How did you discover your energy healing ability?

Posted May 5, 2011 by Heidi Fuller in Open

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commented on Jan. 1, 2012
by markdavids123



During last night's teleseminar, Bill Bengston told us the story of how he came to research energy healing that produced 100 percent cure rate for a group of fatally ill mice. At first he worked with an energy healer who was a colleague, but when that person was unable to continue the research, Bengston, who did not consider himself a healer, found he was able to produce the same cure rate on the mice using his own energy healing method. Are you able to perform energy healing on yourself or others? And if so, how did you discover your ability to heal others?

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    markdavids123 Jan 01, 2012

    when 2008 financial meltodown happened.. i was in panic mode (i am a financial advisor).. so i wanted to find a way to calm down (i was not sleeping at all) so i thought i would go for a foot massage somewhere... i googled foot massage and came up with reflexology at the local holistic healing place in town ... i went there and my therapist started telling me about my life and things that she would not know... she said i may think about coming in for a Reiki session .. i did.. and was blown away by the energy and calmness i felt.... so i started taking the classes and practicing on myself and my wife... i am a Reiki Master now and will continue to explore other way of energy healing

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    workinprogress Nov 14, 2011

    My one true experience with healing came a few months after reading a book about rural life in theOzarks and an incident where these under educated women were called to a fire in a rendering facility to help care for the burned, they described a laying on of hands and a prayer they used to heal these workers, the book was called The Foxfire book or something like that it was the late 70s and I can't remember the exact title. At any rate my husband was making coffee with a french press and it shattered suddenly pouring boiling water over his lower abdomen and his clothes kept the steaming water there for a few seconds while he ripped them off, he was in extreme agony, I had him lie down on the floor and something just took over.... I spread my hands over the burns and repeated the prayer and did it three times exactly as they had in the book, he calmed down and the pain receeded and the raging red marks began to lighten... ok it was amazing! he just could not believe the change and we were both blown away, it just happended so fast and I really don't emember having a consious thought about what I was doing, it's as though I wasn't doing it but just kind of a middle man (or woman) we are both still in awe of that experience and do not doubt that there are major healers out there.

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    WooChiSan May 19, 2011

    For those who may be interested. After extensive search on the internet and have spoken to several people, the sensation that I have experienced during the Reiki sessions is called Shamanic Extraction. It was quite a surprise for me to have this ability so early in my journey. I will now re-examine my place in life and will continue my quest. Would appreciate comments from those who have also this ability.

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    WooChiSan May 08, 2011

    The teleseminar was quite interesting and I totally respect Dr. Bengston's honest answer that he has no expertise in other energy healing methods such as Reiki. I was hoping to find some sort of explanation to the experiences that I have had when I was performing my healing sessions.
    My story began many years ago when I was nine. I had inadvertently stumbled on a simple practice of alleviating my headaches by concentrating on a spot below the back of my skull. When doing so, I was able to (according to today's explanation), my internal endorphin release and would somehow get rid of my headaches. I thought this was normal and everybody can do this. I never gave it a second thought.
    Many years later, again, I stumbled onto a conversation among my employees during their lunch hour one day and among them, one employee was giving psychic readings to her colleagues and everybody in the lunch room was totally amazed with her abilities. I was a skeptic but was willing to let her read my palms just for a laugh. She told me right away without blinking that I was a healer, which I had no idea what that meant. I simply disregarded that notion and left it at that.
    Ten years later, I was experiencing chest pains and one night I awoke with a panic attack. Remembering when I was young, how I was able to get rid of my headaches, I concentrated on the same spot in the back of my skull, and lo and behold, the energy surge return and I was able to release the pain and stress and went back to sleep.
    To cut the story short, since that night I began to research the ways Chi energy can help heal. The next step I took was to take up a Tai Chi class. During the first week of class, my Tai Chi teacher while checking my posture, casually mentioned that I have a guardian angel. After the class, I approached him to ask what he meant by that, and explaning that he has psychic abilities, he proceeded to read my palms. There were some amazing insights that he provided that I still do not understand how he did it. The most intriguing last comment he made was that I have a gift, a gift of healing and that I came from a long family of healers. That really blew me away since two individuals from totally different times and circumstances, both telling me that I was a healer. Thus, this is how I began on this path, I am a second level Usui Ryoho Reiki and was hoping to attain the Master level.

    I have however suspended my Reiki sessions until I can find the answers that I was looking for regarding the `Transference`` phenomenon. Is anyone else out there who have experienced the same thing. Would appreciate your comments.

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    tamsinstead May 05, 2011

    If you find out, let me know. Still can't lift my damned arm ... :(

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