Human Devolution

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The current mainstream idea of our origins is that we have evolved up from matter. Consciousness therefore can only be a product of matter and nothing more. The mainstream scientists claim that based on all the evidence from various fields of science, all of them hold that the theory of evolution is true. Yet one should be aware that the scientific evidence actually shows a different picture but this knowledge is being suppressed in a process called knowledge filtration. There have been numerous examples of fossils found by leading archeologists that completely contradict this theory.

The Laetoli footprints in Tanzania have just been re-studied (http://www.dw-world.de/dw/article/0,,15251635,00.html) and show that these footprints are of human and not ape origin. They are dated as 4 million years old! How is this information dealt with -- "Well, it can't be modern humans like us because according to the dominant theory, modern humans like us only existed up to 200,000 years ago, therefore it must be some other species." So we will hear the scientists say that this just shows that Australopithecus had modern human feet. But the most complete foot skeleton of Australopithecus, from Sterkfontein in South Africa, shows a foot of an ape and not a human. This research contradicts that. The only creatures actually known to science (by skeletal evidence) that have a foot like that of a modern human being are in fact modern human beings. Therefore based on the evidence at the moment, it is clearly contradicting the theory of evolution. It's filtered away because we have to mash together all these contradicting pieces of evidence to fit the dominant model, and poor Australopithecus now has an ape body but with modern human feet!

There are hundreds of more cases across the various fields and scientists in the field are not completely unaware of it. If you're one of them, please share. We should be aware of this stark disinformation being propagated to our kids at school and misleading us to believe that we're evolved up from matter. It's like the Evolution Religion! Believe it or burn! The Vedic knowledge completely opposes this idea. It claims we have devolved from a position of pure consciousness or spirit into the realm of matter. It is not that we evolved from lower inanimate things, but devolved from a higher conscious being. Consciousness is completely nonmaterial.

  • Fallensoul Aug 16, 2011

    nbtruthman: The analysis of tracks so happens to point to the gait being of a homo sapiens. The footprints also indicate that its of homo sapiens. As mentioned above the only creatures actually known to science (by skeletal evidence) that have a foot like that of a modern human being are in fact modern human beings. The only creatures previously known to science that walk likes a modern human, is If it walks like a homo sapien, if its footprint is like a homo sapien, one cannot exclude the possibility that this could well be a homo sapien. We know from past skeletal evidence that Australopithecus foot is like that of an ape, so he just doesnt fit the shoe.

    Despite the "huge" amount of evidence that has been amassed for the evolution of man, If science finds genuine evidence that contradicts the theory (and this could well be it), the theory fails and science corrects itself.

    Wikipedia is highly biast to the dominant theory, naturally. Read about all the scientific discoveries that are described in Forbidden Archeology.

    >Like it or not, the human lineage went through primitive stages having smaller brains and hugely different, simpler, forms of consciousness.
    A highly speculative statement.

    >In order to have any credibility, any theory of consciousness including those trying to explain psychic functioning has to encompass the >overwhelming evidence for evolution in the fossil record and biology.
    What truly IS overwhelming is the fact that the proponents who actually believe and preach this stuff like its the only way to interpret the data. Look carefully at the data, like this one, that's actually contradicting the evolution interpretation.

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    nbtruthman Aug 16, 2011

    The article is only about an analysis of tracks, and is immaterial to the huge amount of evidence that has been amassed on the physical and technological evolution of Homo Sapiens over the last 4 million years. Try this summary of the current status of research on Homo Erectus, probably the last precursor of Homo Sapiens: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homo_erectus . Like it or not, the human lineage went through primitive stages having smaller brains and hugely different, simpler, forms of consciousness. In order to have any credibility, any theory of consciousness including those trying to explain psychic functioning has to encompass the overwhelming evidence for evolution in the fossil record and biology.

  • charliet Aug 09, 2011

    Hi Fallensoul

    That's my point. Maybe it appears to be a poor choice, suffering etc., there is also joy and all of the other emotions. We know that emotions have a direct effect on how energy behaves. I propose that this earth plain and this human body is how a being of energy and consciousness, (us), learns the effects and power of "emotions", I feel that this learning experience, which can be both negative and positive makes "us" more aware of "all that is present" in existence. I believe that to be part of "all that is" we must experience "all that can be". I admit that I would welcome an easier way to learn, losing loved ones is not easy, reading of disasters and watching starvation and horrible scenes unfold on television makes one question our beliefs. Ask yourself this, " why would this earth exist, with all of its faults and problems, if it did not have a purpose?"


  • Fallensoul Aug 07, 2011

    Ethan T: Nice post. Can't comment on Edgar -- for the most part -- its difficult to verify speculations/predictions, although I'm sure there is some truth to all that he is saying. Definitely spiritual evolution is more on par with realty than evolving up from matter.

    charliet: Yes. Even though we do choose to come here to this material realm, it wasn't a very good choice because we have to undergo various types of suffering here. Just like if a thief by his own choice steals something and then is placed in jail. It was his choice, but then that wasn't a very good one.

