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Shadow People en masse

Posted Aug. 28, 2011 by David and Yvonne Brittain in Open

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Shadow People En Masse
(We don’t mean flitting spectres)

How is it possible to have a world in which the great majority of mankind is made up of shadow people? Ideas and ways of thinking (positively and negatively) are infectious. This is the reason why we write these articles. Long ago mankind chose to go along with the idea to build civilisations. Obviously, having made this choice there are advantages and disadvantages to be lived with, regardless of when the civilisation was, or is, or will be, built.

For example, just like all of those civilisations that have risen and fallen in the past, our modern civilisations have to have leaders. The leaders are not mentally equipped to handle every intricate facet of the civilisation that they lead, so they must rely upon specialised experts to advise them. Outside of their fields of expertise these experts are quite ordinary people, probably as unversed in other fields of expertise as is the leader and are the rest of us. But the experts have the right to influence the leader’s decisions with their specialised expert advice. Then it is the role of the non-expert leader to make vital decisions (on behalf of we, the majority) based on an amalgam of the advice the different experts have offered. But also the decision has to be based on many other factors, considerations and demands of powerful vested and private interests.

At the apex of the pyramid structure of any civilisation, decision-making is always a compromise between various powerful conflicting interests. At the base of the pyramid structure is the majority of the population, most of which assumes that the leadership is leading as opposed to being led. On that often-faulty assumption the majority are content to abide by the leader’s decisions at whatever the cost to them. The point of this commentary isn’t to analyse the mechanisms of power politics. The point is to define how the majority become shadow people, and here we have a clue.

If a small group of people lived scattered and isolated on a large island, each member of that group would learn to be self-reliant. They would quickly learn to co-operate with each other to achieve common aims, but as individuals, to survive, each would have think for self. Obviously the disadvantages of such a life-style would be enormous but so would the advantages. Necessity would ensure that each would discover his or her special, unique talents and skills. But also each would have to master, to some degree, all of the required skills needed to survive.

For example: The skilled lone hunter would also need to know enough about medicinal plants to be able to aid his or her body if ill or injured. Also he or she would need knowledge of edible plants for when game was scarce. His or her solitary lifestyle would enable him or her to develop his or her own ideas, thoughts and conjectures about the, to him or her, mysterious unknown. His or her conclusions might be completely inaccurate, but they would be his or hers, not foisted on to him or her at the insistence of others. To survive, each would be fully in tune with nature, and each would be a very real aware person in his or her own right. Each would be strong-willed and self-reliant, but ready to co-operate with the other self-reliant group members, when required, for the benefit of all.

Not for a moment do we suggest that we all seek out our own solitary islands. But suppose the group that we have described, were placed in the middle of our modern civilisation. What on Earth would they make of us? We don’t mean our technology or even our vast numbers of people. We mean, what would these self-reliant, strong-willed individuals make of the attitudes and outlook of the pyramid-base majority? They would be completely baffled. They would be even more baffled by the pyramid-apex leaderships of each nation. These would appear to totally disregard the wishes and existence of the majority until it is ‘majority-manipulating’ election time again.

The majorities of all the nations have never wanted wars, or the expensive, filthy weapons of war, and the death and carnage that goes with wars, but still we have wars. The majorities of all the nations have never wanted to drive vehicles that emit poison gas and heat up the planet; this especially since public awareness of safer alternative technology has existed. But still the latest mobile poison gas machines in their millions pour from the factories. These are offered as the only viable choice to a civilisation that is structured and mind-conditioned to be totally dependent on individual mobility. We could go on and on quoting examples, but now you can understand the bafflement of our island group.

If there were something a group member felt was objectionable he or she would stand up and clearly state that objection. He or she wouldn’t nervously glance around, waiting for others to stand up first. We in our civilisation with its vast numbers of people, always wait for others to stand up first to object. Why do we do this? The simple answer is fear. Fear has made the individual prefer to be hidden in the crowd. Fear has always made the leaders fear and suppress self-reliant, outspoken individuals. Fear has made the individual devalue his or her individual power.

Fear has always accompanied the human species, as a species and as individuals. Fear has always driven the few to lead, and the many to passively accept leadership. This is not a tirade against leaders or the led. Individually we are all born into an already existing situation governed by the stamp of similar fears. This applies to both, the leaders and the led. It is not surprising that many individuals unthinkingly accept this situation as the norm. Because it is as individuals that we are born into this situation, logically, it is only as individuals that we can change the situation. To enable us to achieve this, regardless of what others choose to believe, we must believe, and know that as individuals we have great powers.

Unfortunately we are all vulnerable to unquestioned, conditioned, narrowly channelled thought patterns. Lovingly we receive them from our parent’s generation. Lovingly we then pass on those same negative thought patterns to our children, to become their own patterns of thought. In turn our children’s generation pass them on to their children ad infinitum.

In that last paragraph is a clue that we can use to comprehend the real power of the individual human being. The clue is the fact that, whether we realise the fact or not, each one of us is the apex of our own pyramid. That may sound odd until we give it thought (and no, we are not moving in to the obscure realms of sacred geometry).

When a baby is born it is as an individual, not as part of a crowd scene. In that sense the baby is the unaware apex of its own pyramid. The baby arrives with a blank sheet mind onto which others will write much even before the child realises it has a sheet. Because the child values those others, he or she will also value what they have written on that blank sheet. For the child, it is unthinkable to criticise what is written because to do so is to criticise those others. Instead, what those others have written sets the future negative or positive pattern of the child’s thoughts. In this sense the child’s parents are the aware or unaware apexes of their own pyramids, of which the child is conditioned to be a part. But also the parents may continue to remain as conditioned parts of their parent’s pyramid, and so on, back through the generations.

Even before the child becomes an adult, his or her personal experiences may cause the child’s thinking to burst through this parentally imposed conditioning. When and if this happens the adult-to-be ceases to be a part of a previous generation pyramid. Instead, the adult-to-be, becomes the aware apex of his or her, own pyramid, with the potential to be a positive or negative influence on his or her descendants in the generations that will follow. In short each individual (aware or not) sends into the future an ever-widening pyramid thought-structure down the generations. This is in the power of the individual.

It is important to realize that the potential positive or negative effect of the individual on the thinking of others is not limited to the effect on future generations. We only have to look at the growing number of adults that are now bursting through the fear-filled conditioning handed down to them by previous generations. The time of Mankind’s awakening has finally arrived.

Love and Laughter from

David and Yvonne



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