What brings you into the present, into the absolute NOW time?

Posted Aug. 11, 2011 by Gretchen Dreisbach in Open

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commented on Feb. 20, 2012
by MichaelRead



Sometimes even with meditation our minds can get stuck in what was, as well as what can be. What brings your awareness completely into the moment?

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    MichaelRead Feb 20, 2012

    Martial arts. More specifically, it was the experience of letting go of everything, even the match at hand, and allowing 'something else' to take over. Where I felt, knew, what was going to happen before it did.
    The exertion, the centering that went into it, was euphoric. On a rare day, I could continue sparring for hours on end, not noticing fatigue, caught up in the feeling of letting go. It's something I miss, and only one of two things in my life which has gotten me feeling closer to the divine.

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    BECHAMEL Feb 12, 2012


    I have had accidents involving ice. Be careful out there. A stupid thing to say perhaps considering I was not not careful, myself.

  • slowlygetnthar Feb 09, 2012

    Driving in morning rush hour traffic, especially on ice.

    Touching the indescribable softness of my cat when she nudges me for an ear scratch zooms me into the beauty & gentleness of this forceful fuzzball presence--and nothing else matters for the time of the indulgence.

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    BECHAMEL Feb 08, 2012

    Reply concerning what I wrote below;

    Prevention is now.

    (Summary of intended point instead, of what I said).

    This means different things, different times
    and different between different people.

    What I was trying to say but do less than stellar job of narrowing scope.

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    BECHAMEL Feb 05, 2012

    Reply G Dreisbach;

    Holding baby, now for one person while, anothers now having baby torn from them, for another, experience of being held, for another of being separate or held apart.

    NOW in capital letters reminds me of NOW,National Organization for Women group dedicated protecting rights of women. Beyond, women.

    In response charliet;

    Yes, discussion is not of god. As to other mentions of war, is relevant. For many, their

    right now includes war,
    war obscures what is right.

    Absence of original thought produces more of same which for many includes war, among other things.

    You bring up age. Length of time belief held doesnt validate it. An idea for example:

    "toxic" thoughts create disease

    can damage people; had a close associate in her eighties, whom in earlier days admitted being exposed to this concept. When in time she endured cancer, expressed feeling shame, guilt as she provided for this affliction being somehow served by negativity she manifested. Inaccurate, I mite add. Positive thinking worthwhile to pursue. However, holding to certain concepts not apply there.

    Voices of people dying @ war, in actual & proverbial crossfire fill the ether of universe. Its what constitutes ethereal. Does not equal "manifestation for good of all involved" in all cases.

    You claim absence of religion. Unless raised in wilds, no exposure to society, safe bet suspecting your views impacted by religion even if discounted. Term creator you brought up being part of accepted english language reveals how embedded it is. Yet means many things to many different people. Right now are places where straying from widely accepted interpretations gets persons scorned, even killed.

    Cannot agree less war is worth pursuing, it perpetuates that which concerns to resolve. Providing justification for war ok, but cannot coincide with pursuit of peace, war cancels out possibility for peace. Weapons cannot be uncreated, but can be utilized less.

    Many not only killed during war, countless born into such environs as result of forced unions, rapes, in conditions undesirable by any stretch. People being coerced and forced to give birth as well as people suffering, dying during process.

    You mention choice; it is, until is not. Casualties of any war go beyond whats reported.

    As to past lives, appears you imply those here now may suffer due to infractions in past lives; somehow people being rewarded due to good deed performed in past incarnation (no good deed goes unpunished)? This a reply to my questioning you defining of manifesting consciousness, example of innocent people dying as result of what amounts to politics. Apt then, you bring up past as, those dead of these circumstances I describe lived life in past, cannot speak, now. I speak of it, now. Yet fail to speak for myself in other circumstances. Go figure.

  • charliet Feb 04, 2012


    Final reply on this topic, we are getting away from the original thread here.

    I do not agree with war, the only time that I see it to be right is when it is to stop oppression or terrorism. Manifestation will only happen if it is for the good of all effected by it.

    To understand my outlook you must believe in a Creator - whatever you perceive the Creator to be, you would understand that you are spirit in human form, you would understand that you chose your path on this earth plain, you would understand that you have free will for many things, you would accept that some things are destined and that you pre-chose that destiny before coming to earth, you would know that accidents may happen and many times we are shown that what should have been certain death became a new life path, chance? miracle? or destiny?, it is up to you to make that choice, I know mine.