    Yes its a place of reformation. We wish to be independent in our enjoyment and we wish to forget that we emanate from and are dependent on a Supreme person, so we're given the facility here to forget that reality - to try to enjoy in a selfish way and exploit the material energy for our own sense gratification as far as we can -- thats the materialist model. Even spiritual people exhibit this idea to the greatest degree in that some of us believe that we are the Supreme. Yet we're responsible for our actions and often our actions commit some violence towards others which according to the laws of the spirit, they return to us in various ways. Until we 'get the point' that this place is not our home -- we continue to take rebirth here in our futile attempt to be king of the world.

    Emotional exchange here is somewhat superficial and temporary. Reality on the spiritual platform has a much higher and satisfying degree of emotional exchange because those relationships are free from envy and the desire to exploit and are experienced with transcendental senses. Our material bodies and senses are very dull and limiting.

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    EthanT Aug 02, 2011

    Yep. there is definitely, imho, a lot to point to the fact that the mainstream view of materialism/reductionism is coming up short and I think that will only become more and more evident.

    I follow the claims of guys like Edgar Cayce and Rudolph Steiner, who talk about Atlantis, Mu, etc. All these ideas also claim that evolution, as understood in the mainstream view, needs some major revamping, and that man has been around longer than we think. So, I always wondered if we would find conclusive evidence of that.

    Evolution is definitely something that happens, we just have a poor understanding of it. It's viewed as driven by material causes, rather than spiritual causes. I think once we make this (seemingly easy, but in reality) very difficult shift in empahsis, things might make more sense in the end.

    Something that is very interesting regarding Cayce's story and the Atlantean migrations deals with the mitochindrial DNA and haplogroup X. They can use MitoC. DNA to track migrations of different people and use it to show when they appear on the scene in various parts of the Earth. Well, haplogroup X has been a very hard one to explain. It shows up in various parts of the earth (Iroqouis, Basque, Gobi Desert, etc.)and its really hard to explain why based on current thoughts on evolution, etc. However, interestingly enough, it shows up precisly in the areas that Cayce said the Atlanteans migrated to upon destruction of their land!

    Yet another peice of evidence ignored by the mainstream. Although, I'll have to admit it IS pretty far left field of mainstream thought, lol

    Read more here:


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    Shankar Narayan Aug 01, 2011

    The Ramayana describes an army of Apes fighting alongside RAMA - the Perfect Man/ incarnation of Vishnu! to believers that is another piece in the puzzle... yet...according to modern science, as mythology is dismissed as fiction/ a figment of a highly imaginative mind it is conspiracy theory!

  • Fallensoul Aug 01, 2011

    Yes obvious they wouldnt. :)

    Certainly it isnt evidence that consciousness is fundamental -- wasnt trying to claim that with this evidence -- , but if you look at this evidence at face value it could well be taken as contradicting the theory of evolution. The mainstream scientists are choosing to fit this evidence to the theory. They are choosing to say "human-like" footprints. These prints look exactly like modern human footprints and the gait -- now proved -- is exactly as the way modern humans walk -- thats what this evidence is showing. One could well say that this evidence shows they were modern humans beings like us walking 4 million years ago. If one looks objectively at this scientific evidence this conclusion is natural. But because this piece of evidence doesn't fit into the dominant model of evolution therefore its already impossible in the minds of the evolutionists to come to this conclusion, so they're making the assumption based on all other peices of information that have also been fitted to the model -- therefore this can only be Australopithecus which just so happens to have modern feet, while the rest of his body had to somehow catch up. If you're a researcher in this area -- its a bit of a ridiculous idea to accept. There's a book Forbidden Archeology which details a great deal of scientific evidence which has been thrown out or fitted into the evolutionary model but actually contradict it.

    And this knowledge filtering is across the scientific establishment. Dean Radin's work is seen in a similar light. The evidence is clearly showing
    theres something outside the known laws of science, but still because it doesnt fit the dominant materialistic worldview, they won't accept it. Yet there are a growing number of scientists in their respective fields who are aware that the evolution theory isn't the best picture of our origins. They are aware that there is a great bias in mainstream science. And so the intelligent scientists and people in general, IONers etc are looking for something higher --so I'm opening up that discussion here, by positing the Vedic idea that civilised modern human beings like us existed millions of years ago and that life didn't come from matter but from life comes down from life. That this human body we inhabit allows us to operate at a lower state of consciousness that our true potential. This is more in line with what the people are experiencing -- what ancient wisdom has been saying for ions!

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    EthanT Aug 01, 2011

    I agree with what you're saying but I don't think mainstream science would necessarily see eye-to-eye on that.

    The evidence you state above would not be seen as evidence that consciounsess is fundamental, unfortunately. Nor would it be viewed as contradictory to evolution. It would just be assumed the current model would need to be pushed back.

    I have a degree in physics and it's part of my background in my career and I often find myself quite frustrated with the obstinate way many scientific types like to stick to the materialistic/reductionistic paradigm.

  • charliet Jul 29, 2011

    I agree with the Vedic position, I dislike the choice of the word "devolve". We are energy, I believe that we "chose" this human form for this realm of physical existence. Ever notice how the "missing link" has never been found, there are many ape like versions but no concise human transformation, it doesn't exist, we just appeared.
    This is a place of experience and learning, why exactly we need this I do not know, perhaps it is the only way for a being of energy to experience emotions.

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