Before We Can Change Direction We Need to STOP THE WORLD: - 3-Day Moratorium 9/22-24 on ALL NEWS for Cosmic Convergence

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“Join the 3 Day Moratorium on All negative News.”

Dr. Carl Johan Calleman and organizers of the Lothlorien Peace Festival in France September 21st, 22nd, 23rd and 24th, together with the Know Thyself Initiative have recognized Humanity is being offered a rare opportunity to change direction. The opportunity is being afforded by the entrance into our Solar System of 3 cosmic bodies, comets Honda, Levy and the most important Elenin. Many believe the advent of these cosmic bodies may well be fulfillment of the Hopi prophesy identifying the return of the Blue Star Kachina (Elenin) along with the two brothers (Honda and Levy).

Various videos are circling the Web linking alignments of Elenin with the recent major earthquakes in Chile, New-Zealand and Japan. Having detected another major alignment on September 26th, where Elenin passes between the sun and the earth, many are sounding the alarm and warning of the probability of at least one major earthquake. Although conceding that this is one possibility of the alignment, we would like to offer another outcome. Seen from a purely energetic and consciousness perspective, this alignment can be used to propel the Human Race into the next step in evolution. Science today acknowledges everything is energy and Elenin is no exception. With that in mind, if we change the way we think then we can use this “Elenin energy” to usher in the long awaited Shift in Consciousness.

If you have switched off, thinking this is just pie in the sky or wishful thinking, let us talk about how a small number of people can affect the mass consciousness. We have seen time and time again how a few angry people can stir normally reasonable individuals to become an out-of-control rioting mob. Psychologists say this happens because of the collective consciousness. Fortunately, as with every group scenario it also works the other way, a positive message of hope can motivate people to believe in the impossible. This is what we are advocating. The Cosmic Convergence September 23rd, 24th, 25th, and 26th will use the energy generated by the Peace Festival where people present, as well as a multitude of groups and organizations outside will be focused on one single thought: Peace.

There are three ways in which you can participate in the Cosmic Convergence and like concentric circles; they grow larger as we move away from the center. The first is to go to France to the Peace Festival and join the spiritual teachers like Dr. Calleman, Masuru Emoto, the Hopi, Mayan, and many Indigenous elders in generating Peace throughout the world. The second way is by declaring your intention to align with the two statements below that Dr. Calleman suggests.

1. That we will consistently let our lives be guided by divine guidance rather than our egos.

On the face of it this statement may seem a no-brainer, but that could be an over-simplification. If we consider that “divine” represents our individual spirits, which are all connected to each other and always want what’s best for everyone; whereas the “ego” is the part of us that always looks out for number one, so to speak, then we can see the deeper implications to the declaration to commit to “consistently” following “divine guidance.” The way we can identify the difference between the spirit’s input and the ego’s, is to remember the spirit finds common ground to unite us; whereas the ego points out differences to keep us separate from each other.

The second declaration is also not so cut and dried.

2. That we pledge to focus on Love & Compassion for ALL Life seeing the world united in peace.

When we speak of Love we are not speaking of the feel good romantic love for a person, but the All-powerful Creative Force that permeates the universe giving life to all. This Love is experienced as a mother holding her newborn baby for the first time, or the first sight of breath-taking natural beauty as in the Grand Canyon, or a moonless night star-filled sky. This kind of love has power to change us in every way; Masuru Emoto’s work with sounds/words and emotions affect on water crystals is a perfect example. The individual human spirit experiences only 3 emotions, Love, Compassion and Joy. Consequently, this declaration was formulated to engender an awakening of the spirit.

This is why Dr. Calleman says, “…it is important that the very far reaching consequences of these declarations are recognized and probed in depth by those that choose to make them.” Energetically those able to make these declarations and focus on them in meditation or prayer will be literally tapping into universal creative energies to raise not only their vibration, but the planet’s too. However, many in society are dealing with so much stress and anxiety that to loose themselves in Love and Joy is impossible.

For those immersed in everyday life and struggling to survive let us remind you of the sub-heading “Join the 3 day moratorium on All negative News.” This is the third and in some ways most effective method of connecting to the Cosmic Convergence. Again science, particularly in quantum physics has demonstrated that we affect matter by our thoughts. Today in this technological age we are faced with a barrage of bad and negative news every day. This only adds to the stress and anxiety already experienced at intolerable levels by large numbers of the population. Unfortunately, because of the connectedness of the mass consciousness this also lowers the collective consciousness.

Consequently, for those of you desperate for some relief from this, we offer the third way to help yourself while at the same time adding your energy to the Cosmic Convergence.

For three consecutive days, September 22nd, 23rd and 24th those of you recognizing the need for change can pledge to only allow positive thoughts to enter the mass consciousness from you, by abstaining from:

• All news, TV, Radio, Newspapers or Web News
• All violent video games
• Any use of obscenities
• All movies that use obscenities and or violence
• Any music whose lyrics include obscenities
• All television shows that cause you anxiety

We say to abstain from obscenities not for moral purposes, but purely as an energy thing. These words lower the vibration, even when spoken in jest. Instead, if you let your speech reflect only positive thoughts, abstaining from all negative input and then perhaps the event becomes a self fulfilling prophecy– “3 Days of Darkness” by way of a media “blackout”. We turn our back on “news as usual” and create the alternative: Peace.

A good example of the effectiveness of “turning your back” on all negative input for 3 Days can be seen in the mini-series Merlin. In a nutshell, the plot centers around Merlin trying to end the constant conflict in Arthurian Britain while being constantly thwarted by an evil twin of the Lady of the Lake: Min. It is how Merlin defeats Min that demonstrates what we are advocating with a 3 Day Moratorium. During the final battle, where Min looks as if she has the upper hand, Merlin simply tells her she no longer has any power over him and turns his back to her, along with all the onlookers. As Merlin stands there, Min tries to get his attention, but when he and all present continue to ignore her she slowly disappears. Although this is a fictional story, its writers were inspired to present this to enter our subconscious and remind us that denying negativity weakens and dissipates it.

Another way of looking at the effectiveness of the 3 day Moratorium is employing the principle advocated by Eckhart Tolle in his book The Power of Now. By disconnecting from the flow of input (news), people are in effect living in the present or in other words “Stopping the world.”

Consciousness is neutral and will reflect our focus. If we are immersed in fear, stress and anxiety the negative grows exponentially until it dominates the mass consciousness. What we are proposing is to take a time-out from this stimulus and re-focus on things that bring you joy, whatever that may be. Some of you may want to look at beautiful photos or visit family or good friends. As long it does not involve negative emotions or thoughts, what you choose to do for those 3 Days is entirely up to you. By disconnecting from this reality, or being in the world but not of it, you will be connecting with the Peace Festival in France and the many groups focused on Peace during the Cosmic Convergence.

For those of you so motivated to do so, you can add extra energy to your intent by placing your light on the global map located on http://www.triple7center.com/ for the Know Thyself Initiative. As more and more lights are added to the map, the positive energy will grow in the mass consciousness. This is then increased even further by the multiple groups working around the world to bring peace and harmony. The power is in your hands; recognize that each of us is here at this time to be a part of the wonder and get involved. Placing your light/name on the map publicly declares you see a need for change and are aligning with like-minded individuals. If a large number of people simply abstain from the negative for 3 days it will add to the energy being generated by the Peace Festival and Cosmic Convergence in a positive way becoming the catalyst for the Shift in Consciousness.

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    stormwalker16 Aug 26, 2011

    I love this idea and have been coming to this focus for some time now; stopped watching the news years ago! It is in my personal life that this concept has taken longer to take root though I am striving towards it daily.

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