    I do not see God as being neglectful, this earth is a place of learning for you, it is experienced through the senses of the human, you chose to come here, you could have chosen many other places, you will not know your future or all the answers in your human form but you were aware of the probabilities in your spirit form. All peoples have chosen to be here.

    My outlook and beliefs are based upon my experiences and my inner knowing, upon facts and truths and things that I have proven to myself, things that have been proven to me. I only accept as truth what has been proven to or by me as fact, all else is theory until it can be proven, I am a skeptic until proven wrong, you need not accept my beliefs, you create your own, I am well past 60 years on this earth and have been blessed with my abilities since childhood, I am opened minded as well as established in my thoughts. I am not religious.

    Your truths are your truths, sometimes we all come to the same truth.
    Keep searching,chose your sources carefully, be skeptical until proven wrong. Do not forget to live your life.

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    BECHAMEL Feb 04, 2012

    A response for Charliet,

    You are hereby excused. But as I am not a judge, I doubt this means much particularly. Arguments the last thing on my mind. Discussions do not need to be equated with arguing. Otherwise would have gone to argument forum. Or, return to places where have been scolded by people attempting to start one, where I opted to stay away. Remember about consciousness impacting reality?

    So lets say for sake of discussion we are referring to a person acted upon by forces beyond their own immediate control, such as a person in a war zone, hiding so as not to be shot at, caught in crossfire. A venture at saying many, many individuals have died terrible, painful deaths praying to a maker, any maker, the maker, our maker, however you define it. If destiny is predetermined by a sole creator as you say,
    being a power and entity you say, is this defining that power as omniscient and sentient? Because if defined this way would in this type of situation be a neglectful entity, would you agree? Unless you are proposing innocent people deserve to die in this manner due to what amounts to politics?

  • charliet Feb 04, 2012


    "Creator" in the middle of a sentence with a capital "C" would indicate God ,(this is an accepted standard in the English language), the source of all that is and what ever else you may call this power or entity.
    Seems to me, and excuse me if I'm wrong, that you like to argue, I don't argue.

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    BECHAMEL Feb 04, 2012

    In response CharlieT;

    By creator, do you refer to creator of thread, the site, the institute? Perhaps you could be more specific? Consciousness manifesting reality is seeming the same as manifesting destiny charliet, because destiny equals what is destined, what turns out to be future. I can intercede to certain points but only when having the ability to do so, which can be altered and tampered with (ones ability). It appears you may be demonstrating in part what I was referring to by groups and individuals.

    A reply for Saoirse;

    Concerning what you are saying about the double slit experiment; when you mention this demonstrates an argument against pre destination, what you may be leaving out is that the experiments results are altered through observation by experiment designers from the concept stage of the experiment to the implementing of,execution of the entirety of experiment. So even where outcome is unexpected, the stage has been set so to speak.

  • charliet Feb 04, 2012


    Not really sure how you got the idea that I said one can "manifest destiny". Truth be known, no one can manifest anything if it is "not to be". Destiny can not be changed, it is set in place by the Devine if you will and "is to be" no matter what.

    The double slit experiment simply shows how we are connected and how we can slightly interact with the universe, we can not, even en mass, change destiny or manifest anything if it is "not to be". Don't ever get the idea that you or anyone else are the Creator, you are here to learn, simple as that.

    Accept the good and the bad, try to understand both, never stop searching, answers will come to you when you are ready.

    Take care.

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    BECHAMEL Feb 04, 2012

    In reply to charliet, concerning consciousness impacting reality.

    The issue I see with this view is, it is not merely our own consciousness impacting outcomes. It is all well and good to make proclomations about manifesting, but this runs hand in hand with the victimization of victims, of various things whom already may tend to blame selves for having manifest destiny, or have others imply this is the case pointedly while having alterior motives, this can be damaging. Applying these ideas for an individual in the grips of another entire groups manifestation for example, becomes impossible for the individual as well as a source for both false hope and a well of other things, none neccessarily fulfilling the promise the idea of manifesting destiny holds forth.

  • frequencytuner Feb 01, 2012


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    Jim Centi Feb 01, 2012

    Thank you for the articulate, comprehensive and easy to read comment.

    Something that we may both be susceptible to is the allure of what I have referred to as the Amusement Park of Conceptual Thought. Even when we engage in spiritual talk, such as this, we are susceptible to being drawn away from that sacred state where thought does not exist.

    Your analogy of the Skyscraper is akin to my analogy of the Amusement Park of Conceptual Thought. To engage in conversation such as this and remain on the skyscraper or in the clear sky above the amusement park seems to be where the light is.

