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Forget About GOD

Posted May 31, 2011 by divinepoet in Open

commented on Oct. 27, 2011
by ProtectiveAngel



I do not bother much about GOD. It is invisible, unseen, untouchable and unconcieveable. So, why should you bother much about such a being ? Just think about yourself. You have two entity. One is visible and matter. You can touch it and can feel it. So study your own physics. What is this physics and matter? What are the contents of this body. I know these issues are already widely discussed and cross discussed. May be you have not read it. May be you have never thought about your ownself. Just think for the second time whether you have ever thought about yourself. May be yes, may be not. Do not waste your valuable time by discussing things beyond your imagination. I appeal to all of you to know yourself. You are the best knower about yourself. So, come and share with me.

  • ProtectiveAngel Oct 27, 2011

    You can see beyond your own eyes. That's great. I too can move about with my mind(soul).
    Where do you believe these gifts of site come from?
    Try controling these visions, like controling your dreams.

    Like you said, know yourself. For that to happen you must investigate yourself.

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    divinepoet Oct 01, 2011

    Dear Friends, after long break I am back. My body was not behaving the I dictated it. It revolted and I had to take it to CCU of a local mechant hospital. I am ok , so far my mind and soul is concerned. Let us start our interactions. Please do not forget that I am not a person dealing with matters and physics. Scientists are changing their stands very frequently. Things are there visible or invisible. 99 per cent of the creation is still not known to scientists. So not visible does not mean things are not there. I can see things beyond my eyes when I sit down for meditation or interactions with my invisible fiance.

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    manuga Jun 03, 2011

    hello divinepoet,
    I think it's true: it's important to know oneself. However it seems to me that life is an inner and outer interacting of facts but also emotions, perceptions and feeling that constantly ''re-shape'' the way you see and feel things. So, knowing yourself is a neverending and fascinating story realated to all that (material and non material).
    Whether God is physical or non-physical isn't so crucial, since life is matter and non matter. What do you think about that?
    And if God is both? in and outside the matter? Inside and outside you?
    Imagination is to me a skill we have to try to discover what's not yet explained or to seek for solutions, unanswered questions...
    And often it leads to breakthrough tracks you can follow to better understand, you, the others, the world, life.. Exactly as intuition does.
    Don't you think so?

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    Jim Centi Jun 01, 2011

    Hello again divinepoet,

    I have categorized you incorrectly as being an atheistic materialist who has no belief in the spiritual domain or dimension. You have pleasantly surprised me in that you have a belief that the soul exists in the spiritual dimension of eternity beyond space and time. We are similar in that we share that belief.

    Do you believe it is possible that God may be a nonphysical entity or nonphysical intelligence that exists in the spiritual dimension of eternity along with the soul? Respectfully, Jim

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    divinepoet Jun 01, 2011

    Thanks dear Jim. May be it is mind or soul. You may say it is just a concept. Think about life. It is not visible. When someone is dead ,life leaves the dead. dead body is simply a matter. You must burry it. So,

    Do not live in your body
    Its full of greed lust and desires
    While soul is eternity.

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    Jim Centi May 31, 2011


    Concepts of God are not God. To believe in God and not believe in god is really the same thing. From one perspective, you have a concept of God that you can believe in, from the other perspective you have a concept of god that you cannot believe in.

    The same is true for concepts of self; our concepts of self are not self. You say “You have two entity. One is visible and matter. You can touch it and can feel it etc.” This seems to infer that there is another entity that is not visible and matter. Could you please discuss this other entity that is not visible and matter?~~Jim

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