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Anyone Have a Similar Dream?

Posted July 16, 2011 by Robert Johnston in Open

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commented on July 17, 2011
by Robert Johnston



July 16, 2011 – I dreamed last night of being in the dark of night looking across a concrete-lined river about seventy-five yards wide. A high swiftly flowing river, it was composed of thick black sludge consisting of mostly feces flowing from my right to left. Dimly seen on the far side were two shirtless teenage boys in knee-length shorts looking into the river close to its edge. A voice said, “They are trying to find the largest piece of crud.” I asked why? The voice said, "It's centered in their way of life which is very unhealthy. I can’t stand it either.” “Who are you?” I asked the voice. “I am the infinite absolute ultimate mystery who no one knows for sure.” “Why did you give me this dream?” “Because I am concerned about the health of the Earth,” it said, “and I know you are concerned about it too. Many other people are receiving a similar dream to warn everyone of the coming danger and to change your ways in time to prevent destruction to the Earth for its large intestine is badly damaged and about to overflow the banks of its colostomy container. Green shows up soon after the word gets out and people change their ways to healthful ones. Pray they do it soon.”

Did you have a dream with a similar theme recently?

Yours in the interest of integral health -- individually, socially, and ecosystemically,

Bob Johnston

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    Robert Johnston Jul 17, 2011

    Hello Angela or whomever is auditing this page,

    I think I should have named this post "Has Anyone Had a Similar Premonition"?

    I had already posted it with Gaia's Dreams but have no way of knowing the content of other folks' dreams.

    If you think it will attract more interest to retitle, please do so for me.



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