    I appear to be cultivating the characteristic of the atomic particle that can be in two places at the same time. Conversing with you has provided the opportunity to hone in on that skill.

    Whoops, for just a moment there I was out of the clouds and back in the Amusement Park, standing in line with an E ticket, anticipating your possible advice on how I can better master this skill or exposing some flaw in my paradigm.

    Glad that’s over, I have returned to enjoying this ever evolving, bicameral experience of now…… best wishes…..Jim

  • KYRANI Feb 01, 2012

    @Jim Centi Firstly thank you for your criticisms. I do try to divide my work but I will make more effort in future. And for the record I do not have any hypoglycemia.

    Next I respect Dr Radin and his research but I don't have the time to participate.

    As for meditation and samadhi, I am saying that the methods of trying to still the mind is a very difficult road to take. You had an enlightenment experience years ago by the sound of it and you can enter that state again and make it more enduring by an easier route. By taking the experience of the “higher self”, that is the one that is aware that you are aware”, then you will not need to try and still the chatter, which is the make-up of lower self. At the higher level the chatter is unimportant and hence does not, indeed cannot dominate.

    The method I gave to Inspiration on being on a skyscraper looking down to the streets and the traffic that looks like ant size is a method given to me years ago by one of my spiritual teachers and it works well. Once you have mastered it you don’t need the method any more you can enter into the higher state of awareness easily. It is practice and you need to develop meditational practice to at least two hours a day. You can then extend it to much more if you do all your activities mindfully.. ie showering, cooking, eating. Sometimes it is hard to do we need to preserve without being harsh on oneself. Getting caught up in issues that affect our daily lives is human. One more thing I would recommend is to do long retreats. I did Zen retreats of seven days meditation length, from 4am to 10pm+ each day and yoga retreats that went from 2weeks to a month but had less amount of meditation a day.. most about 8 to 10hours. Then I also did other type of Buddhist retreats that were a month long and they had long hours of meditation but not as intensive as Zen retreats. I recommend them all.

    One last matter that I would like to bring up with you and I hope you see it as constructive criticism. You mention that you don’t correspond with your hypoglycemic friend because her writing is “outside the bandwidth of your comfort zone”. I suggest to you to resume your correspondence with her precisely because it pushes you outside the comfort zone. Maintaining a comfort zone is the single most destructive thing you can do not only for meditational practice but your health as well. A comfort zone is deliberately creating mental fuzz by affecting your breathing, either by deepening the breath or making it more shallow. Either way it affects attention. Deepening the breath causes more distraction because your brain ends up with too much “housework” to do in maintain a higher metabolic rate. Making the breathing more shallow cause you to go into lethargy akin to the early stages of sleep. Both are bad. A commitment to full attention regardless of life’s conditions, whether pleasant or unpleasant, is a commitment to gaining enduring enlightenment. Bless you.

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    Jim Centi Jan 31, 2012


    Apparently, we do not view living in the now and enlightenment [Samadhi] in the same way.

    For me, the affirmation assists in diluting mind chatter which represents perpetual reflections of the dead past and imagined future; it is a pleasant state, but far removed from Samadhi. In my post “Outside the Box” and commentary, I discuss Samadhi.

    In your comment to me you state “You can then enter Samadhi…easy!” If you can enter the state of Samadhi easily, I suggest contacting Dean Radin, Sr. Scientist at IONS. He has been researching the experience for years. My guess is that you would be invited into his lab.

    As a side note, I would find your comments easier to read and understand if you utilized paragraphs a bit more. That is not criticism, it is simply my opinion.

    I have a friend with a condition that her psychiatrist diagnosed as hypoglycemia. She is unable to separate her thoughts and divide her writing into paragraphs. I find her writing to be outside the bandwidth of my comfort zone; for that reason, I have curtailed my correspondence with her…..Jim

  • KYRANI Jan 30, 2012

    @ Jim Centi I don't understand what you mean. Can you explain your affirmation more please.

    @Inspiration. You do need to calm down to find the now but you are doing it the hard way and one that will not lead you to the ultimate experience of enlightenment which is your true life. You are aware that you are aware..yes? The you are aware is the personal self that struggles with what happened yesterday and anticipates the tomorrow. If you try to use this and get it to calm down you have an uphill battle and even when you win personal self can make personal self extinct! If you use the higher self, the one that is aware that you are aware, then immediately you are at the high level. As higher self you can observe the bubbling thoughts of personal self, but you are like an observer who is at the top of a skyscraper looking down at the traffic.. quite removed by all the comings and goings. You can then enter samadhi.. easy! You every step is on the path of perfection, you are already perfect. Know cause and effect is illusion only. Engage thus in mindfulness.

