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Posted May 31, 2011 by Larry Davis in Open

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commented on June 3, 2011
by EthanT



Can any one help with Migrain's ? please contavt me to help me help someone else noeticstudent@centurytel.net

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    EthanT Jun 03, 2011

    Hi Larry,

    You may want to see if Malcolm Smith comes to your area: http://www.malcolmsmithhealer.com/

    I may have had some luck with him on a problem or two.

    Although, he'll give you the same advice PonsAnimus did. That he is not a replacement for conventional medicine.

    With that said, conventional medicine is often useless for migranes. I know a few people who have suffered with them for a long time and doctors haven't offered them much help.

    Good luck, I hope you see improvement.

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    manuga Jun 03, 2011

    Hi Larry, I know that migrain can be provoked by a lack of oxygen in the brain. Are you breathing correctly?
    Eye- or teeth disorders can easily lead to headackes.. neck tensions... or just muscles tensions.. but also many other things.
    I really think that you should follow the PA's advice!!
    Wish you soon a very light head,))

  • PonsAnimus Jun 03, 2011

    Hi Larry !
    Asking for a definite therapy here in such a forum is a problem in itself. I doubt that you will find a serious healer answering that question and this is due to juristic limitations ;). First of all make sure to have the 100% right diagnose, as there are many reasons for a migrain syndrom. Then i would suggest you go to an alternative med. doctor in your vicinity and ask him about a homeopathic remedy called nux vomica D4. Ask him how to use it, as that is the easiest way for a first try on a classic alternative migrain therapy. Do not try to cure anything without a secured diagnoses without having a clinical check, unless you are a registered healer yourself. Always remember that on wrong diagnoses even energetic healing might cause unwanted side effects !
    Sorry for this superficial anwer and good luck on the therapy. Every average alternative working doc/healer should be able to help you !

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