose of our existence, it is our mind?

Posted Sept. 9, 2011 by ramsess in Open

commented on Sept. 24, 2011
by Fallensoul



hi all! first, let me say, I have respectfully to you, with all respect and Recognition in that one must have an institution such as yours, Anssi that person also has great chakra and knowledge
As for me, already without google taduction that I would not have written that "I speak french" I'm just a student and that I arive a conclusion that I was the bitter comméme have your opinion if it pleases you, I am ure you would rather open and if it's stupid or already in the topic thank you for Aytre redirectionner to the other topic
firsoffall, all the world now know string theory with little strings vibrating in the tiny quarks and all the other strings vibrating orgies
Second, the human cannabinoid system or we know that these are the most nombreus receptor in the body and can treat pain and also very efficassement the shanvre marijuanna or is a plant in nature and were there in man so abbanadance still smoking, this plant is here to appease the man of her pain
third, the strength of mind that you probably know better than I once well consentré channel and can react to our body and with dose of cannabis it will multiply the power which is reaction with the atom(and I tested it several times, and I'll explain how)
In conclusion, I think the man with his mind one day all will be able to make a world without pain but my real conclusion I give it to you after having had a few rays of your reaction
my question if it can be this?

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  • Fallensoul Sep 24, 2011

    Vedically speaking, the purpose of our existence is to enjoy.

    Variety is the mother of enjoyment. Truly fulfilling enjoyment cannot be had alone, it is enjoying in relationships with others, primarily in connection with the Source of all enjoyment, not on a temporary basis but on a platform of permanent existence.

    The height of enjoyment is exchanged by serving one's beloved for their pleasure. The most perfect and natural relationship is that which exists between us and the Source of all relationships, the Source of all love, or The Supreme Personality of Godhead.

    That act of trying to understand, realize and love the Source of all being is called bhakti or the yoga of devotion. It yields the greatest satisfaction.

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