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    Inspiration Jan 29, 2012

    I just spent 2 hours in guided meditation. Finally, I calmed down and found myself in the now. Prior to that, the things that happened on Friday that were extremely unpleasant, and the continuation of the story that might happen tomorrow, consumed my mind.

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    Jim Centi Jan 29, 2012

    It seems that affirmations are not as popular as they once were, but here is one that assists me in living in the present moment.

    “I am always living in the future now.”

  • KYRANI Jan 29, 2012

    @ Saoirse
    I agree with you that there is no predetermination and I strongly suspect that the preselection or precognition experiments are not seeing some predetermined future at all. Everyone lives within some level of comfort zone which is none other than a mental fuzz. It takes away the sharpness of the focus of our attention. The person registers the absolute now moment but they do so subconsciously. However I do think that there is an ability to select something in the future but it is not a simple predetermination. We need to develop in order to reach that stage. For instance there is ample evidence in my life, when I look back with the benefit of hind sight that I came to the world at this time to do the work that I am engaged in doing at present. However I can also see that I didn't just come here and "okay what's got to be done" kind of thing. I had to evolve to be able to do the work that I am doing. I started out a weakling more or less, although I did have areas of development from past lives. Now I am standing up to a huge and evil subculture and bringing to light their methods so people can protect themselves. I can see that there is a plan but it is not something that predetermined and just happens.

  • Saoirse Oct 11, 2011

    I don't think there's too much confusion left over the 2 slit experiment these days, although a couple of years back a new variation briefly caused a media stir. But I think the 2-slit experiment is actually one of the best arguments against predestination, rather than in favor of it. If each particle had a predetermined destiny, you would never get an interference pattern. You'd always get two nice discrete spots. But that's not what happens.

  • DyckDyck Oct 11, 2011

    J. Krishnamurti presents logically in his argument that all thinking is old/memory. Hence no thought exists in the now.

    My wife, who has dementia, is my teacher of the now. I continue to learn, in surprising & sublime ways.

    This year with my diagnosis of stage 4 cancer I find unexpected happiness and peace. No fear of any kind has come up at all, even through my regime of chemo therapy. I attribute this to a surprising & spontaneous lack of imagination... or projection regarding the occupation of my guests.

    I'm not saying I understand the Now. Just exposing how it seems to be affecting me.

  • Saoirse Oct 11, 2011

    Then there's the Swami Beyondananda's approach to living in the now:

    "How many of you would like to spend more time living in the now? ... Too late! It's already then!" Gotta love the Swami! ;-)

  • KYRANI Oct 11, 2011

    As I understand it the now contains everything, it is the sum total of everything that has been, all that there is and all that will be, ie past, present, future and all space, energy etc. It is in some sense a singularity but there is no dualism. It has a one to one correspondence with every thing at the most fundamental level.
    What bring awareness completely into the moment? I believe the key factor is to get rid of all traces of comfort zones. To live in full acknowledgement of our vulnerabilites and without escaping into some mental fuzz, to treat likes and dislikes in the same way and be single minded in everything we do.

  • charliet Oct 10, 2011

    Dean Radins book Entangled minds is about how consciousness intertwines with everything. I will try to explain the double slit experiment, which by the way, has no explanation as to why the outcome is what it is, it is speculated that consciousness has an effect on the outcome and this to me asks the question "what is now" ?.

    The experiment goes like this. You have a device to release photons (photons are what were being used). You have a sheet, wall, whatever - some kind of barrier. Behind this is the capture device and its recording instruments. We fire a photon at the barrier and check, there is no capture as suspected. In the barrier we make a slit, fire a photon and look at the results, we'll call this "A". We then make another slit a distance away (distance did not seem to have an effect in the experiment), we fire a photon and check the results, not exactly what was expected, some type of distortion but it is apparent that two photons were received. Call this result "B". Now we add a high speed shutter to one of the slits (doesn't matter which one). We open the slits and fire the photons, one at each slit. After the photon has passed by the shutter but before it contacts the capture device the shutter is closed. Logically you would expect to see "B" as the photon is already on its way to the capture device. What you get is "A" even though both photons were recorded as striking the capture device. Scientists are scratching their heads over this. There are many speculative answers but none can be proven. One put forward was that the result is because the "whatever" (my words) knew that the shutter was to close and therefore gave the corresponding result.

