Where are we going?

Posted Sept. 15, 2010 by frequencytuner in Open

commented on Jan. 9, 2011
by mysticmuse



We know what we know right now - at this moment. From this point, where do you think we are going in terms of technology and science, spirituality and consciousness?

  • mysticmuse Jan 09, 2011

    Having experience, we wait with confidence on the sunrise. For the coming of more subtle lights we will need to reach deep into the future blue of intuitive spaces. Looking toward the future, we find a spirited fullness and gladness in anticipation of great things, as if we have seen the future light in a dream. Perhaps we have.


  • Xiakathy Sep 25, 2010

    Ah, that's why E is so important. Wondered about that in the last post....

    The oroubus - there's that strangely biblical imagery again, proverbial as the sun. Serpents and knowledge and tongues that speak backwards - wouldn't it a;; be so simple if everyone just put the codes into the pi breaker and marvelled at the sausages?

    Bit more rosemary, maybe mint.... menta rosmarino.... z

    "Like flicking a coin - don't matter what side it lands on if it's someone else's dime, honey"
    Jewel (Spirit)

  • frequencytuner Sep 15, 2010

    The metaquestion. Like the oroubus, we are chasing our own tail. In literal terms we are going right back to this moment.

    Science and technology will surpass the frontier of understanding that they are dual aspects of a larger duality that has spirituality and consciousness as the other dual aspect of itself.

    With this understanding will come the direct creation of worlds and life, simulated in existence, yet infused with spirit and the ability to question.

    Some call it the 'veil'. When the veil is lifted we arrive precisely in this moment. Circumstances will change in this moment due to what we understand now as quantum possiblitiies, yet this moment - and the possiblilties for what it can be - is all there ever is.

    So where are we going? We are going nowhere (good example from the movie "The Love Guru") - now - here.

    This can also be understood as an Electromagnetic wave that begins with a pulse of creation that carries a charge +/- and a frequency M/F.
    Because all energy is essentially what we call Zero Point Energy, it will inevitably neutralize - zero - the electrical charge and magnetic frequency. The charge represents space, the frequency represents time.

    When the process is complete we have not changed neither space nor time, but simply the circumstances and possibilities in which we perceive them.

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