The Oroubus: What does it symbolize?

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A single pulse of Zero Point Energy did create the universe. Zero Point Energy - what we understand it to be - creates - what we understand it to be - a holographic fractal wave form. A single pulse wave resonates for one cycle. The wave contains within it every possible range of frequency in every direction - like a single 3 dimensional (X-Y-Z) water wave. As a fractal, it exponentially expands in electrical energy infinitely larger and smaller.

This is the same principle as the chromatic scale in music. To remain synchronized - consonance - the wave form expands in electric energy and inverse proportionally contracts in frequency - creating harmonics. The Zero Point Harmonic Scale ranges from a wave that's 45 degree or 1/4 phase IS equal to 0 and it's inverse - fractal inverse - goes to infinity - Zero = Infinity.

The holographic wave frequency band observable to the human brain is a fractal harmonic within the range - as we call it - the Electromagnetic Spectrum. The 3 frequencies that the human brain can observe are - X (Electricity) Y (Magnetism) Z (Consciousness). Each dimension or brane - as we understand it - is a Zero=Infinity holographic fractal harmonic of Z (Consciousness). Matter and Light appear to form and are sensible at the Z (Consciousness) harmonic where the X (Electricity) axis crest/trough intersects the Y (Magnetic) axis crest/trough.

Logically speaking IF Zero=Infinity THEN Nothing IS Forever. This is why the Oroubus, the Energy Serpent is trying to devour itself.

  • telephoenician Sep 20, 2012

    "Mathematically Past is "roots" describing origin and future is "squares..."

    I'm wondering did you mean to say "powers" rather than "squares"? Not to offend; I'm still trying to wrap my head around all this.

  • frequencytuner Oct 13, 2010

    Einstein said "God does not roll dice." Bohr disagreed and quantum theory took a new direction. Now we have a terrible mess...

    Here is one other concept to try and wrap our mind around. The past - as we understand it - describes things "smaller". For example, the origins of the universe are the beginnings of the beginnings of the beginnings of the beginnings of the sub-quantum beginning of the production of...everything. It all comes from one source but not in a "time" sense as we know "time" but rather in a perspective sense as if time describes logarithmic octaves of Conscious perception - the Z "observer" axis.

    What is it literally? the pineal gland.

    Mathematically Past is "roots" describing origin and future is "squares" describing evolution. We are existing on one of these harmonics - the Electromagnetic Spectrum is that harmonic.

    I am referring here primarily to grand time scales, epochs, eras, "light years" - not what you did last week. Myth describes mostly cosmic concepts because on a deeper level - "past" - what I am typing right now IS known to you. The cosmic references are made because whatthy describe is infinitely 'small' but reflects infinitely large and can be visualized by looking "up" - or into the "future".

    Quantum is - for example - 2, plants 3, animals 4, humans 5, earth 6, solar system 7, galaxy 8, etc. These numbers represent logarithmic exponential RATIOS.

  • frequencytuner Oct 07, 2010

    One last addition. Leptons (Neutrinos), Neutrons, Electrons, the 'Strong and weak' force and EM all follow a very specific symmetry of interaction. Energy (frequency, momentum) and Magnetism (spin direction, moment) are the only 2 forces that interact. Depending on the scale of the interaction, the results will change because of the inverse proportion.

  • frequencytuner Oct 07, 2010

    neutron, correction - of sorts. All originates from the trinity.

    For example, the 1 - Central Nervous System, 2 - Peripheral Nervous System and 3 - Endocrine system to regulate. Add in the (1) Sensory and Motor divisions, the (2) Automatic and Somatic divisions, (3) Sympathetic and Parasympathetic divisions branching off of main (CNS) system.

    There are 3 generations or flavors of neutrinos (surprise surprise), 6 (3 opposite pairs) quark flavors in neutrons. A Neutron, as well as it's complimentary 'particle' (proton) are made of 3 quarks each.
    We can go even deeper getting into neutralinos, but there is no need.

    Neutrinos do not oscillate at 'will' in the contemporary sense, but the scientific world has to drop the addiction gauging everything by the 'speed of light' and understand it is a frequency and that gravity and the 'strong and weak' forces are one and the same thing (fractal) and that thing is magnetism only. Remember Energy and Magnetism are inversely proportional.

  • frequencytuner Oct 07, 2010

    a fractal nertron

  • Xiakathy Sep 29, 2010

    Love your science, FT, you are at one with the fractal universe. I expect you understand equations, too! I've learned most of the important stuff from another dimension - too complex to explain here, but one of the things I was told: UV light is a communicative frequency. This makes sense of a lot of things that UV light can do. Logically, we are surfing a number of dimensions all the time, and there are those with which we feel most at home - I expect a lot of people on this forum would say their 'home' dimension isn't this one! However this may be, the avid cosmologists of this age put a lot of store by the little neutrino, and there were lots of neutrinos in the early universe, apparently, before it got its act together and started expanding. You mention a lot of important things here - harmonics, synchronicity, frequencies and dimensions.... but there are few mentions (yet) anywhere to be found of the humble neutrino, a remarkable particle which oscillates at will and which the governments of the world are trying hard (with lots of money in the kitty) to harness. So... what do you make of the neutrino?

  • frequencytuner Sep 19, 2010

    This is the shape of the Universe, it is not flat.

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