    I am a believer in a predetermined, destined world. I have proven this so many times, I do believe we can determine some of our experience but not all. For me this experiment asks "what is now", now was already known before it happened, to be in the now you would have known that you would be and what the outcome would be. Luckily this is not revealed, some times we do get snippets of information. That is why I say "wrap your mind around this", it defies explanation.

  • DyckDyck Oct 10, 2011

    Dear Charliet,
    Can you just say whatever it is that you personally understand or feel about this. I sense you have interest, and I promise to value your offering.
    I say with respect... I don't have time to read books people tell me to read. Is it wrong of me to expect them to carry their own conversation?

  • charliet Sep 25, 2011

    I suggest reading Entangled Minds by Dean Radin, of special interest is the double slit experiment, then ask the question, "what is now". If you fully grasp it you will see that now was and knew what it was to be before it became. Wrap your mind around that, I'm still working on it.

  • DyckDyck Sep 25, 2011

    To contemplate the existence of 'now' is quite overwhelming to me. I wonder its relationship to consciousness, don't you? Not that I can say what that is either.

    Temporal experience seems helpful to understanding the 'now'... like having died & come back, or getting a fatal diagnosis, spiritual insight, etc..

    But, perhaps one doesn't have to understand 'now' to experience it. However, must I come out of the 'now' to look at it? ...... wait a minute. Is it even possible to come out of the 'now'?

    I'm conscious of myself typing and searching for thoughts and words that will express my curiosity and wonderment for 'this instant' in time. I'm considering how readers will comprehend my writing... Hell, I'm just working this out ...

    I like to consider eternity being not a continuum of time, but in the 'now' moment of this key.......... (..stroke I already made). Surely, with discipline, this is a creative and freeing process, if I allow it.

    With a different tack, going into the engine room, I deduce that fear seems entirely outside the 'now' (ignorance of future).

  • Gretchen Dreisbach Sep 11, 2011

    Dear sundiva, if we look at everything on the 3D plane as a symbol, or a metaphor, or an illusion, then might not relative presence be a symbol for, or a metaphor for, or an illusion of absolute presence?

    Our soul parts have many avenues in place to always maintain a base connection back to Source.

    There is no right or wrong, just experience...(and quite possibly the veil was in place for a purpose?)

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    sundiva Sep 11, 2011

    Some of those things above are not absolute presence. They are relative presence. Eckhart Tolle taught me how to be absolutely present. (which I practiced diligently for many months) Then my consciousness broke through the veil.

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    individual Sep 09, 2011





  • Saoirse Aug 31, 2011

    Rattlesnakes. You can't get close to a rattlesnake if you're all tensed up like a predator about to pounce, and you don't want to be close to a rattlesnake with your mind on the office. So when I'm photographing rattlesnakes, or just sitting on a rattlesnake den watching them, there's nothing else in the world, and at that moment, I don't need there to be anything else in the world.

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    Dagg3tt Aug 24, 2011

    I have been practicing Parkour/Freerunning for 4 years now, and this 'NOW' that you are on talking of, I experience a lot when training, when doing a movement when im jumping to something or doing acrobatics or what not, especially if it is at a great height, when nothing else matters except that specific moment in time is when i feel im most 'living in the moment' the 'NOW'

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    mg5005 Aug 23, 2011

    Weeding or planting in my garden or holding my cats!

  • Sibylle Hajostek Aug 22, 2011

    feeling the earth under my feet (even if it's just the floor of the house), breathing in deeply light and out any thoughts about what was and will be and focussing on my inner centre. Thoughts will come but I let them go and don't invite them to land or stay, with a bit of training this works better and better and you can do it everyhwere at any time you want :)

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    Franzen Aug 18, 2011

    Being in a body of water or near a body of water helps me reconnect along with music.

  • desertrose Aug 18, 2011

    The ocean...and the blasted alarm clock (a little levity).

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    EthanT Aug 11, 2011

    I also like endurance events ... trodging up the side of a mountain ... cycling .. etc. it's just you and your breathing and your pace. You set up a rythm and it can be very meditative ... it really clears the mind.

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    EthanT Aug 11, 2011

    rock climbing ... while 10+ feet above your last piece of protection ... its just you, the rock and a lot of air .... you sure don't want to lose your focus on the moment

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    Inquisitivegirl Aug 11, 2011

    Looking up into a clear starry night sky. Savoring a bite of delicious food, or the subtle taste of a fine wine. Hearing my daughter's joyous laugh.

  • Gretchen Dreisbach Aug 11, 2011

    Holding a baby

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